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  • AWS For Data
  • Demystifying Data

    Data can be an invaluable source of growth for organizations across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). The key to harnessing its true value is analyzing it effectively and creating a data-driven culture. But while the task of maximizing the value of data can come with challenges, organizations can take small steps to unlock its value.

    Download the report and get the latest insights from an APJ and country perspective today.

    The ultimate guide to developing an end-to-end data strategy

    What do AstraZeneca, BMW, and ENGIE all have in common? They’re all achieving data-driven success with an end-to-end data strategy built on AWS. And the best part is that your organization doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to capture similar results. Our latest eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Develop an End-to-end Data Strategy shares a blueprint for success.

    Get the guide to learn:

    • What attributes your end-to-end data strategy needs to improve business outcomes
    • Data strategy tips to extract more value from your data, now and in the future
    • From real-world success stories and see how leading organizations are maximizing the business value of their data

    5 key elements of a data-driven culture

    Remaining competitive means adopting a data-driven culture. Organizational leaders are recognizing how developing a data-driven culture empowers their employees to make better, faster decisions, uncover new opportunities, and enhance customer experience. This guide will take you through some of the key steps toward going data-driven, like:

    • Promote organization-wide change from the top-down
    • Commit to an access-by-default approach
    • Implement the right guardrails

    Maximizing business value with data: 6 essential data-driven use cases for leaders

    In today’s ultra-competitive world, leaders are increasingly prioritizing data initiatives to solve their business problems and drive more value. But the reality is - organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of data, but struggle to extract value from it. To help, we’ve gathered the six leading data-driven use cases where companies have successfully put their data to work to maximize business value.

    Download this guide to discover:

    • The primary use cases driving business value
    • How today’s organizations are using data
    • The tools you need to put your data to work

    A builder’s guide to AWS analytics services

    To make decisions quickly, organizations will want to store data in open formats, break down data silos, and manage access to that data. Unify and govern your data as part of your modern data strategy.

    Download this eBook to learn:

    • How other organizations are making decisions with speed and agility
    • The challenges with data, people, and technical silos
    • The tools needed to unify your data

    Modernize your analytics approach

    The most impactful data-driven insights come breaking down silos across systems, data, and people. Read the eBook Modernize your analytics approach for maximum scale, performance, and value to learn how you can harness the power of your data with a strong data analytics strategy that gives everyone equal access to insights.

    • Centralize data storage
    • Enable active collaboration across your organization
    • Ensure fast, secure access to data

    The ultimate guide to data cost optimization

    Whether it’s due to increasing volumes of data or ongoing economic uncertainty—optimizing the costs of your data strategy is critical to remain competitive in today’s complicated and ever-changing business landscape. What’s the best approach? Find out in The Ultimate Guide to Data Cost Optimization and explore:

    • Four ways you can reduce costs across the data journey
    • How to use analytics and machine learning to drive cost reductions across your organization
    • Real-world examples of how companies are reducing data costs while driving innovation

    Strong security enables data-driven decision making

    More organizations want data at the center of every business decision, but the complexity of managing many stakeholders and options, combined with an evolving security landscape, has made agile, data-driven decision making unsustainable.
    Strong security has emerged as a foundational component of the solution. Read this eBook to learn how strong security enables data-driven decision making, as well as:

    • Enables faster insights
    • Reduces security-incident-related downtime
    • Reduces overhead costs
    • Helps you maintain focus throughout your decision-making process
  • AWS For Every Application
  • Modernize and build your applications with global-scale infrastructures

    Application modernization, with the intent to fit an organization with global-scale infrastructures, is central to becoming a digital-first organization. AWS works with IDC Asia Pacific to release a series of publications to provide best practices and perspectives at the regional and country level.

    Build and run your applications securely on AWS

    The AWS Cloud offers the most capabilities and continually innovates to help you build, run, and scale applications in the cloud, on premises, or at the edge. Our purpose-built tools improve your application security and scale while reducing costs, helping you to innovate quickly and better serve your customers. This eBook explores three success stories of AWS customers that build and run their applications in the AWS Cloud:

    • Capital One reduces the average development environment build time from months to minutes while enabling secure banking at scale
    • Epic Games achieves a level of scalability never seen before in the gaming industry, supporting up to 30 times the load
    • Morningstar improves infrastructure agility to launch products faster and reduce overhead management time

    How leading business build game-changing applications with AWS

    This look book explores how forward-thinking businesses are using the scale, capacity, and compute power of AWS to make groundbreaking strides toward bringing revolutionary ideas to the forefront.
    See how you can build and run virtually every application at scale with AWS, enabling you to:

    • Improve customer experiences
    • Build loyalty
    • Extend competitive advantage
    • Drive business growth

    Accelerate transformation

    From startups to enterprises, organizations are innovating faster by reducing their infrastructure costs with AWS. Read Accelerate Transformation to learn how AWS can help you optimize your infrastructure investment, including instance types that match your workload needs; high-performance, low-cost machine learning (ML), cost-effective storage solutions; and more.

    5 ways a secure cloud infrastructure drives innovation

    Improve your ability to meet core security requirements with our comprehensive services and features. Read our eBook 5 Ways a Secure Cloud Infrastructure Drives Innovation to explore ways you can leverage AWS security services to:

    • Build, run, and scale your applications on the most secure infrastructure
    • Protect your application data with fine-grained security policies and layered encryption
    • Enhance security at every level by filtering unauthorized traffic to rapidly detect and remediate threats

    Delivering price performance advantages with AWS silicon innovation

    Read our new eBook to achieve new levels of performance at lower costs for your applications with AWS custom silicon. With AWS Nitro System, AWS Graviton, AWS Inferentia, AWS Trainium, and AWS Nitro SSD, AWS helps drive next-gen innovation by enabling customers to:

    • Meet performance expectations for any workload
    • Stay within their infrastructure budgets
    • Ensure the security of their data as well as their customers

    Maximizing application security in the era of everything cloud

    Deploying AWS Network and Application Protection services allows you to centrally enable baseline security across your organization. Read Maximizing Application Security in the Era of Everything-Cloud to learn how using cloud-native, feature-rich services can help you:

    • Consistently enforce protections even as new applications are created
    • Manage your security posture centrally across all of your AWS accounts
    • Scale network security with your network traffic without increasing complexity

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data lakes run on AWS

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fully featured services for a wide range of technologies, industries, and use cases

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better price performance than other cloud data warehouses

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availability zones and 26 AWS regions

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