AWS DeepRacer League

Welcome to the world's first global autonomous racing league, driven by reinforcement learning. It’s time to race for prizes and glory, and a chance to advance to the AWS DeepRacer Championship. Developers of all skill levels can get on the track to compete in races while improving your machine learning skills!

Submit your models to compete!

AWS Summit India | DeepRacer

Getting started with AWS DeepRacer

Build a Reinforcement Learning (RL) model

Create, train, and tune your reinforcement learning model in the AWS DeepRacer 3D racing simulator. Start your journey for free »

Master the basics with time-trial racing

Develop your first RL model quickly and easily in the AWS DeepRacer console, using getting started tutorials. Experiment and grow your skills by tuning and retraining your model, to successfully navigate around the track and achieve the fastest lap time!


AWS Summit India League

Participants in the AWS Summit Online League compete in time trial format, climbing the leaderboard by completing 3 laps around the track the fastest while avoiding time penalties for going off-track. Top participants will qualify for the regional championships in the fall where racers will compete to qualify for the Championship Cup. Get started for free with AWS Free Tier »

Time Trial

Develop your first RL model quickly and easily in the AWS DeepRacer console using a single sensor configuration to achieve the fastest time!

Quick Guide

The quick guide to racing in AWS DeepRacer League

Step 1

Register your interest for AWS DeepRacer League. All Summit attendees that check the interested in learning more about DeepRacer on the registration form will receive a formal invitation to the AWS DeepRacer pre-event workshop. Once you RSVP to the workshop, you’ll receive a $30 AWS credit to help train your first AWS DeepRacer model.

Step 2

Train a model: Whether you're new to machine learning or want to build on existing skills, train your AWS DeepRacer model to compete in the league. Login in to the console to start training.

Step 3

Take your model to the track and compete: Enter the AWS DeepRacer League for a chance to compete in the AWS DeepRacer League championships.

Getting Started Resources

Whether you are new to machine learning or ready to build on your existing skills, we can help you get ready to race

Frequently Asked Questions

AWS DeepRacer League FAQs

Overview and registration process

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