AWS Summit New York Agenda and Session Guides

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 | Jacob Javits Convention Center

Enjoy an action-packed day at AWS Summit New York 2024, where the latest in cloud innovation comes to life. Explore how cutting-edge technologies, from generative AI to analytics, are revolutionizing industries and empowering businesses to lead in the digital era.

Learn what it takes to drive culture change, digital transformation, and infrastructure modernization. Customize your agenda as you choose from lecture-style presentations, peer-led discussions, and a robust Expo. Engage in experiential learning guided by AWS experts and partners and ask questions along the way.

Space in the keynote hall is limited. Register now for a chance to secure a seat in the room for this highly anticipated launch keynote.

AWS Summit New York Agenda

What you’ll experience

At this year’s Summit, we’re offering over 170 sessions covering a wide range of topics and technical depth, so you’re sure to find something relevant to your interests and skill level. Hear directly from AWS experts, builders, customers, and partners – all sharing their insights on generative AI, analytics, AI & machine learning, ISV, storage, industry solutions for financial services, retail and much more.

  • Join Dr. Matt Wood, VP for AI Products, and discover how to harness data as a strategic asset for secure, responsible AI development. Gain insights on accelerating innovation, transforming customer experiences, and empowering developers.

  • See cutting-edge products and the latest solutions from our sponsoring partners and learn how they can help you transform your business. Attend an array of sessions crafted to showcase technologies and ideas shaping our industry.

  • With over 170 sessions including a keynote, workshops, chalk talks, and more, you’ll hear directly from AWS experts, builders, customers, and partners. For a detailed overview of session types and levels, visit the Session type guide and Level guide.

  • This year we are bringing Self-paced and Spotlight labs to the Expo. Learn from AWS experts about how AWS Training and Certification can help you gain practical experience with real-world cloud scenarios, validate your cloud expertise, and much more.


Tuesday, July 9th

10:00AM - 7:00PM: Pre-day badge pick up

Wednesday, July 10th

7:00AM - 6:00PM: Badge pick up
8:00AM - 6:00PM: Expo
8:00AM: Refreshments in Expo
8:00AM - 10:45AM: Breakout sessions
11:00AM - 12:30PM: Keynote
12:45PM - 5:15PM: Breakout sessions
5:00PM - 6:00PM: Networking reception

Attendee guides

With over 170 sessions available, it can be tough to decide what to attend. Let us help you with our curated attendee guides!

Explore our guide built for technical builders

From builders' sessions and workshops to chalk talks and spotlight labs, create an agenda of technical sessions designed to take your cloud computing skills to the next level.

 Download the technical builders guide

Explore our guide built for business leaders

Whether new to the cloud or an experienced user, we’ve curated content to help you realize what’s possible with today’s cloud technology, covering a wide range of topics and technology.

 Download the business leaders guide

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Level guide

Level 100: Foundational

Level 100 sessions are designed to give an overview or introduction to AWS services. These sessions focus on features, functions, and benefits, with content that highlights basic use cases and showcases how a service or feature can be used in your applications and how it can be integrated with other services.

Level 200: Intermediate

Level 200 sessions assume a general knowledge of the topic and provide a technical deeper dive into a service or use case. This content typically includes architecture, integration, and configuration of common use cases. Level 200 content provides tips and tricks, best practices, or high-level troubleshooting guidance.

Level 300: Advanced

Level 300 sessions assume proficiency of the topic and typically cover in-depth architecture, development, deployment and migration examples. Level 300 content drills into how a service can be used and dives deep into customer use cases. Level 300 content covers complex design, development, and deployment best practices that address the needs of experienced AWS users.

Level 400: Expert

Level 400 sessions are for advanced or expert AWS customers. These sessions are geared toward super-skilled users who want to learn the deep inner workings of AWS services. Level 400 content demonstrates complex design, development, and deployment strategies.

Session type guide


A talk given by high-level AWS leadership and/or AWS Partners and customers that establishes an underlying theme and/or contains new product announcements.

Breakout session

Lecture-style sessions that feature one or more speakers presenting on an educational topic. Lectures are presented in either standard breakout rooms or on a “silent session” stage. Breakout sessions in standard rooms include an optional group Q&A at the end as time allows.

Builders session

Small-group sessions led by one AWS expert providing interactive learning on how to build on AWS. Each builders’ session begins with a short explanation or demonstration of what attendees are building. There is no formal presentation; once the demonstration is complete, attendees use their own laptops to experiment and build with guidance from the AWS expert.

Chalk talk

A highly interactive content format. Chalk talks begin with a short lecture delivered by an AWS expert, followed by an open-format Q&A session using a whiteboard to encourage discussion from attendees. Chalk talks foster technical discussions about real-world architecture challenges.

Code talk

Engaging, code-focused sessions with a small audience. AWS experts lead an interactive discussion featuring live coding and/or code samples as they explain the “why” behind AWS solutions. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and follow along.

Dev chat

Community-led sessions where attendees hear directly from AWS customers and AWS Heroes about how they are innovating, expediting, and scaling real-world solutions.

Self-paced labs

Your event registration gives you access to unlimited self-paced labs with support from AWS experts. These labs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, range in level from introductory to expert, and take approximately 40 to 120 minutes to complete.

Spotlight labs

An expert AWS instructor guides you step by step through a real-world scenario, teaching as you go.

Lightning talk

Short and focused theater presentations that are dedicated to a specific customer story, service demo, or AWS Partner offering (if sponsored). Lightning talks are typically set up on a stage located in an Expo booth theater or other public space. As such, audience interaction such as Q&A may be limited.

Startup talk

Sessions that feature the stories of now-successful founders and their unique journeys. Attendees can learn about real-world customer use cases, business breakthroughs, and inspiring stories from some of the top startups around the world and the investors who fund them.


Interactive sessions where attendees work in small groups to build a solution to a problem using AWS. Workshops encourage interaction and provide attendees with opportunities to learn from and teach each other. Each workshop starts with a short lecture by the speaker, followed by solution-focused building. Additional AWS experts in the room make sure every group gets the assistance they need. Attendees must bring their laptops to participate.

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