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Enjoy content from our in-person Summit events from across EMEA exclusively at the Summit Online. Along with additional new and unique sessions across 7 different languages. Please note: all times in agenda below are BST.

    • Session ID: KEY101 | Level: 100

      Join Tanuja Randery, EMEA Managing Director and Deepak Singh, VP of Compute Services as they talk about, how customers in EMEA and across the globe are using AWS to transform their businesses. In this hour long keynote our speakers will explain how innovations in cloud infrastructure are enabling customers to adapt to challenges and seize new opportunities. You will also learn how you can harness the power of the data in your organization, discover its untapped potential, and put it to work to gain business advantage.

      Tanuja Randery, EMEA Managing Director, AWS
      Deepak Singh, VP of Compute Services, AWS

    • Sessions tailored for Architects, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Reinventing hybrid: Extending AWS to where enterprises need it

      Session ID: CP-02 | Level: 200

      Enterprises are adopting the cloud at a rapid pace to reduce costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. While most workloads can be easily migrated to the cloud, some workloads remain on premises or in edge nodes due to low-latency, local data processing, or data residency requirements. Customers want to leverage cloud infrastructure and services wherever they need it to accelerate digital transformation. They want to improve productivity for IT and operations teams with consistent tools and services across on-premises and cloud environments, and they want to deliver differentiated services and interactive end-user experiences to mobile devices and edge locations.

      Om Prakash Jha, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

      Architecting for Sustainability

      Session ID: AR-05 | Level: 300

      AWS is focused on efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure, and builders can accelerate the sustainability of their workloads through optimization and informed architecture patterns. This session dives deep into techniques recommended by the AWS Well-Architected Framework and provides direction on reducing the energy and carbon impact of AWS architectures. Learn about user patterns, software design, and AWS service considerations, which organizations of any size can apply to their workloads.

      Andrew Morrow, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

      Are you well architected?

      Session ID: AR-01 | Level: 200

      Today’s organizations are commonly looking for prescriptive guidance to ensure their workloads are adhering to architectural best practices. Now more than ever, it is imperative to build strong, foundational architectures that are high-performing, secure, reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable. By attending this session, you will be able to evaluate your workloads to understand high-risk issues in your architecture using the AWS Well-Architected Tool.

      Tomas Riha, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

      Migration and modernization with AWS VMware Cloud

      Session ID: MI-01 | Level: 200

      In today’s digital transformation era, organizations are looking for a hybrid cloud service to securely run production applications across their on-premises and cloud environment without disrupting existing operations. Join us to see how VMware Cloud on AWS enable organisations to run a similar vSphere-based environment on AWS infrastructure with optimized access to AWS services–delivered with consistent infrastructure and operations.

      Chara Gravani, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

      What’s new in Amazon S3?

      Session ID: ST-01 | Level: 200

      The exponential growth of data means that you need a secure, performant and cost-efficient data architecture that enables you to turn data into value. With Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), organizations of all sizes and industries are able to store any amount of data for any use case, including data lakes, analytics applications, archive, backup and restore, and disaster recovery. In this session, we will dive you into the recently launched S3 storage classes and features such as S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, and share best practices on how use the new tiers and automatic tiering to make realise significant cost savings, without impacting usability. We’ll also look at how you can use S3 Object Lambda to do just-in-time transformation of objects in your data lake.

      Viktor Vedmich, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

    • Sessions tailored for Developers, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Make your Business Analysis and Data Science teams 10x more productive

      Session ID: ML-02 | Level: 200

      Business analysts are increasingly expected to apply machine learning to improve predictions quality and increase business outcomes. At the same time, Data Science teams must efficiently navigate through an always increasing volume of data coming from a multitude of sources, and between the business and the technical worlds, to uncover and solve problems that are not even known. In this session, we will show how the recently launched Amazon SageMaker Canvas service can enable these two very diverse groups to better collaborate and become more productive, together with Amazon SageMaker and AutoML capabilities.

      Patrick Sard, Solutions Architect, AWS

      What is the right database for you?

      Session ID: DB-02 | Level: 300

      Organizations are adopting new and distributed models to build modern applications in a more agile, innovative and efficient fashion. The approach one size fits all has no longer a place in moder organizations. In this session, you will discover the AWS broadest and deepest portfolio of more than 15 purpose-built database engines, and learn how to select the right tool for the right job, so that your development team can have access to the database that better meet their application’s unique requirements.

      Akanksha Sheoran, Sr Business Development Manager EMEA Public Sector, AWS
      Stuart Grant, Co Founder, Solutions Ltd

      Reduce your operational burden to deploy containers

      Session ID: MA-01 | Level: 300

      You are using containers to stay agile during the development and deployment of your applications. But doing so at scale brings a new realm of challenges and additional responsibilities. In this session, learn about AWS managed container services, tooling, and approaches for reducing operational overhead, allowing you to free up time to focus on your application differentiators and functionalities.

      Andreas Lindh, Specialist Solutions Architect Containers, AWS
      Alberto López, Director of Engineering, Acast AB

      Building serverless event-driven applications with Amazon EventBridge

      Session ID: MA-02 | Level: 300

      Teams building micro-service architecture often find integration with other applications and external services can make their workloads more monolithic and tightly coupled. Event-driven serverless architectures with Amazon EventBridge enable your applications to seamlessly scale to burst to handle virtually any demand with minimal operational overhead. Join this session to learn about how you can build event-driven applications.

      Nicolas Moutschen, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect - Serverless, AWS
      Raywon Kari, Cloud Architect, Mathem

      Supercharge your DevOps Practice with a cloud native, cloud first approach

      Session ID: DO-01 | Level: 200

      Whether you are just starting your DevOps journey with IaC, modernizing it with CI/CD or optimizing it with observability, you can build a DevOps experience that is right for you by adopting from a broad array of AWS managed services that allow your teams to focus on their business logic rather than the undifferentiated heavy lifting of manually installing, patching, operating and monitoring various DevOps tools and infrastructure.

      In this session, we look into the cloud-native approach in both development and DevOps.

      Kirsi Louhelainen, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
      Akos Krivachy, Senior Software Engineer, Plain

    • A combined track for Data Scientists and Engineers with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Transform data into information with ML-powered business intelligence

      Session ID: BI-01 | Level: 200

      The world produces more data than the combined capacity of all human brains. Today's Business Intelligence tools have to go beyond traditional dashboarding and reporting. By attending this session, you will learn how to use the machine learning capabilities of Amazon QuickSight, and how you can ask powerful questions in natural language and receive accurate data-backed answers with supporting visualizations. Amazon QuickSight enables you to curate a data-driven culture by turning the data into easily accessible organizational assets, where anyone can leverage data to make quick and smart decisions regardless of their skillset.

      Begum Firdousi Abbas, Solutions Architect, AWS

      Easily add AI capabilities and solve common business problems

      Session ID: ML-01 | Level: 200

      Successful business outcomes coming from the application of machine learning technology are strongly associated to the careful selection of its use case. AWS offers the broadest and most complete set of AI services that can be integrated to your applications without having to become an expert in machine learning. In this session, you will be presented to the most common and impactful AI/ML use cases across different customer industries, and learn how to leverage AWS services to maker your applications more intelligent and transform your business while optimizing your costs.

      Prakash Palanisamy, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

      Modern Data Strategy

      Session ID: AN-01 | Level: 200

      Put your data to work by getting the most from data lakes, using a unified strategy with purpose built analytics engines. Learn about Machine Learning, Data Mesh and other data sharing models using the most advanced Cloud Data Warehouse technology.

      Luis Campos, EMEA Data, Analytics and AI/ML Modernisation Lead, AWS

    • Sessions tailored for IT Professionals, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Improve application availability and performance with observability services

      Session ID: MO-01 | Level: 300

      Downtime in applications and services or degradation in performance may cost you a lot of money and poor customer experience. Therefore, it becomes critical to have full visibility of the state of your workloads with the ability to identify and resolve any issue as close to real-time as possible. In this session, you will learn how you can use AWS and open source tools to implement observability, a key enabler to a highly performant and reliable application. You will learn how to instrument metrics, logs and traces and the services to help you correlate and gain insights into operations issues.

      Ozioma Uzoegwu, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

      Migrate your database to AWS with ease

      Session ID: DB-01 | Level: 300

      Managing on-premises databases, or even self-managed cloud solutions, can be tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. While looking for better solutions, manually planning and migrating databases can be challenging and error prone, usually required very specialised skills. In this session, you will learn how AWS and its partners have helped migrate over 500K customer databases to AWS managed database solutions. You will also learn how to use AWS self-service migration tools like AWSDMS and SCT, AWS teams, and AWS programs such as Database Freedom and Database Migration Accelerator, that will accelerate your data base migration and modernization strategy.

      Paurav Chudasama, Sr DB Specialty Architect SME, AWS
      Mark Teuton, Senior Manager of Business Solutions, EDF Energy Plc

      What is new in Amazon EC2?

      Session ID: CP-01 | Level: 200

      Organizations today want to optimize performance and cost and tailor infrastructure to meet their workload and business needs. To do so, they need access to both the broadest and deepest portfolio of compute options that gives them the choice and flexibility to run their workloads on their terms. This session provides an overview of what’s new to the Amazon EC2 portfolio, including updates on Amazon EC2 capabilities, instance families, and Amazon EC2 edge and hybrid offerings.

      Jon Hammant, Head of Compute for UK & Ireland, AWS

      Design patterns to increase the availability of your online applications

      Session ID: NT-01 | Level: 300

      Architecting for High availability is one of the key design tenets in the process of building your application in AWS. We learned that "Everything fails, all the time" but we also learned to accept that and plan how to make your workloads operational despite of that. In this session we will look at various dimenssions of availability through the lens of AWS Global Infrastructure, Networking and Edge services. At the end of it, you will understand what are the availability impacting risks for your application and how you can respond to them by adopting various design patterns.

      Kamil Bogacz, Sr Edge Services Specialist, AWS

      Using devops methods to manage Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0

      Session ID: EU-01 Level: 300

      The last two years reinforced the need to provide your workforce with applications or desktops where they are, at any time, from any device. Now you're asking this is good and as I iterate, can it be better? How can I scale faster? What can I do to improve security posture? By attending this session, learn how to use devops methods to deploy, manage, and monitor your Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 deployments. Hear how the team at used these methods to increase efficiency and reduce costs by almost 50% to support their customer services team.

      Andrew Wood, Principal EUC Spec SA, AWS
      Nathan Douglas-Jones, DevOps Manager,

    • Sessions tailored specifically with Information Security in mind, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Raise the bar of your security standards with AWS native security services

      Session ID: SE-01  | Level: 300

      As your organization develops next-gen cloud native applications and modernizes existing workloads by migrating to cloud, you need to extend your visibility and controls to improve your security posture with maintaining operational efficiency. In this session, you will learn how to use native AWS security services, such as such as Amazon GuardDuty, AWS SecurityHub, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Detective, and Amazon Macie, to achieve continuous threat detection, route workflows, and minimize remediation time.

      Matheus Guimaraes, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS
      Mats Bergström, Cloud Architect, Stockholm Metro

      Data Protection in AWS

      Session ID: SE-02 | Level: 200

      As data becomes the most valuable asset within organizations around the glove, you need a secure cloud environment that provides you with the ability to manage the privacy controls of your data, control how your data is used, who has access to it, and where and how it is encrypted. In this session, you will understand how native AWS data protection services as well as partner services, can provide you with granular controls over access and policy enforcement, allowing you to build a highly secure foundation for your data.

      Manish Raghav, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS

      How AWS is helping EU customers navigate the new normal for data protection

      Session ID: PS-01 | Level: 200

      Achieving compliance with the EU’s data protection regulations is critical. Many customers have strict requirements to uphold the right to individual privacy and protect personal data. In this session, learn how to easily complete data-transfer assessments, as well as comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and implement European Data Protection Board (EDPB) recommendations. Discover how AWS is continually strengthening commitments to protect customer data in the EU.

      Orlando Scott-Cowley, Worldwide Public Sector Security Lead EMEA, AWS

      Accelerate launching highly regulated workloads on AWS

      Session ID: PS-02 | Level: 300

      Introducing AWS Platform Accelerator, a new open-source AWS solution from Worldwide Public Sector (WWPS) Professional Services that accelerates the implementation of a customer’s technical security controls and infrastructure foundation on AWS. Learn how to securely and rapidly build, test, and launch critical AWS IT systems to meet stringent compliance requirements, and find out how to use AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) to deploy a scalable solution that secures hundreds of accounts across multiple regions, all through a common AWS CDK code base. Hear how the Greek State prioritizes the digitalization of the country with a cloud-first approach.

      Randy Domingo, Principle Engineer - Professional Services, AWS
      Dustin Hickey, Sr Systems Dev Engineer, AWS
      Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Secretary General of Information Systems, Ministry of Digital Governanace of the Hellenic Republic

    • A combined track for those interested in AWS Emerging Technology and Industry related sessions, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Securely onboard and monitor device fleets at scale using AWS IoT

      Session ID: IO-01 | Level: 300

      There are currently billions of connected devices in homes, factories, oil wells, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places fueling digital transformation, generating huge volumes of data, and imposing multiple challenges related to device management. In this session, you will learn how to use AWS IoT services to securely connect, manage and monitor a fleet of devices.

      Sunitha Eswaraiah, Solutions Architect, AWS
      Arne Eirik Nielsen, Chief Cloud Officer, Easee AS

      Run your robots in the cloud

      Session ID: RO-01 | Level: 200

      Robots usage is increasing across a variety of use cases requiring them to react in real time to changing conditions. Developing and deploying intelligent robots is a complex and time-consuming process. When attending this session you will learn from two decades of and AWS operational excellence to build AWS IoT RoboRunner and AWS RoboMaker and how these can help robotics developers build intelligent robot applications and the applications needed to manage robots at scale.

      Sohan Maheshwar, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

      How the cloud enables France Télévisions to innovate in live content broadcasting

      Session ID: IN-01 Level: 300

      France Télévisions, France's largest audiovisual group, will introduce how AWS enabled to respond to new consumer trends and make their programs more accessible. France Télévisions will talk about the automation of live subtitles for a major news channel.

      Diègue Marin - Entreprise Account Manager, Media & Gambling, Public Sector France, AWS
      Guillaume Postaire - Director, Media Factory & Matthieu Parmentier - Director, AI Factory
      Nicolas Pierre - Lead Tech, AI Factory

      AWS for industries

      Session ID: IN-02 | Level: 100

      Industrial customers need to extract insights from their data and deliver new business outcomes, which is now possible with cloud tools and technologies such as data lakes, IoT, ML and AI. With AWS technology, industrial customers can optimize business operations, growing revenue and lowering costs. Growing revenue can be achieved with a faster time to market or creating new revenue streams through smart product/service capabilities. Lowering costs can take the form of cost reduction in infrastructure, optimizing WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) expenses, and reducing production costs by improving machine or worker productivity or product quality. AWS makes it easy for industrial customers to implement solutions faster using the AWS platform offering customers the option to build their own custom solutions using purpose-built industrial building blocks from AWS or to deploy and configure ready-made solutions.

      Anne Vincente, Senior Enterprise Account Manager, AWS

    • Sessions tailored for Technical Decision Makers, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Accelerating innovation with third-party solutions on AWS

      Session ID: MK-01 | Level: 100

      Digital innovation has magnified the need of organizations to accelerate the adoption of new technologies. Also, as these organizations move to the cloud aiming for better security, availability and scalability for their services, it becomes critical to ensure a seamless migration and management of adopted technologies to cloud environments. In this session we will guide you through the features of the AWS Marketplace and how it can transform the way your organization approaches procurement, provisioning, and governance of innovative technologies.

      Lisa Lewison, Principal AWS Marketplace and Control Services, AWS

      Build your business case for the cloud

      Session ID: ET-01 | Level: 200

      Many companies struggle to build a solid business case for cloud adoption. Using familiar methods, you tend to focus on infrastructure costs and do not identify the true ROI of cloud adoption. Attend this session to learn how to build a cloud business case and to justify your cloud investments. You will understand opportunities to maximize return on investment. You will learn best practices to better quantify and maximize your cloud business value.

      Mike Stevenson, Senior Engagement Manager, AWS

      Extend your success in China with AWS

      Session ID: ET-02 | Level: 200

      AWS has formed a strategic technology collaboration with two China authorized operators (NWCD and Sinnet). These authorized operators provide services from the AWS Regions located in China in full compliance with Chinese regulations. In this session, you will learn about how the AWS team will support global customers’ “Global-to-China” landing. You’ll learn about operation guidelines, local regulations, local support and partner information.

      Shanshan Zhang, Principle EMEA BD Manager Global2China, AWS

      Supercharge your Contact Center with AI-driven customer experience

      Session ID: BA-01 | Level: 200

      Contact centers are at the core of your business, working hard to solve critical issues and improve customer experience with every interaction. Your frontline agents need the right information at the right time to delight customers and solve their issues quickly. Attend this session to discover Amazon Connect, a cost-effective and easy to use cloud contact center solution enabling personal, omnichannel, AI-powered customer interactions.

      Nawaz Varda, Sr UKIR Connect Specialist SA, AWS
      James King, Senior Software Engineer, Deliveroo

      Session ID: PS-03 | Level: 100

      Businesses large and small, governments new and old, have all had to change what they do and how they operate, and these transformations show no signs of slowing down. Emerging technology trends such as mixed reality, quantum computing and smarter devices are starting to drive radical change across a range of sectors. We’ll look at how different industries such as government, healthcare and travel could be impacted, and how you can embrace change to delight your customers and citizens.

      Matt Johnson, Chief Technologist UK Public Sector, AWS

    • Unique and exclusive sessions from our AWS Partners, with content ranging from levels 100 - 300.

      Designing Secure Protection Environments with Veeam and AWS

      Session ID: PA-01 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Veeam

      With the threat, incidence and success of cyberattacks like ransomware at an all time high, your organization needs an air-tight strategy to protect itself. In this session we will highlight why secure backup is your last line of defense, as well as: 5 security best practices in hybrid cloud and cloud-native environments, What Veeam and AWS are doing to help you secure your data & Live demos to show you how easy the first steps to take are.

      Sam Nicholls - Director, Public Cloud, Product Marketing, Veeam Software & Dustin
      Albertson - Manager of Cloud & App Alliances, Product Management, Veeam Software

      Sponsored by Veeam

      Better reliability with SLOs

      Session ID: PA-02 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Datadog

      Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are a measurement of the reliability and general experience your end-users and customers can expect. In this session, learn how to define SLOs by choosing the correct service level indicators (SLIs) and defining appropriate agreements with stakeholders. Learn the key concept of error budgets, which give you a solid, actionable metric for balancing innovation and velocity with reliability and safety. Extract how to have meaningful conversations around realistic availability, which will enable you to define high quality SLOs for your own organisation.

      Ajuna Kyaruzi, Technical Evangelist, Datadog

      Sponsored by Datadog

      Train More, Spend Less with Habana Gaudi-based Amazon EC2 DL1 Training Instances

      Session ID: PA-03 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Intel

      According to IDC, the biggest obstacle to enabling ML/AI solutions is the high cost of AI training. Habana Labs partners with AWS on the DL1 training instance, which delivers up to 40% better price performance than existing GPU-based instances. In this talk, we will share how Gaudi architecture and software enable such savings, and provide customer examples across CV and NLP applications which have met and even exceeded 40% cost savings on the DL1 instance.

      Sree Ganesan, Head of Software Product, Habana Labs

      Sponsored by Intel

      Automating and securing Amazon S3 for fun and profit

      Session ID: PA-04 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: TrendMicro

      In the early days of AWS there was S3 and it was good. Simple, inexpensive storage in the cloud. Over the years, this core value has been augmented with SO MANY new capabilities and integrations, making S3 a core component of most applications in the cloud. S3, the apps being built with it, and the associated security controls have gone from good to great. In this session, see how builders are leveraging S3 to accelerate their innovation, with evolutions such as S3 event notifications, and S3 Object Lambda, and how security controls play a key role.

      Mike Milner, VP Cloud Technology, TrendMicro

      Sponsored by TrendMicro

      Security from Code to Cloud and Back to Code

      Session ID: PA-05 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Snyk Limited

      Cloud and DevOps practices blur the boundary between application development and the production cloud environment. Solutions that satisfy the needs of only the development team -or- the security & operations teams, in isolation, don't help where organisations need it the most: reducing security risk while also increasing the speed of application delivery.

      In this session, we'll share how security teams are scaling by empowering developers to create secure applications, including the use of modern cloud technologies that are used to deploy and run application workloads. We'll show you how you can give developers a unique security feedback loop, with direct, actionable fixes, from code to cloud, back to code. By connecting observed cloud security insights with developer-driven workflows, developers can prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities faster in cloud-native workflows. This results in reduced risk due to more secure cloud environments and increased developer productivity, leading to better and faster innovation.

      Jim Armstrong, Senior Director Product Marketing, Snyk Limited

      Sponsored by Snyk Limited

      Take the complexity out of migrating data to FSxN with NetApp and AWS

      Session ID: PA-06 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: NetApp, Inc.

      In this session Nick will take us through how NetApp is helping AWS and NetApp customers to discover, assess and migrate workloads into the AWSome service that is FSxN.

      Nick Howell, Global Field CTO, Public Cloud Services

      Sponsored by NetApp, Inc.

      SAP HANA: Architecting for Availability and Reliability on AWS

      Session ID: PA-07 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: SIOS Technology Corp

      Brett Barwick, Principal Software Engineer, SIOS Technology Corp

      Sponsored by SIOS Technology Corp

      Three Decades of Infrastructure Experience and Why It Matters

      Session ID: PA-08 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Kyndryl Inc.

      Kyndryl, AWS Premier Services Partner, delivers by combining decades of experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ IT environments with the depth and breadth of our experts’ AWS skills. We address your biggest challenges in cloud transformation whether it is on cloud migration, modernization or tapping unto new and emerging capabilities like AI/ML and others. Learn about our best practices and use cases on how our customers are able to innovate and realize value on AWS faster.

      Sam McConnel – Chief Architect for the Americas Application, Data, & Artificial Intelligence Practice, Kyndryl Inc.
      Dwight McDonald – Advisory and Implementation Services – Architect, Kyndryl Inc.
      Avinash Nidumbur – Sr Mgr Global PSA Leader, Kyndryl Inc.

      Sponsored by Kyndryl Inc.

      Your AWS data deserves Zero Trust Data Security

      Session ID: PA-09 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Rubrik Inc.

      It is often assumed that as soon as data is put in the cloud, it is automagically safe and secure, or that there is no need to protect it. In reality, it is not that simple! Whether it's IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, it's always the customer's responsibility to protect the data they put in the cloud. In this session, we'll discuss data protection and security of cloud native workloads, as well as secure cloud archiving to AWS.

      Pierre-Francois Guglielmi, Field CTO, Rubrik Inc.

      Sponsored by Rubrik Inc.

      What Can Go Wrong with Data… Will

      Session ID: PA-10 | Level: 200
      Sponsor: Cockroach labs

      There is no reason we should be coding for data quality in our apps. Is your data correct? Do you “get” isolation levels in a database and why they are important? Do you think of referential integrity? Foreign keys? Every app has different requirements for data correctness and the power of SQL can help you manage these things. The relational database is powerful but misunderstood by many. And the concept of ACID transactions is used loosely without much depth of an explanation of how it is used.  In this session we will dive into relational SQL and talk through: What is data isolation and what can for wrong with your data, What are isolation levels for a database, Dirty Reads, Phantom reads, Non-repeatable reads, and the problems with inconsistent transactions & Referential integrity, foreign keys, and the power of SQL.

      Jim Walker, Principal Product Evangelist, Cockroach labs

      Sponsored by Cockroach labs

    • Welcome & Introduction to AWS Services: Compute & Storage

      Session ID: T&C 01 | Level: 100

      Welcome & Introduction to AWS

      Welcome to Summit Online, we'll start with the basics: what is the cloud, the advantages of cloud computing, cloud deployment models, and AWS' global infrastructure.

      Introduction to AWS Services: Compute & Storage

      In this section, we'll introduce Compute by comparing the differences between physical and virtual servers and highlight Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). We will then transition to a short discussion on Storage, and the many scalable, durable, and cost-effective Storage options available through AWS.

      Dennis Adams, Sr AWS Technical Instructor, AWS

      Introduction to Databases, Networking and Security

      Session ID: T&C 02 | Level: 100

      Introduction to AWS Services: Databases & Networking

      In this section, we'll showcase the power of purpose-built databases available through AWS. There's an option available to fit every organizational need. As we close this section, we will center on Networking, including Amazon Virtual Public Cloud and Elastic Load Balancing.

      Introduction to AWS Services: Security

      Security is AWS' top priority. Grounded in the Shared Responsibility Model, AWS' services are designed for security with a highly automated, accredited, and available posture.

      Dennis Adams, Sr AWS Technical Instructor, AWS

      Innovation with AWS, Intel Fireside Chat & Closing Remarks

      Session ID: T&C 03 | Level: 100

      Innovation with AWS

      In this section we will discuss innovation opportunities through topics like Machine Learning, IoT, Edge Computing and more.

      As AI drives innovation, AI tools thrive in the cloud

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are quickly becoming a staple feature in many businesses. In this fireside chat, we’ll look at the AI and ML tools Intel and AWS make available to customers to help them drive innovation.

      Closing Remarks

      As we close Summit Online, you’ll leave with resources that will kick-start your learning journey and prepare you to start building on AWS.

      Dennis Adams, Sr AWS Technical Instructor, AWS
      Mario Thomas, Head of Experience-Based Acceleration EMEA, AWS
      Monica Livingston, Artificial Intelligence Sales Director Americas & EMEA, Intel

    • Getting started: web and mobile app development

      Session ID: SU-01 | Level: 200

      Startup developers have to build and ship their MVP fast. In this talk, you will learn how to increase your productivity as a developer. We will show you how AWS Amplify, AppSync, Device Farm, and Amazon Location Service work together to provide the tools and services to accelerate your application development and innovate faster.

      Mirabela Dan, Startups Solutions Architect

      Building your MVP with AI/ML

      Session ID: SU-02 | Level: 200

      In this session we’ll discuss how to use AI and Machine Learning tools and services on AWS, to create your MVP and deliver innovative solutions that solve real world problems. We’ll go through examples of use cases with sample architectures and deployable artefacts that demonstrate the art of the possible and explore the main considerations you need to keep in mind when designing and building your MVP.

      George Softas, Senior Startups Solutions Architect

      Build Solutions That Last: Architectural Best Practices for Startups

      Session ID: SU-03 Level: 200

      Startups need to stay agile. What works today may not work tomorrow, which means you need to architect solutions that grow as you do. Don’t settle for stopgaps. Instead, build solutions that last. In this session, explore what it means to build better while your startup matures, to help you avoid scaling issues and costly rebuilds later. Learn how to build with the AWS Well-Architected Framework to enable business function and developer productivity, while protecting business integrity. From infrastructure audits to cost-efficient architecting and sustainability, embrace building better.

      Mark Isaacs, Sr Startup Solutions Architect
      Alexander Barge, Startup Solutions Architect

      Establishing a sustainable solution from Day 1

      Session ID: SU-04 | Level: 200

      Environmental sustainability is a shared responsibility between customers and AWS. In this session, we will cover actionable recommendations on how to optimize your infrastructure for sustainability so you can adapt your strategy when making technological choices on AWS Cloud, in the domains of compute, storage, networking, AI / ML and IoT.

      Ceren Tahtasiz, Startup Solutions Architect
      Aleena Yunus, Startup Solutions Architect

      Making the best of your data with Machine learning powered Business Intelligence

      Session ID: SU-05 | Level: 300

      The world produces more data than any human can consume. Today's Business Intelligence tools have to go beyond traditional dashboarding and reporting. By attending this session you will learn how to leverage machine-learning capabilities of Amazon QuickSight to curate a data-driven culture by turning data into an easily accessible organizational assets, where anyone could leverage data to make quick innovative decision regardless of skillset. In the talk I want to demo utilising historical weather data and AWS analytics tool to provide some weather data pattern and forecast.

      Li Ma, Solution Architect

    • Session ID: KEY102 | Level: 100

      Join Tanuja Randery, Managing Director at Amazon Web Services, Europe, Middle East and Africa as she discusses the critical role of cloud computing in helping Europe unlock its digital ambitions. During this session Tanuja will discuss what is needed to succeed in a digital future.  She will highlight the role technology can play in accelerating the clean energy transition, and demonstrate how businesses can use the cloud to be globally competitive.

      Tanuja Randery, EMEA Managing Director, AWS

    • Créez et testez vos modèles ML en quelques minutes sans écrire une seule ligne de code

      Session ID: ML-02 FR | Level: 200

      Les organisations attendent de plus en plus de leurs analystes qu'ils appliquent des techniques d'apprentissage machine plus efficaces pour améliorer la qualité de leurs prédictions et accroître les résultats de l'entreprise ou la satisfaction de leurs clients. Cependant, le développement de compétences en sciences et ingénierie des données pour créer et maintenir des modèles de ML peut être chronophage et hors de la compétence des équipes en charge de la veille stratégique. Dans cette session, découvrez le service Amazon SageMaker Canvas annoncé lors de AWS re:Invent 2021, qui va vous permettre de construire facilement des modèles ML de haute qualité en utilisant les capacités d'Amazon SageMaker et d'AutoML sans avoir à écrire le moindre code.

      Dorian Richard, Solutions Architect, AWS

      Découvrez les innovations AWS en matière de silicium et comprenez les avantages qu'elles présentent pour votre entreprise

      Session ID: CP-04 FR | Level: 200

      Décideurs et spécialistes de l'infrastructure sont continuellement à la recherche de l'optimisation des performances de leurs environnements système à moindre coût. En plus de fournir plus de 475 types d'instances Amazon EC2 pour répondre au mieux à vos besoins, AWS va plus loin et propose des innovations révolutionnaires au niveau du silicium. Au cours de cette session, découvrez le parcours d'AWS en matière d'innovation concernant le silicium, qui a commencé avec le système AWS Nitro, mais qui s'est rapidement étendu aux processeurs AWS Graviton et aux puces spécialisées pour l'apprentissage machine avec AWS Inferentia et AWS Trainium, et comprenez les avantages en termes de prix et de performance que vous pouvez obtenir grâce à toutes ces innovations.

      Arthur Petitpierre, Senior SSA, EC2 Graviton, AWS

      Débarrassez-vous de vos bases de données traditionnelles et modernisez votre infrastructure avec Amazon Aurora

      Session ID: DB-03 FR | Level: 200

      La donnée est le nouvel or noir pour les entreprises. Cependant les contraintes imposées par les bases de données traditionnelles commerciales rendent difficile la mise à disposition cette donnée de façon sécurisée et à grande échelle. Dans cette session, vous découvrirez comment Amazon Aurora peut vous aider dans la transformation et la modernisation de vos bases de données et comment le groupe Accor a migré d’Oracle vers Amazon Aurora en minimisant les interruptions de service et en réduisant ses coûts.

      Alexis Gunst Horn, Solutions Architect, AWS

      Utilisez le cloud AWS pour répondre aux challenges du développement durable

      Session ID: LO-02 FR | Level: 100

      Le développement durable environnemental est au coeur des enjeux auxquels doit faire face le monde entier. Venez découvrir comment AWS peut vous aider à répondre à ces challenges environnementaux. Nous aborderons le développement durable environnemental du Cloud lui-même, les possibilités d’optimisation de vos ressources qui vous sont proposées puis nous verrons comment le Cloud peut une aide précieuse pour limiter vos émissions dans votre coeur de métier. Vous aurez l'opportunité d'écouter le témoignage de la société Teads qui, en plus de sa démarche de publicité responsable, a mis en place des bonnes pratiques pour minimiser l’empreinte de la diffusion publicitaire sur l’ensemble de la chaine technique.

      Philippe Desmaison, SR SA Manager France, AWS

      Soyez prêt à migrer vos bases de données sur le cloud AWS

      Session ID: DB-01 FR Level: 200

      Alors que les entreprises cherchent à moderniser leurs bases de données, la planification, la redéfinition des schémas et la migration manuelle des bases de données peuvent devenir problématiques. En effet, cela implique des tâches qui sont souvent sources d'erreurs, nécessitant normalement des compétences très pointues. Au cours de cette session, vous découvrirez comment AWS et ses partenaires ont aidé à migrer plus de 500 000 bases de données clients vers le cloud en exploitant des outils de migration tels que AWS DMS et AWS SCT, ainsi que des programmes tels que Database Freedom et Database Migration Accelerator.

      Jean-Philippe Pinte, Sr FRANCE Database GTM Spec, AWS

      Minimisez vos efforts pour déployer et administrer vos clusteurs Kubernetes

      Session ID: MA-01 FR | Level: 200

      Alors que l’adoption des conteneurs ne cesse d’augmenter pour construire des applications modernes, leurs orchestrations à grand échelle relève des défis considérables notamment sur le déploiement et la configuration. Dans cette session, vous découvrirez en pratique comment déployer vos clusters Kubernetes sur AWS d’une façon centralisée et à grand échelle Vous découvrirez aussi comment adapter les ressources de vos clusters Kubernetes d’une façon automatisée . Enfin vous découvrirez le témoignage de Content Square sur leur déploiement de cluster kubernetes et de micro-services sur AWS.

      Abass Safouatou, Lead, Solutions Architecture, AWS
      Sebastien Allamand, Sr FRANCE Containers SSA , AWS

      Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le RGPD, le CLOUD Act et la souveraineté

      Session ID: LO-03 FR | Level: 100

      Chez AWS, la sécurité est notre première priorité. Nous avons créé pour nos clients un environnement qui propose les standards de protection des données avec les plus hauts standards mondiaux. Dans cette session nous couvrirons les 3 piliers de la confiance dans le cloud : Juridique/Certification/Contrôles. Nous verrons comment AWS répond au CLOUD Act, au RGPD post-Schrems II et plus généralement permet aux clients de conserver leur propre souveraineté.

      Stephan Hadinger, Head of Technology, AWS

      Quoi de neuf sur Amazon EC2 ?

      Session ID: CP-01 FR | Level: 100

      Les entreprises sont soucieuses d’optimiser en permanence leurs performances et leurs coûts, en adaptant leur infrastructure à leurs applications et à leurs besoins. Pour ce faire, il est important qu'elles aient accès au portefeuille le plus complet d'options de calcul qui leur donne la flexibilité d'exécuter leurs applications en fonction de leurs propres exigences. Cette session vous donne un aperçu des nouvelles fonctionnalités, familles d'instances et des offres Amazon EC2.

      Lydia Khalfoun, Solutions Architect, AWS

      Réinventez et simplifiez la sécurité de vos ressources dans le cloud

      Session ID: SE-01 FR | Level: 200

      L'adoption du cloud est une formidable opportunité de revoir et d'améliorer sa posture de sécurité. Améliorer la visibilité et implémenter de nouveaux contrôles de sécurité sont des opérations simples et à faible impact, en utilisant les services de sécurités natifs tels qu'AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty et AWS IAM Access Analyzer. Lors de cette session, vous apprendrez selon des exemples et un retour d'experience de Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform (CAGIP) à mettre en place une détection continue des menaces, à minimiser les temps de réponse à incident et à correction, tout en conservant un modèle opérationnel agile.

      Matthieu Bouthors, Sr Specialist SA, Security, AWS
      Christophe Omnes, Squad Lead Cloud Hybride, CA-GIP
      Benoit Maux, Responsable sécurité socle Cloud, CA-GIP

      Sécurisez vos données et optimisez leurs coûts de stockage avec Amazon S3

      Session ID: ST-02 FR | Level: 300

      La croissance exponentielle des données signifie que vous avez besoin d'une architecture de données sécurisée, performante et rentable qui vous permet de transformer les données en valeur pour votre entreprise. Dans cette session, nous allons partager avec vous les meilleures pratiques pour optimiser vos coûts et renforcer la sécurité de vos données dans le cloud. Nous allons aussi vous faire découvrir les nouvelles classes de stockage S3 récemment lancées et des fonctionnalités telles que la récupération instantanée S3 Glacier.

      Meriem Belhadj,Storage Specialist Solutions Architect EMEA, AWS

    • Der Business Case für die Cloud

      Session ID: CSF101 | Level: 200

      Wenn man eine Cloud-Migration in Erwägung zieht, spielen Einsparungen in den IT-Infrastrukturkosten eine wichtige Rolle. Deren Identifizierung und Quantifizierung birgt jedoch eine Reihe von Fallstricken, da sich die Optimierungsmöglichkeiten in der Cloud signifikant von denen On-Premises unterscheiden. Weitere potenzielle Vorteile der Cloud, wie beispielsweise eine Steigerung der Mitarbeiterproduktivität und eine Erhöhung der Ausfallsicherheit sowie der geschäftlichen Flexibilität werden oftmals übersehen und das, obwohl sie weitaus größere finanzielle Implikationen, als die reinen IT-Infrastrukturkosteneinsparungen, haben können. In dieser Session stellen wir Ihnen die Elemente, die wir bei der Berechnung eines Business Cases für Migrationsprojekte berücksichtigen, vor und geben Ihnen konkrete Einblicke in die (finanziellen) Erfolge unserer Kunden.

      Laura Strouhal, Business Development Manager Cloud Economics, AWS
      José Malpica, Principal Business Development Manager Cloud Economics, AWS

      Der entscheidende Weg zum "All-In"

      Session ID: MIG103 | Level: 100

      Die Entscheidung für eine “All-In-Migration“ zu AWS hat nicht nur enorme Auswirkungen auf die technische Infrastruktur eines Unternehmens, sondern auf dessen gesamte Organisation (z.B. Betrieb, Finanzen, Compliance etc.). Daher ist das Bewusstsein über das „warum“ und „wann“, die Klärung (technischer) Voraussetzungen (Legacy, Datenbankenstrukturen, Lizenzsituation) und das Zusammenbringen aller relevanten Stakeholder (Business, IT, Recht) absolut erfolgskritisch, um erfolgreich entscheiden zu können.

      Martin Harasim, Senior Account Manager, AWS
      Veronika Lawrence, Cloud Migrations Consultant, AWS
      Oliver Hackert, Managing Director Swiss Life Deutschland Operations GmbH, Swiss Life AG Deutschland

      Kostenmanagement der Audi AG - Mit AWS Graviton, Spot, Right-Sizing & Data Transfer Optimierung

      Session ID: STC204 Level: 200

      Eine cloudifizierte IT bringt neue Herausforderungen für Business, IT und Finanzen mit sich – Kosten entstehen durch neue Zeilen Code und werden dynamisch. Die Audi AG zeigt Ihren Weg vom Cloud Kostenmanagement zu einer FinOps Kultur und bringt praktische Beispiele mit, wie über AWS Graviton, Spot, Right-Sizing und Data Transfer Optimierung Einsparungen von bis zu 20% erreicht werden.

      Chris Pütz - Global Account Manager AWS, AWS
      Wolfgan Braun - Product Owner Audi Cloud Foundation
      Marco Winkler - Cloud Architect
      Dimitri Pashchenko - Cloud Engineer, Audi AG

      Cloud IT Outsourcing in der Praxis

      Session ID: CSF205 | Level: 200

      Eine Verlagerung von IT-Verfahren oder das Anmieten von externe Dienstleistung braucht eine angemssene Qualifizierung, ein gutes Vertrauensverhältnis der Partner untereinander und Wissen über die Geschäftsvorgänge. Der Vortrag wird einige Kernaspekte des IT-Outsourcings betrachten. Da es einige Themen im Blick zu halten gilt, werden Aspekte von SLAs, vertraglichen Rahmenwerk, Auftragsgegenstand sowie Aufsicht und Kontrolle angesprochen. All dies mit dem Blickwinkel der Nutzung von AWS-Diensten. Daher wird der Vortag auch die Weiterentwicklung in den genannten Bereichen demonstrieren welche zu einem Umdenken oder Anpassen der etablierten Outsourcing Parameter führen.

      Bertram Dorn, Principal Solutions Architect Security and Compliance, AWS

      Sicherheit & Compliance mit AWS Services in Multi-Account Umgebungen

      Session ID: SEC206 | Level: 200

      Eine AWS-Umgebung mit mehreren „Accounts“ ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Cloud schnell und effektiv zu nutzen, um differenzierte Produkte und Dienstleistungen zu entwickeln, während gleichzeitig sichergestellt wird, dass Sie dies auf sichere, skalierbare und belastbare Weise tun. In dieser Session erfahren Sie, wie verschiedene AWS „Security Services“ wie Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, sowie AWS SecurityHub miteinander integriert werden und wie sie in multi-Account Umgebungen bereitgestellt und betrieben werden können.

      Armin Schneider, Senior Specialist Solution Architect – Security & Compliance, AWS
      Svenja Moehring, Security Consultant, Professional Services, AWS

      Wie revolutioniert die Cloud die Finanzindustrie? DKB's Transformation zu einer TechBank

      Session ID: MIG101 | Level: 100

      Die Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB) gilt als Pionier des Internet-Bankings in Deutschland und entwickelt sich zur TechBank. Dabei investiert das Berliner Unternehmen in die Transformation zusätzlich 400 Millionen Euro bis 2024. Dieser Weg ist trotz der Investitionen herausfordernd und die Transformation braucht vor allem eine flexible und zuverlässige IT-Infrastruktur und die richtigen Köpfe. Die Herausforderung dabei ist die IT zu modernisieren und gleichzeitig die Kundenzufriedenheit im Frontend zu erhöhen. In dieser Session wird der Transformationsweg der DKB aufgezeigt, von den ersten Test- und Entwicklungssystemen bis hin zu kompletten Use-Cases in der Cloud mit AWS und warum ein in-house IT-Startup praktisch ist. Ein Erfolgsfaktor dabei: Der kulturelle Wandel bzw. ein neues Mindset und Neugier als auch Skepsis, wenn der CDO plötzlich die Dinge auf den Kopf stellt.

      Angelika Cilek, Financial Services Specialist, AWS
      Arnulf Keese, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), DKB
      Moritz Otte, Head of Digital Products and Technology, DKB

    • ¿Qué hay de nuevo en Amazon EC2?, con WebBeds

      Session ID: CP-X01 ES | Level: 200

      Hoy en día las organizaciones buscan optimizar el rendimiento y el coste de su infraestructura, adaptándola para satisfacer sus necesidades de negocio. Para lograrlo, necesitan tener acceso a la oferta más amplia y completa de opciones de cómputo que les den la flexibilidad de correr sus cargas de trabajo bajo sus propios términos. Esta sesión proporciona una descripción general de las novedades de la cartera de Amazon EC2, incluidas las actualizaciones sobre las capacidades de Amazon EC2, las familias de instancias y las ofertas híbridas de Amazon EC2.

      Germán González, Solutions Architect, AWS

      Migra tus bases de datos a AWS sin complicaciones, con BeeDigital

      Session ID: DB-X01 ES | Level: 300

      Las migraciones de bases de datos no tienen porqué ser complicadas, un riesgo inasumible o un salto de fé. Únete a nosotros para conocer las distintas herramientas que provee AWS así como programas y best practices para migrar tu cargas de trabajo criticas a AWS sin complicaciones.

      Emilio Nestal Díaz, Manager Solutions Architect, AWS

      Optimizando con RedShift, con Nextail

      Session ID: MD-X08 ES | Level: 300

      Durante los últimos 9 años el equipo de ingeniería de Redshift ha trabajado para dar respuesta no solo a los requisitos que demandaban nuestros clientes, sino a incrementar de manera sustancial el rendimiento de los cluster de Redshift. En esta sesión analizaremos estas iniciativas desde el prisma de un caso práctico de un cliente y ver cómo ciertos cambios han mejorado ostensiblemente el rendimiento global del clúster.

      Ramón Díez Lejarazu,Senior Data Architect, AWS

      Añade capacidades de aprendizaje automático e inteligencia artificial a tus proyectos con servicios de AWS

      Session ID: ML-X04 ES | Level: 200

      Con AWS puedes obtener capacidades gestionadas de Aprendizaje de Máquina o Inteligencia Artificial cuando no tienes un equipo dedicado a estas tecnologías o cuando quieres extender rápidamente funcionalidades con las que ya cuentas. En esta charla repasaremos herramientas para traducción automática, predicción de ventas, personalización de contenido, o conversión de texto a voz, entre otras.

      Cristian Romero, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

      Desplegando un datalake sin servidores, con Ravenpack

      Session ID: MD-X09 ES | Level: 200

      Los Data Lakes sin servidores ayudan a las empresas a crear una arquitectura de datos preparada para procesar grandes cantidades de información. Hoy veremos cómo se puede ingestar, procesar y explotar los datos de manera eficiente en AWS sin necesidad de servidores. Servicios como Amazon S3, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, Amazon Kinesis nos ayudarán a llevar nuestro Modelo de Datos a la nube sin Servidores.

      Enmanuel De León Ramírez, Data Architect, AWS

      Buenas practicas para diseñar y construir aplicaciones orientadas a eventos

      Session ID: MA-X02 ES | Level: 300

      Las arquitecturas orientadas a eventos son las preferidas para construir aplicaciones distribuidas, reduciendo el acoplamiento entre los sistemas y aumentando la velocidad de los equipos. Esto require un cambio de mentalidad para diseñar el sistema de forma que todo este documentado, todos los eventos puedan ser rastreados y la aplicación pueda escalar. En esta sesión, aprenderás los fundamentos de esta nueva mentalidad. Por ejemplo, cómo diseñar una aplicación orientada a eventos, cómo construirlas en AWS, y muchas buenas prácticas para asegurarse de que tu aplicación sea sostenible y extensible.

      Marcia Villalba, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

      ¿Cuál es la mejor base de datos para tu proyecto? Con Wefox

      Session ID: DB-X02 ES Level: 200

      Las compañías están adoptando nuevos modelos distribuidos para crear aplicaciones que promuevan la agilidad, la innovación y la eficiencia operacional. Desarrolladores y desarrolladoras quieren la base de datos adecuada para cumplir con los requisitos específicos de funcionalidad, rendimiento y escala de su aplicación, y el enfoque de "talla única " usando bases de datos relacionales para todo ya no funciona. Aprende en esta sesión cómo elegir la base de datos que necesita tu aplicación para escalar más rápido, innovar más y acelerar el time-to-market de nuevas funciones y productos.

      Andres Lindo, Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS

      Incrementa tu seguridad y automatiza la respuesta a amenazas, con Repsol

      Session ID: SE-X01 ES | Level: 300

      A medida que tu organización desarrolla aplicaciones nativas de la nube y moderniza las cargas de trabajo existentes, mediante la migración a la nube, necesitarás obtener visibilidad sobre qué está pasando en tus cargas de trabajo e infraestructura y, sobre todo, mantener un alto estándar de seguridad de AWS con excelencia operativa. En esta sesión aprenderás a integrar los servicios de seguridad nativos de AWS para lograr una detección continua de amenazas y minimizar el tiempo de reacción para garantizar la protección de tu entorno y aplicaciones en la nube.

      Daniel Neri, Solutions Architect, AWS

      Optimiza tu almacenamiento de siempre con lo último de S3

      Session ID: ST-X02 ES | Level: 300

      El crecimiento exponencial de los datos necesita una arquitectura de datos segura, eficaz y rentable. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), ayuda a organizaciones de todos los tamaños e industrias a almacenar cualquier cantidad de datos para cualquier caso de uso. En esta sesión, nos sumergiremos en las nuevas funcionalidades de S3 lanzadas recientemente, como S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, compartiremos las mejores prácticas para crear un lago de datos usando código abierto, y usaremos herramientas de ML para optimizar costes y tener recomendaciones para fortalecer la seguridad de sus datos.

      Laura Caicedo, Manager of Solutions Architecture, AWS

    • Come selezionare il servizio AWS ideale per applicazioni basate su tecnologia container

      Session ID: OPE001 | Level: 200

      I container stanno rapidamente diventando lo standard de-facto per eseguire applicazioni. Dalle applicazioni esistenti alle applicazioni di nuova generazione. AWS offre una serie di servizi con diverse caratteristiche che permettono all’utente di rendere operative queste applicazioni. Ognuno di questi servizi ha caratteristiche diverse e profili diversi in termini di flessibilità e costi di gestione. Questa sessione darà una panoramica veloce di questi servizi e offrirà spunti per selezionare quello più adatto alle esigenze dei clienti AWS. Ospite della sessione sarà Stefano Flamia, Co-Founder & CTO di Chili, che ci racconterà delle scelte tecnologiche alla base della piattaforma CHILI Tech per il servizio ITsART.

      Massimo Re Ferré, Senior Principal Technologist, AWS
      Stefano Flamia, Co-Founder & CTO, Chili

      Potenzia il tuo modello di DevOps con AWS

      Session ID: OPE003 | Level: 200

      Sia che tu stia iniziando il tuo percorso DevOps tramite Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), o stia modernizzando con tecniche CI/CD, oppure ottimizzando con strumenti di Observability, i servizi gestiti di AWS possono realizzare l'intera esperienza DevOps più adatta per te. In questo modo permetterai ai tuoi team di focalizzarsi sulla business-logic, piuttosto che concentrasi su dispendiose attività manuali di installazione, patching, manutenzione e monitoraggio degli strumenti e dei framework di DevOps stessi. Ospite della sessione sarà Lino Telera, Cloud Architect di InfoCert, il quale racconterà l'esperienza e le best practice maturate nel modello DevOps con AWS.

      Alessio Ludovici, Solutions Architect, AWS
      Lino Telera, Cloud Architect, Infocert

      Sei “Well-Architected”? Valuta le tue applicazioni in cloud con un approccio sistematico

      Session ID: OPE004 | Level: 200

      Le organizzazioni cercano indicazioni chiare per garantire che i propri sistemi aderiscano alle best practice dell’architettura cloud. È infatti fondamentale costruire architetture solide che siano ad alte prestazioni, sicure, affidabili, ottimizzate per minimizzare i costi e l’impatto ambientale. In questa sessione, scopri come AWS Well-Architected ti aiuta a valutare le tue architetture in cloud, identificare i problemi ad alto rischio e tracciare i miglioramenti. Dai il via con AWS Well-Architected a un circolo virtuoso di valutazione e miglioramento. Ospiti della sessione saranno Damiano Tarantino, IT Infrastructure and Architecture Director, e Wanda Canadè, Systems Networking and DR Manager, di Cerved Group i quali racconteranno i benefici di un approccio “Well-Architected” nella progettazione per il cloud.

      Francesco Bertani, Associate Solutions Architect, AWS
      Damiano Tarantino, IT Infrastructure and Architecture Director, Cerved
      Wanda Canadè, Systems Networking and DR Manager, Cerved

      10 Modi per controllare ed ottimizzare i costi su AWS

      Session ID: OPE005 | Level: 200

      Il passaggio al cloud ha cambiato il modo in cui le organizzazioni tracciano e gestiscono i propri costi: con l'avvento dei modelli pay-as-you-go, la possibilità di distribuire rapidamente risorse in giro per il mondo e una gamma di servizi più vasta che mai, le aziende si trovano a dover adattare i propri processi di cost control & optimization a un nuovo paradigma. In questa sessione impareremo come prevenire i costi in eccesso e come gestire la spesa, senza però rallentare l'innovazione. Ospite della sessione sarà Federico Morreale, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Data Platform | Cloud Transformation Program Manager di Edison, il quale ci racconterà delle loro best practice per controllare e ottimizzare i costi AWS.

      Serena Grillo, Customer Optimization & Enablement Specialist, AWS
      Federico Morreale, Head of Enterprise Architecture & Data Platform - Cloud Transformation Program Manager, Edison

      Libera il potenziale dei tuoi dati IoT

      Session ID: IOED01 | Level: 200

      Il mercato IoT Globale cresce a ritmi del 20% YoY e sempre più aziende investono nei dispositivi connessi per migliorare l’efficienza dei loro processi industriali, creare prodotti innovativi e/o migliorarne lo sviluppo e la qualità. Scopri come AWS e i suoi servizi IoT possono semplificare la raccolta e l’analisi dei dati sul larga scala a costi contenuti supportando un’ampia gamma di casi d’uso che spaziano dall’agricoltura, all’industria, dalla domotica alle smart cities.

      Andrea Prosperi, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS
      Massimo Occhipinti, Data Analytics Leader, EPTA

      Gestisci in maniera sicura ed efficiente le tue identità sul cloud di AWS

      Session ID: SECU02 | Level: 100

      Le organizzazioni che usano i servizi di identità di AWS per gestire identità, risorse e permessi su larga scala migliorano la loro sicurezza, aumentano l'agilità e accelerano l'innovazione. In questa sessione, introdurremo i servizi di identità di AWS e ascolteremo come Growens gestisce in sicurezza l'accesso ai suoi ambienti AWS.

      Luigi Bianchi, Cloud Application Architect, AWS
      Michele Cappellini, Chief Information Officer, Growens

      Migliora la security posture della tua organizzazione utilizzando i servizi AWS

      Session ID: SECU03 | Level: 200

      Le organizzazioni che sviluppano sempre più applicazioni cloud-native e migrano i propri carichi di lavoro in cloud, hanno la necessità di estendere le proprie capacità di visibilità e controllo al fine di aumentare la propria security posture, mantenendo l'efficienza operativa. In questa sessione passeremo in rassegna i servizi di sicurezza AWS, ci concentreremo su servizi per il rilevamento continuo di minacce e vulnerabilità, come Amazon GuardDuty, AWS SecurityHub, Amazon Inspector, Amazon Detective e Amazon Macie, e vedremo alcuni esempi di come questi servizi possano contribuire ad automatizzare processi di rilevamento e risposta agli eventi di sicurezza, minimizzando i tempi di detection e remediation.

      Carmela Gambardella, Sr. Solutions Architect Public Sector, AWS
      Luca Iannario, Sr Solutions Architect Public Sector, AWS

      Espandi la gestione delle autorizzazioni in AWS con il controllo degli accessi basato sugli attributi

      Session ID: SECU04 | Level: 300

      Al crescere delle organizzazioni e del numero di utenti, cresce l’esigenza di trovare un meccanismi scalabili per gestire autorizzazioni granulari. In questa sessione, vedremo come gestire la definizione delle autorizzazioni basandosi sugli attributi degli utenti e delle risorse. Introdurremo il concetto di controllo degli accessi basato sugli attributi (ABAC) e mostreremo come AWS consenta di creare regole di autorizzazione che si adattano alla vostra organizzazione per semplificare la gestione delle autorizzazioni. Condivideremo best practice per l'utilizzo dei tag per l’implementazione di ABAC. Si presume che i partecipanti abbiano familiarità con le autorizzazioni AWS.

      Chiara Brandle, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

      Reinventa il tuo business partendo da persone e cultura, prima che dalla tecnologia

      Session ID: CLTR02 | Level: 100

      Molte aziende hanno capito che realizzare a pieno il loro potenziale di reinvenzione significa capire che la trasformazione digitale non è solo un problema tecnologico. Al contrario, la ricerca e l'esperienza dimostrano che le aziende devono mettere al primo posto le persone e la cultura se vogliono competere nella nuova economia e stare al passo con i nativi digitali. Partecipando a questa sessione, apprenderai la cultura e i meccanismi di innovazione di Amazon, come AWS lavora "backwards" a partire dai risultati che vuoi ottenere, fornendo indicazioni, soluzioni, programmi e servizi che consentono alla tua azienda di reinventarsi con successo. Tante aziende già hanno applicato questo meccanismo e oggi Deltatre ci racconta come ha applicato il meccanismo di innovazione di Amazon.

      Giulia Rossi, Principal Digital Innovation Lead, AWS
      Pietro Marini, Innovation Lead, Deltatre

      Il Business case per il cloud

      Session ID: CLTR03 | Level: 200

      Come per ogni grande investimento tecnologico, calcolare il ROI della adozione del cloud può essere un esercizio complicato e dall'esito incerto. Molte aziende costruiscono il business case focalizzandosi sui costi infrastrutturali non includendo nell'equazione alcuni benefici del cloud che, qualora quantificati in maniera appropriata, possono largamente giustificare la scelta del cloud e massimizzare il ROI del business case. Partecipa a questa sessione per capire come AWS può aiutare i propri clienti a creare un business case solido che possa giustificare l´investimento massimizzando il valore aziendale. Ospite della sessione sarà Venanzio Thedy, Director of Operations di Birra Menabrea, che racconterà come è stato realizzato il business case per la migrazione al Cloud, collaborando con AWS.

      Andrea Cattaneo, Senior BDM Cloud Economics, AWS
      Venanzio Thedy, Director of Operations, Birra Menabrea

    • Solving common business problems with AI and ML

      Session ID: JTC203 | Level: 200

      Successful business outcomes coming from the application of machine learning technology are strongly associated to the careful selection of its use case. In this session, you will be introduced to common and impactful AI/ML use cases across different customer industries, and learn how to leverage AWS services, teams and partners to transform your business while optimizing your costs.

      Doron Rogov - Senior Consultant – Cloud Infrastructure Architect, AWS
      Keren Leibovich (Ph.D.) - Head of Research, Navina.AI

      Architecting account security & governance across your landing zone

      Session ID: JTC205 | Level: 200

      A key element of your AWS environment is having a framework to provide resource isolation, separation of duties, and clear billing separation (i.e., a landing zone). In this session, we discuss updates to multi-account strategy best practices for establishing your landing zone, new guidance for building organizational unit structures, and a historical context. We cover security patterns, such as identity federation, cross-account roles, consolidated logging, and account governance. We wrap up with considerations on using AWS Landing Zone, AWS Control Tower, or AWS Organizations.

      Dotan Paz - Senior Consultant – Cloud Infrastructure Architect, AWS
      Rony Blum - Senior Consultant – Cloud Infrastructure Architect, AWS
      Shir Turel - Head of Delivery & Customer Success, Shield

      Building an Analytics MVP in One Sprint

      Session ID: DAT301 | Level: 300

      The next wave of digital transformation will be data-driven, and organizations will have to reinvent themselves using data to make decisions quickly and gain faster and deeper insights to serve their customers. In this session, we will walk you through the design process of an Analytics MVP for an imaginary company. We will discuss the different AWS’ Analytics services and how they can be leveraged to create a production-grade, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible data platform in a short time period. We will also cover and demonstrate some of the new exciting announcements from re:invent.

      Adir Sharabi - Principal Startup Solutions Architect, AWS

      Containers state of the union

      Session ID: CON201 | Level: 200

      In this session you will hear an overview of the key technical capabilities in the AWS containers and services portfolio. Learn all about the AWS container landscape and how our services can empower you in choosing the right tool for your task.

      David Feldstein - Sr. Containers Specialist, AWS
      Shimon Tolts - CEO & Co-Founder, Datree

      Better living through automated operations

      Session ID: COR202 | Level: 200

      Automation is critical for minimizing your environment’s continuous operation management burden and are vital enablers for scaling and growth. This session will present best practices of automated operations everyone should add to their environment. These include AWS solutions and unique automation we built with our customers to improve their operational health, reduce production pains, cost savings, and more.

      Noam Lichtblau - Senior Technical Account Manager, AWS
      Shani Adadi - Technical Account Manager, AWS
      Dvir Mizrahi - Head Of Financial Engineering, Wix

    • Bulutun işinize sunduğu değeri ölçümleyin ve buluttan azami değeri elde edin.

      Session ID: ET-01 TR | Level: 200

      Pek çok şirket buluta geçiş için sağlam bir iş gerekçesi (business case) oluşturmak konusunda zorlanıyor. Alışılmış yöntemler kullanarak yalnızca altyapı maliyetlerine odaklanıyorlar ve buluta geçişin gerçek yatırım geri dönüşünü belirlemiyorlar. Bu oturumda bulutun işinize sunduğu gerçek değeri nasıl ölçebileceğinizi ve bulutun azami değerini nasıl elde edebileceğinizi sizlerle paylaşıyoruz. Buluttan kaynaklanan değeri en doğru şekilde hesaplayabilmeniz için AWS olarak sizlere bir bulut değer çerçevesi sunuyoruz. Bu değerler 4 ana başlıkta toplanıyor: 1) Maliyet tasarrufu (toplam sahip olma maliyeti), 2) çalışan verimliliğindeki gelişim, 3) operasyonel dayanıklılık artışı ve 4) iş çevikliği. Bu değer çerçevesinin detaylarını, bu başlıklardaki değerleri ölçmenize yardımcı olan önemli metrikleri ve müşterilerin AWS ile elde ettiği başarılı sonuçları bu oturumda dinleyebilirsiniz. 

      Burak Aydın, AWS Turkiye Genel Müdürü, AWS

      AWS'de Amaca Yönelik Veritabanları ile Oluşturma

      Session ID: DB-02 TR | Level: 300

      Kuruluşlar, modern uygulamaları daha çevik, yenilikçi ve verimli bir şekilde oluşturmak için artık yeni ve dağıtık modellere uyum sağlıyor. Her yere uyan tek araç yaklaşımının artık modern organizasyonlarda kullanım alanı yok. Bu oturumda AWS'nin en geniş ve en derin, 15 farklı amaca yönelik veritabanı altyapısından oluşan portföyünü keşfedecek ve geliştirme ekibinizin uygulamalardaki benzersiz gereksinimlerini daha iyi karşılayacak veritabanına erişebilmesi amacıyla, doğru iş için doğru aracı nasıl seçeceğinizi öğreneceksiniz.

      Serdar Nevruzoğlu, Çözüm Mimarı, AWS

      Modern Veri Stratejisi

      Session ID: AN-01 TR | Level: 200

      Bu oturumda Modern Veri Stratejisi’ni ve verilerinizi hızlı, kolay ve güvenli bir şekilde ölçekte bulut veri ambarı çözümü Amazon Redshift kullanarak nasıl çalıştıracağınızı tartışacağız. Amazon Redshift'i 3 demo ile çalışırken göreceğiz.

      Esra Kayabali, Çözüm Mimarı, AWS

      İş analistleri için Amazon SageMaker Canvas kullanarak kodlama gerektirmeyen Makine Öğrenimi

      Session ID: ML-02 TR | Level: 200

      Günümüzde iş analistlerinin yapay zeka / makine öğreniminden (YZ/MÖ) daha fazla yararlanması beklenmektedir. Ancak Makine Öğrenimi veri bilimi  uzmanlığı ve tecrübesi gerektirir. Bu oturumda, iş analistlerinin herhangi bir YZ/MÖ deneyimi olmadan ve sıfır kodlama ile kendi başlarına yüksek performanslı Makine Öğrenimi tahminleri oluşturmalarını kolaylaştıran Amazon SageMaker Canvas hizmetini inceleyeceğiz.

      Hasan Basri AKIRMAK, MSc., Exec-MBA, Senior SA, Enterprise, AWS

      Konteynerler kullanarak operasyonel yükü azaltın

      Session ID: MA-01 TR | Level: 200

      Uygulamalarınızın geliştirilmesi ve dağıtımı sırasında çevik kalmak için Containerlar kullanıyorsunuz. Ancak bunu geniş ölçekte yapmak yeni bir zorluk ve operasyonel yük alanı getiriyor. Bu oturumda, operasyonel eforunuzu azaltmanıza yardımcı olacak Amazon ECS ve EKS gibi AWS tarafından yönetilen Containerlar, ve AWS Fargate gibi Serverless deploymentlar hakkında bilgi edinin. Bu servisleri kullanmak, uygulamanızın fonksiyonalitesine odaklanmak için zaman kazanmanızı sağlar.

      Ahmet Atalay, Çözüm Mimarı, AWS

Level guide


Level 100:

Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services and features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic.


Level 200

Sessions are focused on providing best practices, details of service features and demos with the assumption that attendees have introductory knowledge of the topics.


Level 300

Sessions dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume that the audience has
some familiarity with the topic, but may or may not have direct experience .


Level 400

Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works.

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