John Clark, AWS Enterprise Strategist

Helena Yin Koeppl

AWS Enterprise Strategist

 Helena Yin Koeppl
Former roles

SVP, Head of Thomson Reuters Labs, Thomson Reuters

Vice President, Global Head of Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Director, Head of Advanced Analytics, Johnson & Johnson

Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Procter & Gamble


Bachelor of Science, Information Technology and Computer Science, major in Business Modeling

National University of Singapore


Artificial Intelligence
Data and Analytics
Diversity and inclusion in technology

Outside work: traveling, reading, scuba diving, trying to catch up to my kids on ski slopes


The strategic use of data enables businesses to enhance customer experience, optimize processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, ultimately leading to better resource allocation and streamlined operations. Embracing a data-driven approach not only strengthens customer focus but also significantly enhances business efficiency, positioning organizations for sustained success in a rapidly evolving market.

Helena became a Director of AWS Enterprise Strategy in January 2024. With over 26 years of experience, she has successfully implemented large-scale data, analytics, and AI transformations for four leading companies in the FMCG, healthcare, and information services sectors. Helena believes that cloud migration is not the final goal but rather a crucial step in effectively utilizing enterprise data to improve customer experience, products, and business decision making.

Prior to AWS, Helena served as SVP, Head of Thomson Reuters Labs worldwide. In this role, she led a global team of AI research scientists, AI/ML engineers, and designers to deliver AI, ML and generative AI enabled innovations for Thomson Reuter´s products in Legal, Financial, News and Media domains. These innovations came from a deep understanding of customer pain points, and implemented through quick experiments and prototypes with customer inputs.

At the beginning of 2023, her team partnered with AWS to develop an enterprise-grade Large Language Model (LLM) playground in under 6 weeks. It played a pivotal role in unlocking company-wide experimentation with generative AI in a safe and controlled environment. It increased AI awareness among employees, stimulated a spirit of innovation and collaboration, and accelerated the development and enhancement of AI services and products. By end of 2023, Thomson Reuters had incorporated generative AI into 3 of its key products in Legal domain, enhanced productivity and efficiency of legal professionals.

Prior to Thomson Reuters Helena was the global head of Data Science & Advanced Analytics at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, spearheading the end-to-end data strategy for the top 25 markets worldwide using AWS cloud services. This enabled the efficient, compliant and secure processing of high frequency and sensitive data like Electronic Medical Records, processing more than 2 billion data points per day. She led her team to focus on addressing patient and customer needs, delivering AI-driven innovations such as personalized physician experiences, cardiovascular disease risk prediction, cancer progression prediction, radiology imaging diagnostics support, and digital patient care in several therapeutic areas.

Prior to her role at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Helena successfully designed and implemented data and analytic transformations for over 80 global markets in both Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.

In her role as an Enterprise Strategist, Helena is looking to share her firsthand experience in how data serves as the common language between “the business” and the technology organizations. By actively leveraging data, organizations can gain a deep understanding of their customers' needs and preferences allowing for personalized experiences and informed, data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction.

During her leisure time, Helena is most passionate about traveling. Originally from Singapore, she resided in the United Kingdom and Belgium before ultimately settling in Switzerland with her family.

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