Amazon CloudWatch Customers

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

EA Sports is one of the leading sports entertainment brands in the world, with top-selling video game and services.

“EA Sports partnered with AWS to beta test Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor to help address several of EA Sports’ core priorities. One of these priorities was to reduce their mean-time-to-detect internet issues by accurately, and with confidence, identifying user drops caused by internet connectivity issues. They also wanted to detect whether application performance issues were due to internet fluctuations or the AWS network, and to understand the impact to the game stack. Finally, it was important to them to dissect specific traffic paths that ingress globally to EA games, to help them understand where and how users connect to them. Anomaly detection for user impact has typically taken a lot of time, and diagnosing issues often.”

Peter Vido, Network Architect, Electronic Arts (EA)



SonarSource develops solutions that helps developers write clean code and remediate existing code organically.

“Amazon CloudWatch Metrics provides a rich, comprehensive set of metrics out of the box for all AWS services. What's most important to us, the SonarCloud SRE squad, however, is measuring and monitoring how our services perform from a functional standpoint, since this is what SonarCloud's users perceive. To achieve this, our application services produce functional metrics using the CloudWatch Embedded Metric Format. This essentially transforms JSON log entries into CloudWatch custom metrics data points in real-time. This is extremely simple to implement and loosely coupled with the infrastructure: all you need is logs! With this, we have a complete picture of how our application services perform and use this data to improve and react to issues.“

Alexandre Odoux, Site Reliability Engineer, SonarCloud SRE squad, SonarSource



Solaris is a German technology company with a full banking license that offers banking-as-a-service platform for customers to build their own banking products.

“Amazon CloudWatch plays a crucial role in Solaris' operations with its versatile features, particularly in logging and monitoring our metrics, logs, and traces. We gain valuable insights into our microservices architecture and applications running across all AWS accounts with CloudWatch cross-account observability. CloudWatch Logs enables us to perform efficient debugging and conduct in-depth root cause analysis, ensuring the smooth functioning of our systems, together with CloudWatch Metrics that allows us to monitor ongoing issues related to resource consumption and serve as an input for triggering alarms based on high error rates or anomalies. CloudWatch Alarms also play a pivotal role in promptly alerting us through various channels like Slack and PagerDuty, ensuring timely responses to critical situations. Moreover, CloudWatch's comprehensive capabilities empower us to proactively manage our systems, detect issues, and optimize our resources effectively.”

Mohammadreza Ganji, Architect, Solaris SE


JPMorgan Chase & Co

JPMorgan Chase & Co is a global investment bank and financial services company.

“Our customers are our most important assets. Amazon CloudWatch provides developers and Site Reliability Engineers real-time observability of systems and products that reduce customer impact. We collaborated across many Lines of Business testing Amazon CloudWatch features that help monitor and troubleshoot with a real-time unified view across applications and infrastructure. This has produced game-changing observability and correlation of data on metrics, logs, and traces. Data without context is meaningless and CloudWatch is helping correlate data in a contextual way making it meaningful and impactful.“

Anthony Giles, Executive Director - Architecture & SRE Center of Excellence, JPMorgan Chase & Co



Janis is a SaaS platform focused on automating supply chain and fulfillment processes, where uptime is key to guarantee the success of their customers.

“Cross-account observability in Amazon CloudWatch allows us to monitor and analyze events of all our microservices in real time from a single place, and it is integrated with AWS Organizations enabling simple configuration and management using Organizational Units. Having an AWS account for each microservice helps us develop faster and more securely. Having cross-account metrics and being able to set up critical alarms all in one place raises our observability to the next level and helps us guarantee our service level agreements and continuous improvement.”

Tomas Gonzalez, Cloud Infrastructure Leader, Janis

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a leading multinational media organization providing news and information to customers all over the world.

“Being customer focused, Thomson Reuters started to bring together different initiatives for alerts, monitoring and disaster recovery. Amazon CloudWatch brought all those together optimally with centralized logging, customized dashboards, automatic failover with health checks, and the least privileged model for critical directory services for all Thomson Reuters’ 25,000 employees. We used AWS Secrets Manager and AWS Key Management Service to improve security posture via license and database key encryptions, while Route 53 provided disaster recovery with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service’s self-healing and auto scaling capabilities. As a result, we accomplished all our goals with CloudWatch and related services to meet security compliance and mandated technology governance.”

Zafar Khan, Architect, Thomson Reuters



Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to public companies—use Stripe software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.

“Edge observability from Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor has been helpful, especially as it is customized to help us minimize false positives. Partnering with AWS will help us evolve our customized solution, and deliver consistent internet monitoring across our edge infrastructure on AWS.”

Prasad Krishnan, Engineering Leader, Stripe



GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar, with a mission to provide everyday entrepreneurs with the tools they need to be successful.

“By leveraging out of the box monitors via Amazon CloudWatch, we’ve been able to monitor our infrastructure usage via CloudWatch Metrics to identify savings opportunities on compute with ~12% savings on simple workloads and an opportunity for additional enhanced savings across more complex ones.”

Ketan Patel, Senior Director of Cloud Platforms, GoDaddy


Smaato (now part of Verve Group)

Smaato is a digital advertising technology platform built for publishers and driven by data.

“Smaato sends trillions of advertising bid requests every month to thousands of partners located around the globe. These partners are in various AWS Regions and connect to several data centers, which makes it extremely challenging to troubleshoot internet connectivity from the cloud. Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor immediately alerts our teams of any network or internet issues, without having to wait for our app monitoring to trigger alerts, and gives us the ability and assurance to self-triage without having to reach out to our AWS support team”

François Guerraz, Vice President of Systems Engineering, Smaato Incorporated

Alexa Labs

Alexa Labs

Alexa Labs is a set of tools and services that allows Amazon Alexa developers to conduct A/B experiments. Amazon Alexa, also known as Alexa, is Amazon’s voice AI that lets users voice control their world.

“To support skill developers, Alexa Skills Kit needed a programmatic API for managing the full lifecycle of an A/B test run on an Alexa Skill. The Alexa team wanted to empower third-party developers to create experiments, test new features, and evaluate experiment outcomes using standard metrics. Amazon CloudWatch Evidently helped us serve our developers with this critical experimentation capability at scale, to support millions of Alexa customers. Using Evidently, we expect to achieve an increase in iterations to skills of 20%, resulting in a 15% increase in customer retention.”

Cole Thienes, Software Engineer, Amazon Alexa

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is a multinational company that specializes in digital transformation, IT consulting, and business process re-engineering solutions.

"Tech Mahindra is looking forward to the formal release of Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor to add to our critical customer applications and enable intelligent root cause analysis (RCA). Our operators and service engineers were already able to perform enhanced troubleshooting using the measurements published by Internet Monitor to CloudWatch Logs in beta, helping them derive custom metrics and configure alarms to support specialized use cases for our clients. Internet Monitor can help us preempt failures due to network and infrastructure glitches, by monitoring and analyzing global AWS infrastructure health and correlating to local network latency issues that could arise."

Ram Nagaraja, Cloud Native Engineering and Cloud CTO, Global Delivery Head, Tech Mahindra

"Amazon CloudWatch Evidently has helped us identify unintended consequences before rolling out new features, and thereby helped reduce risk in our production environment. With Evidently, we can manage any vulnerabilities found in the new feature, monitor key metrics and then rollout to a wider customer base. The critical benefits Evidently provides us are the ability to split traffic between different versions and get user feedback on new features."

Ram Nagaraja, Cloud Native Engineering and Cloud CTO, Global Delivery Head, Tech Mahindra

“Cross-account observability in Amazon CloudWatch can help Tech Mahindra enable centralized monitoring for its F500 customers with a single dashboard view and unified alarms for key metrics across all accounts. Cross-account observability will alleviate challenges F500 enterprises face in managing multiple accounts and building monitoring capabilities with a consistent design across the accounts. Additionally, cross-account observability will also facilitate easy management of multiple dev and QA environments under one monitoring account, and enable a consistent way of monitoring usage and enforcing compliance. We strongly believe cross-account observability gives us opportunities to enable our customers with customized yet uniform RCA mechanisms, standardized enterprise-wide cost analysis solutions as well as application transaction monitoring and analysis.”

Ram Nagaraja, Cloud Native Engineering and Cloud CTO, Global Delivery Head, Tech Mahindra

Arvato Systems

Arvato Systems GmbH

Arvato Systems GmbH is an AWS advanced consulting partner supporting customers as a service and fulfillment partner, especially in the areas of Application Modernization, Data Center Migration, SAP Cloud Migration, and CX Cloud DevOps as well as Amazon Connect and AI Integration.

"To support our managed services operations and consulting engagements, we use Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and logging of all AWS systems. The cross-account observability feature allows us to have a single view over all projects at a glance without any additional tools and minimal setup.” 

Philipp Hellmich, Team Lead AWS DevOps, Arvato Systems GmbH

Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited

Wipro is a leading global information technology, consulting, and business process services company.

“Cross account logging is a feature that our customers have been looking for, and cross-account observability in Amazon CloudWatch provides out-of-the-box integration with minimal effort. The centralized dashboard helps the support team to quickly identify and fix issues that are affecting the broader landscape. With cross-account observability in CloudWatch, there is no need for third-party tools integration for centralized logging.”

Abhinivesh Jain, Chief Architect, Wipro-AWS Launch Pad, Wipro Limited 

Rego Consulting

Rego Consulting

Founded in 2007, Rego Consulting is a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and Agile consulting firm that has guided more than 650 organizations through their PPM, Work Management, and Agile journeys.

"Our objective at Rego SaaS is to offer white-glove service and support to our clients; we strive to identify and resolve issue before the client is impacted. CloudWatch Synthetics allows us to monitor five key metrics of our production environments. Over the past year, CloudWatch Synthetics and a simple system based on Amazon CloudWatch Alarms, Amazon SES, and AWS Lambda functions have proactively allowed us to respond to our customer's application and infrastructure issues. With CloudWatch Synthetics, our DevOps and support teams have been able begin analyzing and resolving problems even before the client notifies us of the issue. CloudWatch Synthetics is a critical component of exceeding SLAs/SLOs for our customers and, ultimately, our success.” 

Steve Seaney, SVP, SaaS DevOps and Architecture, Rego Consulting is a leading digital travel company whose mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world.

"We were looking for an easy and seamless integration that we could get up and running quickly to collect core web vital metrics for our products. We have been using Amazon CloudWatch RUM to monitor our website performance, specifically page load times, JavaScript errors, and other core web vital metrics. Using RUM has helped our team collect and measure real-world performance metrics of our websites, while also giving us a unified way to collect and analyze that data. What made RUM stand out was how it integrated seamlessly with our products and other parts of CloudWatch, allowing us to use collected data for further processing, without the added worry of loss of connectivity or data shortage.”  

Matt Crouch, Web Architect,



Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies that helps transform customers’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era.

“AWS innovation with CloudWatch RUM has enabled Cognizant to advance our operations automation framework to the next level by providing the granular visibility and control our clients require, without needing third-party solutions. On-boarding CloudWatch RUM was easy, seamless, and integrated with the native services we are currently utilizing. We discovered features that enabled outstanding visibility including categorizing application response from different browsers with load times, page load Gantt chart with custom dates, application load results by time, and ability to generate reports using pdf. ”

Joe Stellin, Director of Enterprise Architect Team, AWS Practice, NA, Cognizant 



EBSCO is the leading provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery service to libraries. EBSCO wanted to make sure its product was stable and reliable for their customers.

“We have invested heavily on observability and monitoring on our application’s microservice architecture but were missing the outside-in monitoring to ensure the product was stable and reliable for our customers. Using Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics, we are now able to simulate real users to monitor uptime availability, filling a gap in our observability stack. We are creating canaries to reflect our user journeys through our product and are alerted to live issues before our customers. CloudWatch Synthetics allows us to capture our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reduce our Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by enabling us to triage and debug. CloudWatch Synthetics is really simple to setup. The Synthetics Recorder allows team members beyond our engineers to generate canaries to greatly increase the relevance and value of the service within EBSCO.” 

Jonathan Allen, Senior System Architect, EBSCO



Mapbox is an open-source mapping platform for custom-designed maps that reaches more than 300 million people each month. Mapbox uses Amazon CloudWatch for ingestion of multiple data sources—including native AWS metrics, custom metrics, and logs—as well as monitoring and visualization of key workloads and resource optimization.

“We were looking to consolidate all our monitoring, logging, metrics, and alerting under one tool. CloudWatch has helped us alleviate the operational burden to set up, configure, and learn third-party systems. Our teams use CloudWatch extensively to monitor error rates and status codes for multiple high-profile workloads. We also use CloudWatch to automate Auto Scaling actions, allowing us to optimize the cost of Amazon EC2 instance types powering our Amazon ECS clusters. CloudWatch Events enable us to provide utilization and pricing information to teams so they can audit account security, trigger AWS Lambda actions for compliance and security use cases, and schedule our resources using the cloud. CloudWatch enables next-level automation and expands the capacity of each individual.”

Emily McAfee, Platform Engineering Manager, Mapbox



Pushpay’s purpose is to bring people together by strengthening community, connection, and belonging. We build world-class giving and mobile app publishing solutions to help organizations grow their communities.

“Our current log analytics solution requires setup and maintenance overhead, has differing retention requirements, and is cost prohibitive, making it impossible for our Engineering team to be able to access and query logs in both development and test environments. With CloudWatch Logs Insights, we are now able to query logs within CloudWatch Logs reducing operational complexity. Pay per query gives us flexibility to scale at our own pace and our engineers can begin to consume and query logs without waiting for the setup, integration, and ingestion to take place with our current solution. We also benefit from viewing metrics and logs allowing faster troubleshooting. Logs Insights is an effective and inexpensive solution for our engineers to monitor their applications and perform log diving all from single AWS console.”

Peter Goodman, Director Site Reliability Engineering, Pushpay



SendGrid is a provider of cloud email and sends more than 40 billion emails each month for more than 69,000 paying customers. SendGrid adopted Amazon CloudWatch early in its migration to AWS in order to gain system visibility, operational insights, and resource optimization.

“CloudWatch allows us to collect metrics from AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway, as well as logs from AWS Lambda functions. We appreciated being able to integrate natively, without the need for a self-managed stack or third-party SaaS vendor. This helped us start alerting, auto scaling, and capacity planning very quickly. Being able to address our primary use cases quickly and simply made CloudWatch a preferred solution.“

Joshua Barratt, Architect II, SendGrid



CloudPassage provides comprehensive security, visibility, and continuous compliance for public cloud infrastructure. The company’s Halo platform uses a comprehensive set of security and compliance features to ensure the critical business assets of more than 100 customers—from the Fortune 50 to high-growth startups—are protected.

Amazon CloudWatch enables CloudPassage to perform indexed searches of tens of gigabytes of logs daily. Using CloudWatch Logs, the company manages and analyzes logs in one place, whether they are received from Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, AWS CodeBuild, or custom sources. “We use a microservices-based architecture. Amazon CloudWatch was an instant solution as it required no infrastructure set up or maintenance. CloudWatch has no issues handling our scale and removed the operational burden of integrating and managing multiple tools. The most important benefit for us is the decrease in MTTR (mean time to repair), as our DevOps team can quickly find issues across our container infrastructure. Our customers benefit from this by experiencing a stable platform, which enables faster discovery and fixes of potential bugs as well as accelerated feature development. Less time finding and fixing bugs in existing functionality means more time for our developers to spend building new features.”

Vitaliy Geraymovych, Co-founder & Vice President, Engineering, CloudPassage


Learn how ConnectWise uses Amazon CloudWatch to monitor containers, latency, web server requests, and incoming load-balancer requests.

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Launched in 2013, Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform with a mission to empower the world to design. Its web-based graphic design tool enables over 20 million businesses and individuals across 190 countries to design beautiful presentations, social media graphics and other visual collateral, with access to thousands of professionally designed templates and a comprehensive library of fonts and stock photography. Given its growth and scale, the company selected AWS services, including Amazon CloudWatch, to support its operations model without adding any complexity.

“Amazon CloudWatch has enabled us to seamlessly integrate Canva’s microservice backend architecture with our logging framework. We chose CloudWatch because it has simplified the process to aggregate various types of logs streams from various AWS services, and reduced the overhead costs and complexity generally associated with logs management. CloudWatch also supports the ability to export certain logs via log streams which enabled us to set up an external automated log analysis pipeline, so it was a clear winner.”

Moe Abbas, Senior Security Software Engineer, Canva



MyTeam11 is a fantasy sports platform in India with over 10+ million users. With an increasing user base and traffic surge, MyTeam11 built an architecture on AWS that can scale and maintain high performance for an uninterrupted customer experience.

“We adopted AWS services to gain control of our infrastructure. Amazon CloudWatch tackles this issue head-on by providing detailed visibility into any issues in real time. By analyzing patterns and monitoring data closely, CloudWatch allows us to detect and avoid potential issues during crunch business time. With automated event-driven actions, like alerting and scaling, we have reduced detection time from days to mere minutes. And using Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights, we can identify the true pain points in the system and proactively solve for potential issues that become difficult to manage at scale. CloudWatch has ultimately allowed us to dynamically manage infrastructure resources, allowing us to increase our cost savings by 70% each month (web infrastructure alone).”

Nitish Kumar Bugalia, Head of Product and Strategy, MyTeam11



ProQuest empowers researchers and librarians around the world by providing access and navigation of more than 125 billion digital pages of scholarly content. The company has built a large-scale portfolio of assets, including content, technology and deep expertise. ProQuest’s Cloud Engineering team uses Amazon CloudWatch to gain observability of the organization’s AWS resources.

“We use CloudWatch to monitor and trigger automated audit checks of deployed resources. Each team has to manage its own AWS environment, and with CloudWatch, we can build specific guardrails around these accounts. Because we can also monitor for changes to tags and track the tag state on AWS resources, we have been able to increase our tag compliance by 50% helping with AWS cost reporting. With centralized governance and distributed operations, we have been able to dramatically lower costs and meet all requirements for IT compliance and audit readiness.”

Steve Ulicny, Director of Cloud Engineering, ProQuest

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf

Delivering the industry-leading security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service, Arctic Wolf Networks redefines the economics of cyber-security. Arctic Wolf uses AWS to provide comprehensive managed detection and response with 24x7 monitoring for vulnerability assessment and threat analysis. With Amazon CloudWatch, Arctic Wolf can centrally manage their AWS resources by collecting monitoring and operational data.

“We implemented CloudWatch because we needed a centralized service to store logs and pull metrics from the logs. For example, using Amazon CloudWatch Logs, we can alert on the number of log lines that match ‘error.’ In addition, Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights has dramatically simplified the process of searching large volumes of logs. We can now derive actionable insights from this data, allowing us to address operational issues and improve application performance across our organization. With this solution, our developers can devote more time to the Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-service.”

Michael Hart, Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Arctic Wolf Networks



Panasonic Avionics Corporation designs, engineers, sells, and installs customized in-flight entertainment and communications solutions to airlines globally. Using Amazon CloudWatch, Panasonic Avionics has found an easy way to collect metrics in AWS and on-premises.

"Amazon CloudWatch was a natural choice for us for monitoring our infrastructure on AWS and on premises. Our Application teams and developers now have a way to collect and access all performance and operational data via logs and metrics across all our accounts and regions from a single platform. This benefit has impacted their everyday lives, as they can now drive resiliency in the applications that we build to support our customers."

Anand Desikan, Director of Cloud and Data Services, Panasonic Avionics

Just Eat

Just Eat

Just Eat is a leading global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery, providing customers with an easy and secure way to order and pay for food from their Restaurant Partners. The company is headquartered in London, and operates in 13 countries in Europe, Oceania, Canada, and the Americas. Just Eat implemented Amazon CloudWatch and AWS CloudFormation to reduce the mean time of deployment for code changes in their applications, to allow multiple teams to deploy AWS accounts in a repeatable way, and to save Amazon EC2 costs.

"We use CloudWatch to create alerts for Amazon Simple Queue Service and for scaling actions for EC2 Auto Scaling Groups. These insights inform our scaling decisions, allowing us to get the most efficient usage out of our AWS compute resources without impacting our customers’ experience. With CloudFormation, we can deploy logical stacks for our AWS resources used by our customer-facing applications, which provides us with repeatable and consistent deployments across AWS accounts. As a result, we have an easy way to compose application stacks using configuration-as-code, rather than relying on error-prone manual configuration that can be inconsistent." 

Mastin Costello, Senior Engineer, Just Eat

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