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Freshop’s web platform helps grocers get online and grow their business. 

"Our business is accelerating and we needed a fully-managed database service that can quickly scale to meet our rapidly growing needs. We migrated our grocery e-commerce backend services to Amazon DocumentDB using the AWS Database Migration Service, and the entire migration took us less than a week. Best of all, DocumentDB just worked without any changes to our codebase. Our engineering teams now spend less time on operations like backup scripts, scale testing, and managing high availability and instead are able to focus on developing new capabilities for our customers."

Sundar Rajavelu, Director of Engineering - Freshop


Enkidoo provides inventory optimization solutions that enable independent retailers and distributors to automate and optimize their procurement process (demand forecasting, optimal purchase orders, business analytics) via a distinctive conversational user experience.

“Given the nature of retail, Enkidoo stores sensitive information. Amazon DocumentDB’s built-in security and compliance capabilities such as integration with Amazon VPC, encryption-at-rest, and PCI DSS compliance makes it easy for us to secure our customer data. With DocumentDB’s decoupling of storage and compute, we can scale our database infrastructure to accommodate growing data sets without having to change our instances. DocumentDB’s flexibility is a big win for us as it not only lowers our cost structure but also gives our developers more time to build differentiating features versus focusing on ops. Getting started with DocumentDB was also simple and we migrated our application in a couple of days without needing to make any meaningful code changes. Everything just worked.”

Alexandre Vincart-Emard, Chief Technology Officer - Enkidoo

“Woot! replaced our aging, self-managed, and operational nightmare product catalog database running on MongoDB 2.2 with Amazon DocumentDB. With only minimal changes, we were able to able to upgrade our driver and complete our full production migration in three weeks. In doing so, we cut our infrastructure costs for the database by 82%, including licensing costs. With Amazon DocumentDB, we’ve seen improved latency and scalability, and now have a safer backup solution and can perform point-in-time recovery to any second during a 35-day window. With AWS service integrations and improved scaling, we’re now able to stand up new features faster which enables us to innovate faster on behalf of our customers. We are thrilled to be out of the business of managing our own MongoDB database.”

Sam Giagtzoglou, Software Development Engineer – Woot!

"Adopting Amazon DocumentDB is a game-changer because we offload management, security, and backup of our MongoDB databases to AWS. With Amazon DocumentDB, we can add or scale instances in minutes, regardless of data size. Further, we get automatic backups and point-in-time restore capabilities, which far exceed other managed DB services at less cost. If you multiply those productivity gains across the organization, it’s huge. By moving much of the operational overhead to AWS, and eliminating the need to manage our MongoDB databases, Amazon DocumentDB frees up funds for innovation.”

Dylan Stamat, CEO -

Capital One
"Our developers love the document model as it enables them to move fast and iterate quickly when building applications. Amazon DocumentDB integrates deeply with AWS services and has the potential to provide us with a robust, highly scalable, and cost effective database service. With Amazon DocumentDB, our developers will be able to move faster and focus more on innovating on behalf of our customers versus managing a database." 

Sunjay Pandey, Vice President - Capital One

Dow Jones
“Dow Jones uses a number of specialized databases including MongoDB to provide a variety of services for our customers. We are excited about collaborating with AWS around Amazon DocumentDB, which meets key needs we expressed to AWS in order to simplify our operations and free up our developers to invest in innovative experiences for our customers rather than undifferentiated operations."

Ramin Beheshti, Chief Product & Technology Officer - Dow Jones

The Washington Post
"To provide our readers with the best possible experience, the Washington Post engineering team leverages AWS database services because they offer self-service provisioning without compromising operational excellence. From automated backup to multi-AZ failover, Amazon DocumentDB provides all the key features we need to build the world class systems that power both our Arc Publishing business and our machine learning platform. Document databases support the unstructured data that is prevalent in media, and with Amazon DocumentDB, we can now leverage AWS for all our critical database needs." 

Patrick Cullen, Director of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - The Washington Post

"At Hudl, we utilize a significant amount of AWS services, as we're always looking for opportunities to get out of the business of managing our own infrastructure. Our developers love the MongoDB API and document model. We're very excited about the launch of Amazon DocumentDB, as it fits perfectly into our short-term and long-term architectural plans. Amazon DocumentDB has the capabilities we're looking for, and it's great to see AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) support from day one." 

Brian Kaiser, CTO - Hudl
“For our use case, we have complex documents that require nested indexes, ad hoc queries, and aggregations. While we could have chosen any database, we chose Amazon DocumentDB as the document model was a perfect match. Having a fully managed document database was a major game changer for our team. We did not need to invest deeply in additional operational resource or have to fit our use case into a different data model. In choosing Amazon DocumentDB, we have empowered our entire development team to become more agile and productive. Simply put, we would never have had the resources available to implement and maintain our own database infrastructure while maintaining our other products.”

Jason Neal, Software Development  -

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