AWS IoT Greengrass

Build intelligent IoT devices faster

Build faster using pre-built or custom modular components, which you can easily add or remove to control your device software footprint.

Deploy and manage device software and configuration remotely and at scale without firmware updates.

Bring cloud processing and logic locally to edge devices and operate even with intermittent connection.

Program your devices to transmit only high-value data, making it easy to deliver rich insights at a lower cost.

How it works

  • Build, deploy, and manage device software
  • Greengrass How It Works

    AWS IoT Greengrass is an open-source edge runtime and cloud service for building, deploying, and managing device software.

  • IoT Greengrass device connectivity
  • Greengrass How It Works

    IoT devices can vary in size, ranging from smaller microcontroller-based devices to large appliances. AWS IoT Greengrass Core devices, AWS IoT Device SDK-enabled devices, and FreeRTOS devices can be configured to communicate with one another. If the AWS IoT Greengrass Core device loses connectivity to the cloud, connected devices can continue to communicate with each other over the local network.

  • Add features and connect to AWS services
  • Greengrass How It Works

    AWS IoT Greengrass provides pre-built components so you can easily extend edge device functionality without writing code. AWS IoT Greengrass components enable you to add features, and quickly connect to AWS services or third-party applications at the edge.

Use cases

Run at the edge

AWS IoT Greengrass makes it easy to bring intelligence to edge devices, such as for anomaly detection in precision agriculture or powering autonomous devices.

Manage apps

Deploy new or legacy apps across fleets using any language, packaging technology, or runtime.

Control fleets

Manage and operate device fleets in the field locally or remotely using MQTT or other protocols.


Process locally

Collect, aggregate, filter, and send data locally. Manage and control what data goes to the cloud for optimized analytics and storage.

How to get started

Find out how AWS IoT Greengrass works

Learn more about building, deploying, and managing device software.

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From development to enterprise-level programs, get the right support at the right time.

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The AWS Free Tier includes the first three AWS IoT Greengrass Core devices that connect during each month, free for one year.

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