Core Systems

Transaction processing systems for banking/mortgage/payments, capital markets/brokerage/asset management, or the property & casualty insurance industry. Examples include core banking systems, core trading systems, core insurance systems, trade processing systems, and reconciliation systems.


Avoka Transact

Avoka Transact creates frictionless sales transactions for banks, insurers and wealth managers. It speeds time-to-market, drives customer acquisition, and reduces abandonment for experiences such as digital account opening and customer onboarding.

Avoka Transact is a digital business platform, designed to simplify the process of designing, deploying and maintaining digital sales for financial institutions. Avoka delivers a best in class digital sales experience, on the AWS cloud.

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Behalf Payment Solutions

Behalf Payment Solutions allows B2B sellers to get paid upfront and offers customers the payment terms they need.

Behalf is a cash flow platform that facilitates payments between B2B buyers and sellers. It enables sellers to increase revenues, reduce risk, increase AOV, and get paid faster. Customers benefit from access to no-fee net terms or extended financing, giving them buying power.

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Bloomberg | B-PIPE

Bloomberg supports customers with flexible delivery options and efficient access to data.

With B-PIPE’s fully managed service available on the cloud, clients can simultaneously stream data for 35 million instruments across all asset classes, including data aggregated from more than 330 exchanges and over 5,000 contributors.

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Calypso Technology is a leading provider of cross-asset front-to-back solutions for financial markets. It provides customers with a single platform for consolidation, innovation and growth, bringing simplicity to complex business challenges.

Calypso develops solutions for capital markets, investment management, clearing, collateral, risk management, and treasury/liquidity. Clients benefit from greater efficiency, faster regulatory compliance, improved scalability, and faster time to market. 

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Corezoid provides a platform as a service process engine that enables companies to build agile business processes triggered by real time events.

Corezoid is a tool to create a Digital core - that’s processes moved to the cloud. It’s a turnkey, plug-and-play solution for a digital core that fits any size of company in any industry. Corezoid is a breakthrough, transformative technology.

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Davinci | CLOSE

Davinci is an experienced software provider and ICT consultant with a clear focus on loans and mortgages.

Davinci holds expertise in automation of the entire life cycle of a loan including origination, servicing and recovery services. Close Suite is an advanced mid and back office solution that will allow your organization to conduct the whole lending process digitally.

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eBao Cloud

eBaoTech Corporation develops software and system products including life insurance core systems, property insurance core systems, group life insurance systems, and other products. 

eBao Cloud is a family of products based on 4G insurance technologies (cloud native and microservices architecture based). eBaoCloud is an enablement and connectivity platform for insurance carriers and traditional channels with current offerings including both PaaS (API) and SaaS (APP).

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EIS Core Insurance Suite

Inherently customer-centered, the fully integrated EIS Core Insurance Suite on AWS delivers unparalleled visibility and business agility to empower insurers to confidently and profitably adapt, innovate, and grow their businesses today… and tomorrow.

Our mission is to deliver core insurance solutions faster with less risk that provide long-term, sustainable value for our clients. We do so by combining superior software with skilled talent, industry best practices, and the power of the cloud.

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FAST 4Ward Insurance

FAST 4Ward Insurance

FAST takes the risk out of implementations to achieve true business agility at a far lower cost.

FAST 4Ward Insurance is a series of components to support core processes across new business, underwriting, policy administration, claims and distribution management. It is designed to help insurers be relevant in the digital world while achieving business agility.

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FINEOS Corporation | FINEOS AdminSuite

FINEOS AdminSuite can be rapidly deployed on AWS.

Legacy insurance core systems utilized a “one size fits all” business technology approach that no longer fits the needs of an agile business. Today, consumers, employers and brokers have access to powerful, SaaS computing platforms and software tools.

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Guidewire | InsuranceSuite™

Guidewire exists to deliver the software that P/C insurers need to adapt and succeed in a time of rapid industry change, and to ensure that every customer succeeds in the journey.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ provides transactional systems of record supporting the entire insurance lifecycle. Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ is a proven solution that promotes optimized insurance operations through insights derived from an engaged global customer community.

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Guidewire | InsuranceNow™

Guidewire InsuranceNow™ is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution that supports the P&C insurance lifecycle.

Its integrated design, out-of-the-box functionality, and guided approach enable rapid implementation and quick upgrades. Cloud-based delivery and ongoing operational support provide insurers the freedom to focus on innovation and respond rapidly to market demands. InsuranceNow provides: Policy Admin, Claims, Billing, Reinsurance, Payables, Documents, Producers, Rating & Rules, Commissions, PowerTools, Data Insights and Reporting, API Gateway, Service Portal, Agent Portal, and Cloud Services.

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Insurity | ClaimsXPress

ClaimsXPress is an innovative, award-winning claims administration system.

ClaimsXPress' powerful platform enables efficient claims handling while enabling streamlined and consistent customer service. ClaimsXPress is built on a web based, enterprise grade platform and is designed for superior speed, scalability, and performance.

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Intellect FABRIC | InsurTech Platform

Intellect FABRIC is proven to redefine insurance with assured outcome and 10x increase in productivity.

Intellect FABRIC, InsurTech Machine Learning Platform, helps insurers improve profitability and enhances customer experience with Cloud Native products. Intellect FABRIC offers Distribution Services Suite for complete digital transformation; Life Claims providing Claims Processing for LAH Insurers; and Risk Analyst and Xponent providing AI powered underwriting solution for commercial lines.

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An alternative to legacy core banking software, Mambu accelerates time to market for new consumer & SME banking products via innovative channels.

Mambu enables banking providers to rapidly create, launch and service loan and deposit products through its SaaS cloud banking platform.

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Modo Payments

Modo is a bank-grade, fintech-as-a-service platform.

Modo is a payments platform building flexible payments stacks for enterprises. With one connection to Modo’s Checkout API, customers gain access to all the payment service providers, payment networks, and local payment methods. Modo’s value doesn’t end at connections, Modo adds in streamlined settlement, reconciliation, reporting, and insights to payment operations. Modo powers use-cases for global financial services firms, top tier merchants, and some of the largest FinTech companies across use-cases for disbursements (Payouts), invoicing and A/R (Payins), and e-commerce (Checkouts).

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Moven is changing the way consumers think about their bank account. While in the US we are a neobank driving constant innovation, Moven Enterprise enables banks to leverage the Moven platform to acquire, engage, and grow a thriving customer base.

Moven is a mobile engagement platform that brings value to customers while driving positive, measurable business outcomes for banks. We transform customer financial data into digital experiences and insights that inspire people to take action.

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Nucleus | FinnOne Neo

Nucleus Software is a leading provider of mission critical lending and transaction banking products.

Nucleus Software’s FinnOne Neo Cloud is a next-generation lending solution which helps digitize the complete loan life cycle.

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Simplex | SimplexFX

Simplex provides solutions for financial institutions for the purpose of maximizing their profitability, integrating advanced financial technology, extensive knowledge of financial businesses and leading IT technology.

Simplex provides next-generation platform on AWS, covering front-office trading and risk management applications, middle and back-office applications, as well as regulatory capital management applications.

SimplexFX is a high-speed FX platform with cutting edge dealing engine for maximized profitability.

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Risk Management

Solutions that are helping financial institutions identify, model, and assess risk, ensure monitoring & compliance with the industry regulations, or help in surveillance or fraud monitoring. Examples include companies in the market risk, credit risk, regulatory risk, compliance risk, fraud & cybersecurity, and operational risk.

Behavox Platform

Behavox Platform

AI-driven platform that transforms behavior in the financial workplace.

Behavox is a behavioral operating system powered by AI that understands, learns, and transforms behavior and conduct within the workplace to build more successful organizations. Behavox Compliance is a holistic surveillance system for addressing regulatory compliance at the financial institutions.

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Solve financial analytic business problems with DataRobot.

DataRobot’s Automated Machine Learning platform empowers existing business teams to solve analytic problems rapidly. From prospecting new corporate customers to more nimble model risk management, the banks that leverage automated machine learning will be the ones that survive the Fintech invasion.

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Domino Data Lab

Cloud based data science for acceleration, collaboration, and compliance.

Domino is a platform that enables quantitative researchers and finance data scientists to manage research, run more experiments, and build institutional knowledge. Our asset management and hedge fund customers report running 5-10x more experiments with Domino.

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FICO | Customer Communication Services

Flexible, resilient, modern application architecture, rapid deployment and global availability.

People prefer to communicate in a variety of channels and increasingly on their mobile devices. FICO enables businesses to do so in an intelligent, data-driven manner using cutting-edge decision technology to shape the most effective customer connection strategies.

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FIC TONEBELLER is flexible, cloud-enabled, cost-effective, global compliance, and extensible.

FICO TONBELLER’s Anti-Financial Crime Solutions allow organizations to achieve compliance with local regulatory requirements quickly and cost-effectively. The platform supports AML (Anti-Money Laundering), KYC (Know Your Customer), Embargo, FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) among other compliance requirements and is backed by FICO’s market-leading big data Analytics solutions. The cloud solution accelerates the customer’s path to compliance on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis and allows the customer to stay abreast of regulatory changes.

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FICO | Decision Management Suite (DMS)

The FICO® Decision Management Suite 2.0 provides an easy way for customers to evaluate, customize, deploy and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions.

DMS allows customers to quickly integrate FICO and FICO partner decision management tools and components with their own components, helping organizations of all sizes realize the promise of advanced analytics and decision management via cost effective, scalable cloud and on-premises solutions.

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FIS | Prophet

DataRobot for AWS offers an enterprise machine learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to make better predictions faster. Companies of all sizes can deploy and scale DataRobot Cloud on AWS or on their Amazon VPC.

DataRobot captures the knowledge, experience, and best practices of the world's leading data scientists, delivering unmatched levels of automation and ease-of-use for machine learning initiatives. DataRobot enables users to build and deploy highly accurate ML models in a fraction of the time.

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KSF Global Services | ARKIVY

Arkivy archives data, audits its flow into and out of the archive and provides export, monitoring and surveillance tools for archived data.

As a record-keeping operations system with a centralized archive, Arkivy provides organizations compliant storage with advanced monitoring, oversight and data governance tools. Arkivy lowers the entry barrier for financials that need to implement a strategic record-keeping program that is reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

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Moody's Analytics

Moody’s Analytics | Transactional Reporting Solution

Moody’s Analytics Transactional Reporting Solution allows banks in the Eurozone to submit AnaCredit Reports in compliance with the European Central Bank (ECB) and the National Central Banks (NCBs) requirements. Additionally, the solution addresses the Securities Holding Statistic (SHS), De Nederlandsche Bank's Commercial Real Estate (CRE), and Residential Real Estate (RRE) requirements.

This SaaS solution helps banks manage large volumes of data in a cost effective manner, thanks to the elasticity of the cloud. Moody’s Analytics Transactional Reporting Solution is flexible to help banks adapt quickly to regulatory requirements which are still evolving. Moreover, Moody’s Analytics ensures a high level of availability of service, security, and data protection, aligned with the latest EBA recommendations on outsourcing.

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NICE Actimize | AML Essentials

Essential AML coverage includes Transaction Monitoring, Customer Due Diligence, and Sanctions Screening. AML Essentials offers rapid deployment and reduces overhead to make compliance easier and at a lower total cost of ownership.

Actimize AML Essentials, a cloud based offering, built upon our proven, industry leading, end-to-end anti-money laundering solutions platform, is designed specifically to address the challenges of regional and community financial institutions.

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AON-Pathwise Logo_600x400


PathWise® is a cloud-enabled, scalable, High Performance Computing enterprise risk solution.

PathWise® allows businesses to model assets, liabilities, and economic scenarios for valuation, financial reporting, risk management, new product development, and hedging activities. The run-times of complex risk and capital calculations are reduced from days to only a few hours.

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Vermeg | COLLINE

Collateral Management Solutions from Vermeg deliver regulation compliance.

Vermeg's COLLINE is a web-based solution that supports all regulatory and strategic collateral management needs anywhere the business operates. At the heart of the system is a powerful, configurable enterprise inventory manager that interfaces with the client’s existing systems.

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Workiva | Wdesk

Save time, reduce risk, and streamline your compliance process. Wdesk enhances communication, transparency, and accountability across SOX, audit, and risk teams.

Connect people, numbers, and narrative in new and powerful ways. Go beyond the desktop, and leverage the Wdesk cloud platform for your most important and sophisticated reporting needs.

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Data Management

Platforms providing market and reference data or data processing, pricing or financial analytics solutions.

BMLL Technologies

BMLL Technologies

BMLL provides a platform where research scientists can immediately lever their statistical skills to quickly and efficiently investigate the problems their organization faces. Specializing in the limit order book data set, BMLL hosts historical data for all global liquid electronically traded securities.

BMLL Technologies provides a data science platform offering users access to deepest granularity level 3 limit order book data, unlimited AWS compute power and a wide range of machine learning tool kits on a pay as you go rental model. Use cases include TCA and best execution, slippage and market analysis, signal processing, order imbalance analysis, algo back-testing, academic research and compliance testing.

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Collibra | Governance and Catalog Solution

Collibra helps customers navigate GDPR, BCBS 239, CCAR, and Solvency II Compliance.

Collibra delivers a complete data governance platform that helps financial services institutions cost effectively address regulatory compliance and remain compliant over the long-term, even as they migrate to the cloud.

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Figure Eight

Figure Eight

We provide a wide array of financial institutions with the scalability and security they require for their unique data needs.

EDM acquires, validates and distributes trade, operational, risk, finance and customer data. It creates a single version of the truth in a consistent, fully audited environment. Customers benefit from control, ongoing compliance and transparent data.We provide a wide array of financial institutions with the scalability and security they require for their unique data needs.

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Markit Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Markit EDM's managed services offering is a flexible data management platform hosted on AWS. It supports data governance, data quality, data transparency, data integration and data dissemination.

EDM acquires, validates and distributes trade, operational, risk, finance and customer data. It creates a single version of the truth in a consistent, fully audited environment. Customers benefit from control, ongoing compliance and transparent data.

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Refinitiv | Thomson Reuters Elektron Real-time Data in Cloud

Access Refinitiv’s market leading quote-conflated real-time data service in the cloud.

Enhancement to Elektron Data Platform makes all real-time pricing data more easily accessible via a cloud API, including over 70 million instruments from over 500 global exchanges and thousands of OTC markets.

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Symphony on AWS provides one of the best solutions for asset management firms of any size looking to use real-time digital collaboration to transform how work gets done, without compromising security.

Symphony is a cloud-based collaboration platform secured with customer-owned encryption keys that also provides contextual content from multiple sources such as apps, wall posts, files and news feeds. A complete platform with all of the modern communication features users have come to expect—chat, images, files, voice, video, and screen sharing in an easy-to-use and elegant experience.

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TickSmith | TickVault

TickVault is a big data platform for recording, storing, transforming, analyzing and delivering structured and unstructured financial data such as trade & quote history, news and events, research, corporate actions and more.

TickSmith specializes in Big Data technology and has built a next generation data lake platform to solve the pains of Capital Markets. The platform, TickVault, is used for data centralization, distribution, market surveillance, risk management, and advanced analytics. TickVault is ideal for data producers as it creates historical data marketplaces by extracting value from data and is easily accessible to customers. TickVault is also ideal for data consumers to centralize terabytes and petabytes of data received from exchanges, data vendors, alternative data providers, trading systems, event feeds, and more.

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Xignite | Market Data Cloud Platform

Achieve Transparency. Track, Optimize and Allocate Usage.

Xignite’s cloud-based solutions free our clients from the constraints of hardware and software so they can create innovative financial services products that touch millions of users and devices.

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Consulting Partners

Industry-leading Consulting Partners with solutions for banking and payments, capital markets, and insurance.


2nd Watch

2nd Watch solutions ensure compliance and security like Sarbanes Oxley, PII and PCI requirements. Our data protection services safeguard your data at rest and in transit, so you can spend more time improving customer satisfaction.

2nd Watch helps financial and banking institutions reduce cost and rapidly validate economic conditions with solutions for Batch Computing, HPC and Big Data. Our solutions ensure compliance and security like Sarbanes Oxley, PII and PCI requirements.

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Accenture’s years of experience and collaboration with AWS to simplify migration at scale through assets optimization and factory models.

The Accenture Cloud Transformation Services for AWS offering helps clients accelerate the journey to cloud, plan and architect a strategy, execute on cloud migration at scale, accelerating the creation of new business value via rapid cloud-native application development.

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Applied Cloud Computing

Applied Cloud Computing (ACC) has deep expertise in driving cloud adoption for Financial Services organizations including the largest Indian banks, insurance firms, investment services providers, and Fin-Tech companies.

The ACC Dev-Ops team helps adopt Enterprise DevOps for banking customers, ensuring control and security. ACC HUB PAY is a fully customizable solution which provides user portals, origination, servicing, collections, and automation of the entire lending lifecycle.


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BlazeClan Technologies

Having enabled many BFSI organizations move to the cloud, BlazeClan has the expertise, cognizance and resources to deliver innovative solutions that meet the compliance requirements of the sector.

Our customers from the financial services community leverage our cloud services for redefining their legacy applications, transforming their core-business, migrating mission critical-workloads, and creating enterprise agility and customer-centricity.


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CAC Corporation

Based in Japan, CAC Corporation provides a wide range of consulting services for financial industry customers and offers over 50 years of experience in the industry.

With highly specialized and deep business knowledge, CAC contributes to improving the corporate value for customers by providing solutions suitable for banking, securities, insurance, pension, and other business needs.

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Capgemini’s global team of 45,000 financial services professionals provide services to top financial institutions around the world.

Serving two thirds of the world’s largest financial services institutions, Capgemini Financial Services Unit helps banks, capital markets firms, and insurers meet industry disruptions with innovative business and IT solutions that create value.

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Contino focuses on helping large Financial Services clients adopt Enterprise DevOps on an AWS.  

Contino's proposition suits regulated organisations looking to accelerate software and technology delivery in a controlled & compliant manner. Contino's expertise exists in areas such as trading systems, retail banking, grid computing, open banking and insurance.

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Cloudreach Financial Services Solution

Cloudreach helps global financial services institutions adopt AWS, with the appropriate governance, compliance, and security. On several projects, Cloudreach has pioneered how stringent regulation standards are adhered to in the public cloud.

Cloudreach enables institutions to innovate to meet their customers' evolving needs, while integrating with existing key processes and systems. We combine our experts and industry best practices to help companies run workloads in AWS securely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Cognizant develops and supports both the operations and the applications of many of the largest financial services firms in the world.

Cognizant both migrates and transforms applications with clear understanding of the regulatory and security requirements faced by Financial Services firms. In addition, their digital practice improves the way these firms service their customers.

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Deloitte and AWS together help convey an improved approach, enhancing the company's vision and business strategy. Deloitte and AWS help organizations solve problems, reduce costs, and realize value.

In addition to developing people and enhancing services and networks, Deloitte’s Global FSI strategies are focused on digital transformation and innovation, business model transformation, managed services, future of risk, cyber and audit.


HPE Cloud Adoption Program for Financial Services

Strengthened by Cloud Technology Partners and its 600+ successful cloud engagements, HPE has deep experience helping financial institutions, including the largest global banks, leverage AWS to drive innovation and reduce costs and time to market.

HPE's cloud adoption program for financial services brings together leading technologies, implementation services, and proven methodologies to accelerate AWS adoption. Working with the world’s leading financial firms, HPE provides a safe and secure path for end-to-end cloud adoption.

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Hitachi Vantara Application Modernization Services

Hitachi Vantara has demonstrated success to deliver secure and innovative solutions, automation, elasticity, cost savings, and peace of mind to financial services customers.

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Inawisdom's Rapid Analytics & Machine Learning Platform helps Financial Services organizations quickly ingest and analyse vast amounts of data in a secure, robust, and scalable environment.

Inawisdom helps Financial Services organizations exploit every aspect of their data using AI and ML. Inawisdom delivers the expertise, tools, and services to transform how businesses integrate data driven techniques into their processes and operations to deliver measurable business outcomes.

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Service Automation and security centric approach to migrate and manage application lifecycle management in the AWS cloud.

Infosys' holistic approach ensures that security controls and automation are seamless embedded during migration to meet the compliance requirement from day 1.

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As a specialist in the financial services arena and a wealth of experience across PCI-DSS and APRA guidelines, Itoc delivers solutions aligned to AWS security and financial services best practices.

At Itoc, we believe disruption is inevitable. Our purpose is to address our customers biggest challenges and create new opportunities through disruptive thinking and technologies.

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Megazone’s staff has clear understanding of the regulations and security requirements in the Korean market along with extensive expertise and knowledge in cloud business.
Utilizing several AWS Financial Services solutions e.g. HPC and BlockChain, Megazone can help financial organizations migrate their sites to AWS based on its expertise in cloud business, and it will eventually reduce their operational expense while increasing work efficiency.

Nomura Research Institute

NRI Financial Solutions provides system solutions and consulting services for broker-dealers, asset managers, banks and insurance providers.

NRI has a deep understanding of the operational issues financial services firms face and provides innovative and research driven solutions to ensure success.

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Nordcloud provides FSI sector clients with a proven cloud journey from governance, security, and risk to automated deployments.

Nordcloud helps build an FSI optimized AWS cloud operating model that achieves agile software delivery while maintaining effective GRC operations. To comply with regulations, Nordcloud enables scalable AWS account vending and AWS security policy automation, and offers an AWS native SOC for FSI clients.

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Powerupcloud Technologies

Powerupcloud is a Premier Consulting Partner with AWS and helps large customers migrate their applications to cloud or optimize their cloud setup.

A Devops Competency Partner and a Data & Analytics Competency Partner, Powerupcloud is the partner of choice for large enterprises around the globe when it comes to cloud, big data and artificial intelligence solutions.



PwC Financial Services Cloud

PwC’s Financial Services AWS capabilities focuses on the future of FS, working with clients as they shape their businesses and execute their cloud strategies.

Through our deep experience we are able to advise on key issues such as the impact of risk and regulation, financial crime, innovations in mobile and digital technologies, the disruptive impact of FinTech, as well as the changing face of the customer.

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Procloud-Nanjing Phiyun logo_600x400

Nanjing ProClouds Information Technology Co., Ltd

Full framework application-oriented IT services.

Nanjing Phiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. helps users to establish a large-scale operation and maintenance data system, the ability to analyze the capacity, availability, performance and continuity of the application, and provide a complete data support system for IT decision-making.

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Led by AWS-Certified professionals, we remove the complexity of architecting, hosting and managing financial services operations on AWS.

Companies providing financial services for individual consumers, corporate entities, or both, are not only subject to regulatory compliance, but also frequent targets of cyberattack. In adhering to compliance regulations, companies must be able to secure, and audit access to sensitive information. Additionally, cloud adoption often includes securely joining an existing WAN topology for shared access of physically secured centralized systems. At Rackspace, industry best practices, and expert knowledge are combined to help companies that operate in the financial services industry securely transform IT operations to run workloads in AWS, while ensuring they remain in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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Saltware is here to help you with your professional needs to adopt cloud with specialized experts and services for financial services and fintech industries. 

Our team of specialists can show you how to adopt public cloud efficiently.

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Slalom can help you solve your most imperative industry-specific business problems across a number of disciplines.

Slalom's team of passionate thought leaders offer a combination of industry and consulting experience in the banking, payments, insurance, and capital markets segments.

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Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria delivers ground-breaking ‘digital-at-scale’ systems integration and solutions across the Financial Services sector from Tier 1 organisations to new entrants, challenger institutions and the largest regulator in Europe.

Sopra Steria’s Financial Services Cloud Practice underpins its ‘digital at scale’ services, transforming digital adoption for its clients based upon AWS technologies integrated into a global delivery model for Cloud and Cyber services.

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Sourced Group

Sourced Group provides large-scale Enterprise Cloud Transformation.

An AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Sourced’s strengths include a strong body of work across a CCoE advisory, DevOps enablement, workload migration, and data intelligence.

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Stelligent works with large Financial Services Enterprises to incorporate complete automation to both the enterprises software delivery process and its infrastructure.

Stelligent and AWS frequently work together with many large financial services enterprises to help incorporate their capabilities securely on the AWS Cloud. From security of the source code used to trigger builds, to the insertion of strict business controls at run time, and out to the continuous inspection of the running infrastructure to ensure compliance, we are helping to build capabilities that are enabling them to run their business faster and safer on AWS.

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Synthesis Software Technologies

Synthesis is a specialized technology consulting and software development business with specific expertise in cloud services. Synthesis clients include blue chip financial organizations.

As Amazon Web Services (AWS) first Advanced Consulting Partner in Africa, Synthesis is focused on building advanced cloud architecture for customers delivering cost efficient, web-scale and highly available services with global reach.

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TIS Inc.

System development for the financial sector represents a large portion of TIS Intec Group's TIS Co., Ltd.'s rich and varied track record. In developing systems, they are entrusted with clients’ valuable assets, a responsibility that demands we provide IT services of high reliability and high quality.

TIS Intec Group's TIS Co., Ltd. supports the full-scale use and large-scale development of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the financial industry. System development for the financial sector represents a large portion of their vast track record.

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Virtusa Corporation

Virtusa’s AWS Financial Services Practice brings over 25 years of financial services domain and engineering expertise to the AWS Cloud.

Virtusa supports numerous Financial Services clients as they adopt AWS on a global scale. Virtusa helps their customers handle a competitive landscape that is undergoing rapid change due to increasing regulations and technological innovation.

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As a partner to 9 of the top 25 global banks, WIPRO helps you usher in transformation for a digital world with solutions that Improve business processes, Increase operational efficiency and Reduce risk and total cost of ownership.

ReconX is a highly configurable SaaS based reconciliation solution that is available via AWS or private cloud. It handles all reconciliation types in an automated manner with trend and risk analysis, data enhancement and seamless Transactional flow.

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