Amazon Redshift free trial

Try Amazon Redshift for two months, free!

If your organization has never created an Amazon Redshift cluster, you’re eligible for a two month free trial of our DC2.Large node.

Your organization gets 750 hours per month for free, enough hours to continuously run one DC2.Large node with 160GB of compressed SSD storage. Once your two month free trial expires or your usage exceeds 750 hours per month, you can shut down your cluster to avoid any charges, or keep it running at our standard On-Demand Rate.

To start your free trial:

1. Create an AWS account and sign in to the Amazon Redshift Console

2. Under "What are you planning to use this cluster for?" select 'Free Trial

You can also visit our Partners page to explore free trials offered by our APN Partners.

Amazon Redshift free trial FAQs

Who is eligible for the free trial?
You are eligible for the free trial if your organization has not created an Amazon Redshift cluster since July 1st, 2014. The Amazon Redshift free trial program is not part of the AWS Free Tier. Your eligibility for each program is determined independently.

Which Amazon Redshift node types can I use for my free trial?
The Amazon Redshift free trial is limited to the DC2.Large node type. Dense Compute node types (DC) enable you to create very high performance data warehouses using fast CPUs, large amounts of RAM and solid-state disks (SSDs). DC2.Large features 16 GB RAM, 2 Cores, 160 GB compressed SSD storage. If you choose to use other node types, you will be charged the standard On-Demand Rate.

How long is the trial? How many free trial hours do I get?
For two months after your trial starts, your organization will receive 750 free hours per month to share across all running DC2.Large nodes in all regions. If you are running multiple DC2.Large nodes or multiple DC2.Large clusters, you may exceed 750 hours of usage in one month. Usage in excess of 750 hours will be billed at the standard On-Demand Rate.

How do I start the free trial?
You will automatically be subscribed to the trial as soon as you create your first Amazon Redshift cluster. You will use a trial hour for each hour your cluster is running. To stop using trial hours, create a snapshot to restore later, and delete your cluster.

What happens if I don't start my trial at the beginning of the month?
Regardless of when you start your trial, you will receive 750 free hours per month for two full months.

How do I make sure I’m not being charged?
You can view your Amazon Redshift charges or download a usage report by going to the billing dashboard in the AWS Console. If you have questions about eligibility, or if you have never created an Amazon Redshift cluster since July 1st 2014 but fail to receive free trial hours, please contact AWS Support.

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