AWS IoT Analytics is a fully-managed IoT analytics service that collects, pre-processes, enriches, stores, and analyzes IoT device data at scale. Customers can also bring their own custom analysis packaged in a container to execute on AWS IoT Analytics.

With AWS IoT Analytics, you pay only for what you use. You are billed separately for data processing, data storage, query execution and custom analysis execution. This approach delivers low costs across a wide range of workloads. You only pay for the specific AWS IoT Analytics components you use.

Estimate your monthly bill using the AWS IoT Analytics Calculator.

Pricing at a Glance

For all AWS Regions where AWS IoT Analytics is available:

Data Processing

With AWS IoT Analytics, you process data through defining pipelines. These pipelines allow you to filter, transform, and enrich IoT data to get it ready for analysis. You are charged on the amount of data processed in gigabytes (GB). All data is metered to the MB and all queries are assessed at a minimum of 10MB.

  • $0.20 per GB of data processed

Data Storage

AWS IoT Analytics provides two forms of data storage:

  1. Processed Data (stored in an optimized, time series data store to enable highly performant queries): $0.03 per GB of processed data stored per month
  2. Raw Data: stored in Amazon S3 and charged at standard S3 rates (please see the Amazon S3 Pricing page).

Query Execution

AWS IoT Analytics lets you analyze your processed data using standard SQL queries. You are charged for query execution based on the amount of data scanned by each query in terabytes (TB). Additional charges apply if you use other AWS services.

  • $6.50 per TB of data scanned

Custom Analysis Execution

AWS IoT Analytics lets you execute your own analysis code in a container using Analytics Compute Unit (ACU). A single Analytics Compute Unit (ACU) provides 4 vCPU and 16 GB of memory. You are billed in increments of 1 second and charged an hourly rate based on the number of Analytics Compute Units (ACUs) used for executing your custom analysis code.

  • $0.36 per ACU-Hour, billed per second

AWS IoT Analytics also provides free EBS storage up to 40 GB per analysis to temporarily store your analysis container during execution. If more EBS storage is required, please contact us.

Free Tier

The AWS Free Tier offers the following monthly usage levels for AWS IoT Analytics at no charge for the first 12 months that you are an AWS customer:

  • 100 MB of data processed in Pipelines
  • 10 GB of Processed Data Storage
  • 10 GB of Raw Data Storage
  • 10 GB of data scanned for Query Execution

Usage beyond these levels is billed at the published rates.

Pricing Example


You have 1,000 devices that each generate 10 MB of data per month that you want to analyze. You first send this data into a Pipeline to filter outliers to prepare the data for analysis. Your costs are as follows:

  • Data processed in Pipeline per month (MB) = 1,000 devices X 10 MB per device per month = 10,000 MB per month
  • Data processed in Pipeline per month (GB) = 10,000 MB per month ÷ 1,024 MB per GB = 9.8 GB per month
  • Monthly Charges = 9.8 GB per month X $0.20 per GB = $1.96 per month

Data Storage

After processing your 9.8 GB of data in a Pipeline, you store it for later analysis. Your cost for Processed Data Storage is as follows:

  • Data Stored = 9.8 GB of processed data = 9.8 GB
  • Monthly Charges = 9.8 GB X $0.03 per GB per month = $0.29 per month

AWS IoT Analytics also stores your raw IoT data by default so that it can easily be re-processed in a Pipeline. Your cost for Raw Data Storage is as follows:

  • Data Stored = 9.8 GB of raw data = 9.8 GB
  • Rate per GB per month = S3 Pricing = $0.023 per GB per month (US East)
  • Monthly Charges = 9.8 GB X $0.023 per GB per month= $0.225 per month

Query Execution

In order to analyze your data, you run one query which scans over the entire month of 9.8 GB processed data. Your costs are as follows:

  • Data scanned (GB) = 1 month of data scanned X 9.8 GB of data processed per month = 9.8 GB
  • Data scanned (TB) = 9.8 GB ÷ 1,024 GB per TB = 0.0096 TB
  • Monthly Charges = 0.0096 TB of data scanned X $6.50 per TB scanned = $0.062

Custom Analysis Execution

You schedule the execution of your custom analysis container to run once every day, where each execution takes 5 minutes to complete. Your compute costs are as follows:

  • Total Monthly Compute Time (in hours): (5 min per day X 30 days) ÷ 60 mins per hour = 2.5 Hours
  • Monthly Charges = $0.36 per hour X 2.5 hours = $0.90 per month

Total Monthly Charges

Your total monthly cost for AWS IoT Analytics is as follows:

  • Total Monthly Charges = $1.96 Pipelines Cost + $0.29 Processed Data Storage Cost + $0.225 Raw Data Storage Cost + $0.062 Query Execution Cost + $0.90 Custom Analysis Execution Cost = $3.437 per month

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