AWS IoT Core resources


Developer guide
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AWS CLI reference
AWS IoT CLI or  AWS IoT data  
Device Shadow REST API  
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API references
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Solutions Builder reference
AWS IoT case studies

AWS IoT presentations

IoT explained in plain english (59:37)
re:Invent 2017 IoT state of the union (1:05:22)
IoT building blocks: From the edge to the cloud (50:55)
Using AWS IoT for industrial applications (33:31)
What is AWS IoT? (10:08)
Learn how Pentair leverages AWS IoT (2:36)

AWS IoT blogs

No blog posts have been found at this time. Please see the AWS Blog for other resources. 

AWS IoT GitHub examples

Real-time chat application using AWS IoT platform via MQTT Link to GitHub
SDK for connecting to AWS IoT from a device using JavaScript/Node.js Link to GitHub
Examples using AWS IoT (Internet of Things)  
Link to GitHub

AWS IoT device SDKs

Simplify using AWS IoT Core with your devices and applications with an API tailored to your programming language or platform.

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