Building Resilience,

One Step at a Time

Learn how AWS teams foster and develop a culture of resilience

Resilient organizations can better withstand a crisis, recover from it more quickly, and often perform better than their competitors.

But building a truly resilient business is not easy to achieve.

At AWS, we know that in the real world, everything fails all the time. The goal is to prevent or minimize the impact of failures to the business and your customers. To do this, it can be helpful to think about your organization’s resilience journey as a sequence of four stepping stones:

  • Work backwards from the customer
  • Analyze the business with cross-functional teams
  • Learn from failures
  • Build a culture of resilience

Download the Building Resilience, One Step at a Time ebook to dive deeper into each step.

The right culture can ensure that resilience isn’t just a one-off initiative but an integral part of the organization."

—Nina Kurth, Global Executive Advisor, AWS Global Services

Nina Kurth

Nina Kurth
Global Executive Advisor, AWS Global Services

Nina has more than 20 years of experience in creating value at the intersection of business and technology around the world. She has managed global teams in driving business transformation through augmented intelligence, cloud, data and analytics, and digital transformation. In her current role as a strategic partner to Amazon’s most important customers, Nina advises C-level executives in digitalizing and transforming their businesses to capture new market opportunities and enable superior customer experiences.

How to Position Your Organization for the Future by Building a More Resilient Business

Join AWS Enterprise Strategists Tom Godden, Phil Le-Brun, and Miriam McLemore, as they discuss how to build an enterprise that can thrive in challenging seasons.

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