Migrate and Modernize on AWS

Migrate to AWS to drive innovation for your business
Accelerate your migration and modernization journey to the cloud with AWS. AWS offers a wide range of migration tools, guidance, services, and programs to help customers assess, migrate and modernize applications and data from building the business case to leveraging AWS services to deliver new experiences. Choose from our industry-leading free resources like assessments, AWS Professional Services, and more than 170 certified AWS Migration Competency Partners to guide your migration and modernization journey. Our approach to migrating and modernizing drives real and measurable outcomes for our customers across cost savings, staff productivity, operational resilience, and business agility.
Your applications need infrastructure that can scale with the demands of your business. Choose AWS to realize increased performance, security and reliability with the largest global infrastructure footprint.
Migrating to AWS opens opportunities for you to rethink how you build and deliver software. Leverage 200+ cloud native services from AWS to modernize your development, operations, applications, data and more.
Shifting your IT infrastructure and software licensing to AWS helps you break free from the upgrade and refresh cycle. Optimize and right-size licensing and infrastructure for your applications with AWS.
What you do with applications and data in the cloud is where digital transformation begins. Use industry-leading AI, data, and analytics from AWS to use your data to drive differentiation in your business
Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is Transforming Their Business (1:43)
Organizations who migrated to AWS from on premises saw:

up to 47%

infrastructure cost savings*


lower time to market for new features*


fewer security-related incidents*

up to 77%

reduction in licenses required **


increase in staff focus on innovation*

This whitepaper provides proven guidance for senior executives to simplify cloud migration and accelerate modernization in their business. Learn how to get started with moving to AWS, continuous modernization in AWS, and how to accelerate business value with AI.

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Cloud Migration Factory on AWS
Coordinate and automate manual processes for large-scale migrations with Cloud Migration Factory on AWS. This AWS Solution provides an orchestration platform for migrating workloads to AWS at scale, improving performance and preventing long cutover windows.


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Migrate to AWS and see business results faster

Start your AWS Migration Journey
Accelerate your move from an on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other public cloud to AWS and benefit from cost savings, productivity improvements, industry leading infrastructure scale and performance, business agility and operational resilience. Leverage the depth and breadth of AWS experience every step of the way to assess, mobilize, migrate and modernize your applications and data to gain business benefits faster.
Migrate and Transform Enterprise Applications

Migrate and transform the mission-critical applications that your business relies on every day from traditional software vendors like Microsoft, SAP, VMware and Oracle.  These systems are central to the products and experiences that you deliver and the decisions that you make every day. Leverage AWS proven experience, workload specific migration and infrastructure innovations and more than 170 certified AWS Migration Competency Partners to guide your enterprise workload migration and modernization journey. 

Modernize your Applications and Operations
Simplify and accelerate application refactoring and take full advantage of cloud-native features to improve agility, performance, and scalability. Work with AWS services, programs and partners to evolve your applications into microservices or extend existing applications with new features and accelerate product and feature releases. Upskill your IT and development teams to embrace DevOps and CloudOps services to drive operational efficiency and agility.
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Migrate to fully managed AWS databases

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