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2nd Watch

2nd Watch

2nd Watch provides high-quality professional services and managed cloud services to midsize and large enterprises. Its cloud experts work alongside your staff to help transform and evolve your businesses.

“AWS Proton is a first stop for organizations evaluating how to implement a modern, robust, and self-service framework underpinning a modern cloud operations approach. AWS Proton supports the centralized infrastructure team’s mission of ensuring proper standardization, optimization, and best practices, while enabling development teams to deploy application code efficiently across different infrastructure services and environments. We are excited to support AWS Proton as part of our Modern Cloud Enablement offering that assist customers on their path towards modernization."

- Chris Garvey, EVP, Cloud Services, 2nd Watch



Altoros is a professional services company that offers methodology, training, technology building blocks, and deep industry knowledge for cloud automation, microservices, blockchain, and AI.

“A challenge we see customers facing is the static nature of the solutions they engineer. AWS Proton provides a way to get the security and governance benefits of a repeatable abstraction without turning over the keys to an account. We work with customers to deliver infrastructure as code, which is a great set of practices. However, as the cloud team becomes successful, they become oversubscribed and hit their scaling limit. Because of AWS Proton’s reusability, templatization, and—above all—meaningful versioning, we can now offer a way past that bottleneck.”

- Tony Hansmann, CTO, Cloud Orchestration, Altoros



ClearScale, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, combines its technical depth and expertise to build tailored cloud solutions that help you innovate, improve operational efficiency, and increase business agility. 

"With AWS Proton service, organizations finally have a centralized way to manage container and serverless deployments. This fully customized, self-service platform helps development teams focus on their code and easily roll out updates as needed. Our customers will benefit from AWS Proton’s ability to increase the productivity of developers and enforce best practices and consistent standards for deploying new code. We’re very excited about the opportunity to support AWS Proton.”

- Pavel Vasilyev, Vice President of Technology, ClearScale



nClouds works with its customers as extensions of its teams to build and manage modern infrastructure solutions that challenge the status quo and deliver innovation faster.

"nClouds is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner that collaborates with our customers to build and manage modern infrastructure solutions that deliver innovation faster. As we migrate more workloads to microservices, we’re providing ways to help customers manage the growing complexity of their infrastructure. We are excited to leverage AWS Proton to help customers enforce best practices and increase developer productivity in their modern operations.”

- JT Giri, CEO and Co-founder, nClouds

Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology

Rackspace Technology accelerates the value of the cloud during every phase of digital transformation. By managing apps, data, and security, Rackspace helps customers get to the cloud, innovate with new technologies, and maximize their IT investments.

"As part of Rackspace Technology's mission to help customers innovate in the cloud, we're often helping them find the balance between standardization and experimentation. We're excited about AWS Proton, which provides a cloud-native way for administrative teams to define infrastructure and service standards—without removing the self-service AWS access that enables developer innovation. We're looking forward to leveraging AWS Proton as another tool to help our joint customers on their cloud journey."

- Amir Kashani, VP, Cloud Native Development and IoT, Rackspace Technology

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