Sustainability with AWS Graviton

Achieve your sustainability goals without compromise

Run your cloud workloads sustainably

AWS Graviton-based Amazon EC2 instances use up to 60% less energy than comparable EC2 instances for the same performance. They also provide the best price performance for cloud workloads running on Amazon EC2. Over 50,000 customers have used AWS Graviton to build efficient and performant workloads.

Accelerate your sustainability innovation

Innovation is key to achieving sustainability goals including energy reduction, decarbonization of operations, and water conservation. AWS enables customers to build sustainability solutions using AWS Graviton-based instances. These instances enable you to reach your sustainability innovation goals faster and with better price performance than comparable Amazon EC2 instances. There are over 150 AWS Graviton-based instances to help you meet the demands of your workloads.


  • Adobe
  • graphic design desk hand using mouse pan sketch device on creative desk.

    Sridhar Ayala, global director of FinOps at Adobe, shares how Adobe adopted Graviton for their Advertising Cloud Real-Time Bidding platform to achieve better performance, lower cost, and lower carbon emissions.

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  • Nubank
  • Nubank

    "It's such an obvious win, not only for Nubank but for Nubanks' customers and frankly for the planet."

    Justin Gehtland
    General Manager, VP of Engineering, Nubank

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  • SAP
  • SAP

     “If you look at the sustainability side and the energy efficiency side, running workloads of SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton, we have an estimate of 45% improvements on the energy efficiency side”

    Stefan Baeuerle
    SVP, Head of Database, SAP

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  • Arm
  • Modern High Tech Authentic Robot Arm Holding Contemporary Super Computer Processor. Industrial Robotic Manipulator End Effector Holding CPU Chip

    Data from tests using AWS Graviton3-based instances indicates that up to a predicted 67.6 percent lower workload carbon intensity (carbon emissions per simulation) can be achieved.

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  • Encored Technologies
  • Encored Technologies 210 by 35

    "Nobody was sure if building the same system on an on-premise environment can give us the performance we want. Uncertainty prevents us from adopting the system in the first place, but AWS removed that uncertainty for us. We couldn’t have imagined predicting the weather if it were not for AWS’ HPC solution.”

    Hyoseop Lee
    EVP(PhD), Encored Technologies

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  • VorTech
  • VorTech

    "The capability to create complex simulations 20 years ago would have been virtually impossible, particularly for an early phase startup like us. Because we’ve had the opportunity to simulate on AWS alongside CADFEM, we’ve been able to accelerate toward our mission from day one.”

    Paul Mannion
    Computational Fluid Dynamics Lead, VorTech Water Solutions Ltd.

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