New and existing SAP Business Suite customers of any size can run SAP production and non-production workloads on the flexible, secure, low-cost, and elastic Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. AWS and SAP have worked together to certify the AWS platform for SAP Business Suite solutions. Enterprise customers can run their mission-critical SAP applications, including ERP, CRM, HCM, PLM, SCM, SRM, and the complete SAP NetWeaver ABAP and Java technology stacks on the AWS cloud. Enterprises can use AWS as an extension to their existing IT infrastructure or as a complete virtual data center in the cloud.

Lower TCO - Benefit from the economies of scale and efficiencies provided by AWS. Pay for only the compute, storage, and other resources you use.

OpEx instead of CapEx – Start an SAP implementation or project on AWS without any upfront cost or commitment for compute, storage, or network infrastructure.

Elasticity – Scale compute capacity up or down to meet the needs of your business. Add application servers to accelerate nightly batch processing or month-end closing.

Agility and speed - Provision new infrastructure and SAP systems in minutes instead of waiting for days, weeks, or months.

Security and durability – Use the AWS secure and durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits.

Eliminate capacity planning – Get on-demand access to virtually unlimited compute, storage, and network capacity.

Easily connect existing data centers - Leverage the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to build connections between your data center and the AWS cloud.

AWS operates, manages, and controls the components from the host operating system and virtualization layer down to the physical infrastructure and facilities. The customer manages the guest operating system and any applications and databases running above.

If you are not able to, or do not want to, implement or manage your SAP environment on AWS yourself, AWS has a network of SAP partners who can provide services specifically tailored to SAP and AWS.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) includes a growing community of SAP partners who provide both SAP consulting and SAP managed services on the AWS platform. SAP partners can help you reduce the time to value of your SAP implementation or project on AWS, and help you maximize the benefits of running SAP solutions on the AWS platform.

To learn more about the types of services offered by AWS SAP partners and to find an AWS SAP partner, see Find an SAP Partner.