Mission Bio Enables Single-Cell Genomic Insights Using AWS

“Leveraging the scalable infrastructure of AWS enabled us to address the dynamic compute demands of our customers, which is invaluable to us as a startup business.”

– Charlie Silver, CEO, Mission Bio

Using AWS, Mission Bio built the Tapestri Platform to accelerate single-cell DNA analysis and remove bottlenecks from high-volume data processing and interpretation. Mission Bio is a life sciences company that helps researchers and clinicians unlock genomic data from patient samples as small as a single-cell, to enable precision medicine. The company relies on the AWS Cloud to create tools that support its customers’ variable compute needs, which include processing millions of genomes and billions of data points using Amazon Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Mission Bio also utilizes machine learning on AWS to help it improve the quality of assay design and manufacturing. The Tapestri Platform uses Amazon CloudFront to host its user interface, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for data storage, and AWS Batch to support backend processing.

The Only Path to Precision Medicine: Millions of Genomes and AI

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