Whitepaper: Security overview of AWS Lambda

Security and compliance best practices

This free whitepaper approaches the AWS Lambda service through a security lens. It discusses cloud security best practices and provides a detailed look into the underpinnings of AWS Lambda for developers, security analysts, compliance teams, and other stakeholders.

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless compute service that is used by hundreds of thousands of AWS customers to serve trillions of requests every month.

This whitepaper answers:

  • What are the benefits of Lambda?
  • How can Lambda improve my next workload solution?
  • What should I know about Lambda security and compliance?

Scale your business

Optimize costs

With Lambda you only pay when your code is running. We like to call this pay-per-value.

Eliminate management burdens

Lambda automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage servers, and automatically scales to the precise size of your workload.

Increase innovation

Lambda takes over infrastructure management, allowing your development teams to focus more on building products that bring value to your business.

Shared responsibility

Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and customers. When customers use AWS Lambda, AWS manages the underlying infrastructure and foundation services, the operating system, and the application platform. Customers themselves are responsible for the security of their code, the storage and accessibility of sensitive data, and identity and access management (IAM) to the Lambda service and within their function.

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