Semiconductor & PCB Fabricating, Connecting & Measuring

Reduce time to market and innovate faster with a scalable and elastic infrastructure.

Leverage AWS IoT Services for smart manufacturing and use edge computing, data lakes, and advanced analytics tools to improve manufacturing operations by capturing, analyzing, visualizing, and executing on foundry and fabrication data. 

AWS enables you to effectively manage globally distributed teams while adding AI and Machine Learning for real time and predictive analytics capabilities.

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Reduce costs

Quickly and easily deploy a cloud-based infrastructure that can scale up and down to meet evolving demands. AWS offers flexible configuration and virtually unlimited scalability to grow and shrink your infrastructure so you only pay for what you need. Stop wasting CAPEX on IT, and allow your engineers to focus on innovations.

Manufacture smarter

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain actionable insights into your manufacturing and supply chain so you can analyze for defects and improve yields through process and design optimization. This translates to better service for your customers with the shortest possible cycle time and deployment of new features.

Collaborate on data

Leverage high volume manufacturing data analytics for higher reliability products at lower costs. Benefit from using multiple AWS Availability Zones to maintain high availability for your HPC environment during design and development. Give your developers access to a single source of data truth, so they can access dashboards, manage devices, and upgrade firmware remotely.


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AWS for Industrial

‘AWS for Industrial’ is a new initiative that features new and existing services and solutions from AWS and our Partners, which are built specifically for developers, engineers and operators at industrial companies. 

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Secure collaboration with Altium on AWS

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