Aviatrix for Cloud Interconnect, Cloud Peering and VPN (BYOL)

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Aviatrix for Cloud Interconnect, Cloud Peering and VPN (BYOL)

Product Overview

Aviatrix Cloud InterConnect consists of a Controller and Aviatrix gateways. The Controller deploys gateways in VPCs using your AWS IAM roles. From the Controller web console, you can use a wizard to build AWS Global Transit Networks, IPSEC tunnel between VPCs and between on-prem to VPC, and SSL VPN tunnels for user access to VPC. ELB based scale out SSL VPN solution integrates MFA, SSO and profile based access control. As a cloud native solution, when building secure connectivities, routing tables are updated by the Controller. Built in troubleshooting capabilities such as, packets capture, traceroute, port reachibility testing. .
-> End to End Cloud Native Overlay Networking for AWS VPCs.
-> Ready-to-use constructs to meet your architectural (transit VPC, hub & spoke) needs, security or performance (up to 5GB) requirements.
-> Overcome AWS VPC 100 route limits.
-> Use REST APIs to integrate with cloud administration tools from Amazon AWS, or 3rd party tools such as RightScale and Terraform.
-> Export logs to 3rd party tools including Splunk, Logstash, Sumo Logic, Datadog and more.



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