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Teradata Vantage Developer (Free, DIY)

Teradata Vantage Developer (Free, DIY)

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Product Overview

Teradata Vantage is an integrated analytics platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence used to analyze all your data, all the time. Vantage provides the fastest path to scalable, high-performance analytics to tackle your most complex business challenges.

Vantage offers full integration with your favorite tools and languages (SQL, Python, R) and data sources (S3, Blob, Hadoop) to deliver the answers you need. Vantage software and features are consistent across all deployment options.

This do-it-yourself (DIY) subscription to the Vantage Advanced SQL Engine includes embedded analytic functions such as 4D analytics (time series, geospatial, temporal), nPath, sessionization, attribution, and scoring functions.

This is free software with a node limit of 2 and a system concurrency limit of 2. Customers are responsible for AWS resource usage charges. Use cases include non-production workloads such as development, data labs, and discovery.

Your subscription includes Forum-only support and rights to use: Teradata Data Stream Controller; Teradata Ecosystem Manager; Teradata Query Service; Teradata Server Management; and Teradata Viewpoint. See product documentation on the Teradata website for details.

Get started now by clicking on "Continue to Subscribe". NOTE: This AMI uses a 350 GB EBS volume for root disk and does not integrate with Teradata Data Lab, Teradata Data Mover, Teradata QueryGrid Manager, Teradata Server Management, or Teradata Viewpoint (Multiple Systems).


Operating System

Linux/Unix, Other 4.4.140-96.54.TDC-default

Delivery Methods

  • CloudFormation Template

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