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Rsyslog server - Unlimited Connections

Rsyslog server - Unlimited Connections

By: 0x4447, LLC. Latest Version: 1.3.0

Product Overview

Do you need to collect logs at a more predictable price? Our product can help you with that. It was designed to lower costs of log collection, keep logs in a centralized place, and make it easy to share access with other team members. Instead of using external providers who charge exorbitant amount of money for storing simple text. You can host your own server for a fixed price, and get full control over your data.

Highlights of our product:

  • Preconfigured rsyslog server.
  • A script that automatically configures the clients.
  • Resilience - we store the cert and bash script in S3 and don't regenerate the certs if they agists.
  • Complementary CloudFormation file for the server for quick deployment.
  • Detailed documentation that goes over each step.
  • Native SSL support to send logs in a secure manner.
  • You decide the retention period.
  • Logs are organized by the remote host name and service names.
  • Daily log rotation.
  • Log compression with one day of grace period.

Use cases for our product:

  • One place to collect all the logs from auto-scaling solutions. When you have one application, let it be Dockerized, or not, you might end up with dozens of servers serving the same product. To hunt down errors in a setup like this is virtually impossible. Since you have to log in each and every server, not to mention that if your application scales down the server logs will be gone. By using your solution you can access all the logs of your product in one place and easily search the logs at once.
  • Give remote access to developers to production server logs without giving them direct access to those servers
  • Other ideas might apply.

Worth knowing:

  • Our product won't work with third party products that forward logs etc.


  • You need to know how a VPC work
  • You need to know how a Subnet work
  • You need to know how ACLs work
  • You need to know how Networking works
  • You need to know how Linux work
  • You need to know how Bash works
  • You need to have experience in IT in general

Choose our product now to relieve stress and free up your time for doing more important things at work.



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Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux Latest

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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