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MDACA Big Data Virtualization with Keycloak

MDACA Big Data Virtualization with Keycloak

By: SpinSys-Dine Latest Version: 372

Product Overview

MDACA Big Data Virtualization (BDV) is an enterprise-grade MPP (massively parallel processing) Federated SQL query engine that is fast and scalable. BDV is designed for speed, supporting enterprise and government organizations in their big data query needs. BDV provides organizations with a logical data layer that integrates enterprise data across disparate systems and manages the unified data for centralized access.

BDV supports data queries across systems without data copy and replication, thereby bolstering master data management, Analytics, Insights, AI/ML, and legacy data migration initiatives while reducing cost. It is operationally optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers a comprehensive data abstraction, federation, integration, and transformation layer. Easily integrate MDACA BDV with AWS core service offerings such as Redshift, Aurora, AWS RDS, AWS Lake Formation, Glue, S3, Amazon Quick Sights, EMR, and SageMaker. Additionally, easily integrate with MDACA enterprise tools through single sign-on (sso) with MDACA products such as Data Explorer, Cloud Storage Explorer, Data Lake and Synthetic Data Engine - all designed to provide advanced enterprise capabilities for big data solutions. MDACA is powered by SpinSys, an AWS Advanced Tier partner offering Professional Services support through the AWS Marketplace.

MDACA BDV is designed to support enterprise and government big data initiatives, adding integration, optimization, security enhancement, and add-ons to industry leading best practice approaches and standards. BDV supports enterprises with advanced DoD-grade security features, connectors, performance optimizations, and fully integrated tools within the enterprise MDACA big data platform.

Key features/benefits of MDACA BDV include:

  • Logical Data Layer - BDV provides a virtual approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data. Execute high performance data queries across multiple environments with robust Massively Parallel Processing (MPP).
    Legacy Data Migration Support - BDV reduce risk of system modernization by updating business applications while replacing legacy systems.

  • Query Federation - BDV enables access to data from multiple systems within a single query. Supporting integration with enterprise Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools, BI tools, AI/ML engines as well as meeting the needs for enterprise big data analytics

  • De-identified Data Support- BDV provides out-of the box data de-identification support that is managed through user access control groups. This provides a major functionality for data to be accessible by multiple teams while adhering to data privacy rules in systems, supporting a wide variety of business needs such as healthcare, financial, logistics, sales and legal.

  • Synthetic Data Support - Fully integrated with the MDACA Synthetic Data Engine, BDV provides organizations and enterprises with an approach to leveraging synthetic data for enterprise software development, AI/ML, and other initiatives.
    Eliminate Data Silos - BDV delivers integrated information while reducing data silos, allowing data to remain in source systems and reducing number of data copies.

  • Data Management Support- BDV provides a centralized, secure Role Based Access Control (RBAC) layer to catalog, search, discover, and govern unified data and its relationships.

  • Advanced Query, Insights, AI/ML Support - BDV supports American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Structured Query Language (SQL) semantics, including complex queries, aggregations, and sub-queries.

  • Data Integration - BDV integrates data across enterprise systems, supporting a wide range of data formats and sources.
    Scaled to Support Business and Security Needs - BDV scales easily to run large queries and on-demand clusters coupled with fine grained security and privacy controls.

  • High Performance Queries - BDV supports highly parallel and distributed queries built from the ground up for efficient, low latency analytics.

  • Cost Management - Cost management is a key component of managing the success of efforts that need to execute within given budgets. BDV provides the ability to securely execute queries across the enterprise without the need to copy and duplicate data, provides options for project delivery efficiency, and plays a major role in cost management and savings on a given effort.

BDV is a core component of the MDACA DIGIN offering, providing a logical data layer and tools that integrate enterprise data across disparate systems. It manages the unified data for centralized access, allowing you to scale your on-prem workloads to the cloud at the speed of the cloud regardless of where your data is deployed.



Operating System

Linux/Unix, Amazon Linux 2

Delivery Methods

  • Amazon Machine Image

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