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By: LeanerCloud Latest Version: 1.3.2-1

Product Overview

Looking to reduce your AWS costs without sacrificing performance or uptime?

AutoSpotting automatically converts expensive On-Demand instances in your stateless Autoscaling groups (ASGs) to more cost-effective and performant Spot instances, reliably and without any configuration changes.

Results and Pricing

For each $1000 worth of capacity that AutoSpotting can convert to Spot it typically generates about $500-600 of savings (results may vary depending on the current Spot pricing for your instances). It will automatically charge you a tenth of the savings, so about $50-60, through the next AWS bill.

We also have a perpetual free tier for evaluating it on small instances such as T3/T4g nano or micro, for as long as your Spot savings remain below $0.01/hour.

What AutoSpotting does for you

  • Reduces your AWS costs: AutoSpotting replaces On-Demand instances with cheaper but identically configured Spot instances, saving you money.
  • Requires no configruaton changes: It can take over all your groups from all regions, and even across AWS Organizations or just enable/disable it temporarily, without requiring changes for every single group.
  • Increases Spot uptime: Your Spot instances are diversified across families and generations of the 600+ available instance types, resulting in fewer Spot terminations and increased uptime compared to alternative solutions.
  • Runs cheaper and newest instances available: AutoSpotting prioritizes instance types in a way that optimizes for cost savings, uptime, and preferring newer hardware for more performance and a lower carbon footprint.
  • Avoids user impact: in the event of Spot terminations AutoSpotting gracefully drains your load balancer connections and launches new Spot instances as early as possible to avoid production impact.
  • Gives you the capacity you need: when Spot capacity is not available AutoSpotting automatically launches diversified on-demand instances to ensure you always have capacity in your groups.
  • Gives you visibility into your savings: You can conveniently estimate savings before installing AutoSpotting, and receive regular savings reports to see how much it saves you once you use it.

Getting Started with AutoSpotting

Follow these steps to start using AutoSpotting:

  1. Estimate Savings: Use our open-source Spot Savings Estimator tool to simulate potential savings, as you can see in this short demo.
  2. Configure AutoSpotting: Easily prepare the configuration for AutoSpotting with a single click in the Savings Estimator tool. You can also use different tools to roll out the configuration tags.
  3. Install AutoSpotting: Install AutoSpotting from the AWS Marketplace using CloudFormation or Terraform. Click "Continue to Subscribe" above and follow the instructions.

Need Help? We're Here For You

If you have any questions or need assistance in getting started with AutoSpotting, we'll gladly help as much as possible.

Here are a few support resources available for you:
  • Check out our FAQ page for more detailed information.
  • Connect with us on Slack via this invite link if you have any questions, or in order to get notified about future versions.
  • Book a call with us via Calendly if you need further clarifications.

Other LeanerCloud Products and Services

At LeanerCloud, we're dedicated to helping customers of all sizes and across many industry verticals optimize the usage of the cloud.

We offer automated tools such as AutoSpotting and EBS Optimizer which make it easy to get massive savings for certain AWS resources in a self-service manner, with minimal effort and in a matter of minutes.

Besides such tools, we also provide a wide range of cloud optimization services tailored for your needs, which aim to reduce your cloud costs in a much deeper way than possible with fully automated tools, by offloading the bulk of the optimization work from your engineers.

Across all the cloud resources we optimized so far at our customers we achieved over 70% savings average, with billing entirely based on results.

For more information check out our website or reach out to us as mentioned in the above support resources.



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