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EBS Optimizer

By: LeanerCloud Latest Version: 1.1.0-1

Product Overview

Looking to reduce your AWS costs without sacrificing performance and availability?

EBS Optimizer is our powerful cloud optimization engine that automatically converts existing EBS volumes to more cost-effective and often more performant GP3 volumes, reliably and without any configuration changes.

Key Features of EBS Optimizer

  • Save Money: Achieve savings between 8% and 95% depending on your existing volumes' configurations, typically 20% for GP2 volumes under 170GB.
  • Transparent Conversions: Instances using the converted volumes continue to run without any disruption.
  • Same Performance: Get the same or better IOPS and throughput as your initial GP2 volume.

How EBS Optimizer Works

  1. EBS Optimizer runs continuously in your AWS account, converting volumes tagged with optimize: true (opt-in mode) or not tagged with optimize: false (opt-out mode).
  2. The conversion is transparent to any EC2 instances using these volumes, allowing instances to keep running as if nothing happened. You only observe decreased costs at the end of the month.
  3. For large GP2 volumes IOPS and throughput are provisioned by default to match the GP2 volume. Besides the reduced costs, GP2 Volumes smaller than 170 GB will also get better througoupt and IOPS after conversion.
  4. You can configure custom tags for specific volumes or disable conversions for certain volumes for a gradual rollout.
  5. It can optionally also convert IO1 and IO2 volumes to GP3 for up to 95% lower costs, also keeping the same IOPS and throughput, but with increased I/O latency.


EBS Optimizer charges a month's worth of savings each year, so around 8.33% of the total annual savings.

It then covers any number of volume replacements within the same monthly savings free of charge for the next year.

Get Started with EBS Optimizer

It just takes a few minutes to get started:

  1. Tag Your Volumes: Tag the volumes you want to convert or not with the appropriate optimize key and value (true or false), depending on the opt-in or opt-out configuration you desire. You can use the open source awstaghelper tool to make it easier for multiple volumes.
  2. Install EBS Optimizer: Install EBS Optimizer from the AWS Marketplace using CloudFormation, making sure you configure it in opt-in/opt-out mode as planned.

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Need Help? We're Here For You

Our team is always ready to help you get started with EBS Optimizer. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to:
  • Check out our website for more information about EBS Optimizer.
  • Connect with us on Slack
  • Book a call with us via Calendly.

For more information about our other products and services, visit our website, and also check out our other product AutoSpotting for additional AWS cost-saving opportunities.




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