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DeltaXML XML/JSON Compare and Merge Evaluation (Windows)

DeltaXML XML/JSON Compare and Merge Evaluation (Windows)

By: DeltaXML where change matters Latest Version: DeltaXML All Products (10-05-24)

Product Overview

The DeltaXML suite of XML and JSON comparison and merge enterprise software products provide adaptable solutions to identify, visualise and implement XML and JSON diffs quickly and accurately. Our unique highly configurable pipeline enables organisations to easily integrate operations in their workflows, projects or applications using our Java Library or private RESTful API.

Powerful configuration options

Word by word - comparing documents containing text, tokenising each block of text into words to produce more granular result.

Ordered/unordered - default is an ordered comparison without keys. But keys can be used to improve the alignment and performance. Can also be configured to do an unordered comparison with or without keys where order of elements is not significant.

Ignore changes - option to ignore the selected changes which are not important to avoid the noise the compare result.

Move handling - in some situations, an element is moved from one place in an XML file to another. XML Compare will recognise such moves based on some unique id.

Table processing - processes CALS and HTML tables in special way to make sure that the results are valid against the table models while still delivering accurate comparisons.

MathML processing - When MathML content inside your documents is compared, change highlighting is created using MathML syntax to add colouring and styling to the MathML.

Pipeline processing

A wide selection of processors and filters are included in our products out of the box (DCP), and custom and personalised ones (DXP) can be created with ease using XSLT, the XML transformation language.

DXP Configuration - Blank canvas of configuration

DCP Configuration - Document specific
Has specific aspects that can be configured for elements like Tables and MathML. In these extensions points you can include your own filters for processing.


XML Compare & Merge, XML Data Compare, DITA Compare & Merge, DocBook Compare

Recent updates and releases included CALS & HTML table handling, SVG comparison, performance improvements.


DeltaXML All Products (10-05-24)

Operating System

Windows, Windows Server 2022 Base Datacenter

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  • Amazon Machine Image

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