With AWS Elemental MediaStore, you are charged a per GB Media Optimization Ingest Fee when content enters into the service and a per GB price for content Storage (per month) for content that you keep in the service for live and VOD delivery.

Request Costs

Request costs are based on the request type, and are charged on the quantity of requests as listed in the table below.

Pricing Example

Customers commonly use AWS Elemental MediaStore as “origin storage” for live video workflows. Origin storage sits between a live video encoder, like AWS Elemental MediaLive, and a content delivery network (CDN), like Amazon CloudFront. The live video encoder creates segmented video files (a segment is a fragment of video that lasts a few seconds) and corresponding manifests files (a manifest is a playlist which tells the video player what video segments to download and play). Segments will typically be encoded into multiple sizes (bitrates) and corresponding quality levels. As bitrates increase, so does quality and file sizes.


A video stream that has five quality levels in its adaptive bitrate (ABR) set might consist of bitrates 5Mbit/s, 2Mbit/s, 1.2Mbit/s, 800Kbit/s, and 500Kbit/s. This stream would send 4.175 GB of data per hour into AWS Elemental MediaStore.

Total Megabit per second = 5+2+1.2+0.8+0.5 = 9.5 Mbps
Total Gigabits per hour = 9.5 / 1024 *60 *60 = 33.39844 Gb/h
Total Gigabytes per hour = 33.39844 /8 = 4.175 GB/h

With four second video segments, the stream would output a video segment and a manifest for each bitrate every four seconds. Once an encoder outputs a segment and manifest, it makes a PUT request to AWS Elemental MediaStore. In this example, 9,000 PUT requests an hour would be made to send this stream.

Total PUTs per minute = (5 video segments + 5 manifest) * (60/4) = 150
Total PUTs per hour = 150 * 60 = 9000

In the US East (N. Virginia) Region, AWS Elemental MediaStore would charge you $0.0835 per hour for media optimization and $0.045 for PUT requests for this use case, or a total of $0.1285 to ingest an hour of content.
((4.175 GB x $0.02 = $0.0835) + (9 x $0.005 = $0.045).

Additionally, you’d pay for GET requests and any data transfer to the Internet when viewers watch this stream.

Additional charges

You may incur additional charges with AWS Elemental MediaStore if your applications utilize other AWS services or transfers data. For example, if AWS Elemental MediaStore transmits data to Amazon CloudFront, no data transfer charges out of AWS Elemental MediaStore apply. However, transferring data to another CDN would incur data transfer charges.

For details on AWS service pricing, see the pricing section of the relevant AWS service detail pages.

Data Transfer Pricing
As part of the AWS free tier, AWS customers receive 100 GB of free data transfer out to the internet free each month, aggregated across all AWS Services and Regions (except China and GovCloud).  Also, there are no additional charges for data transfer with the same Region.

However, you may still incur additional charges when you serve content outside of AWS.  For instance, if the content output is delivered to a destination over the internet of via a CDN other than Amazon CloudFront, then data transfer charges apply.The pricing below is based on data transferred “in” to and “out” of AWS Elemental MediaStore in a region other than the one in which  the service is deployed.

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