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The AWS Marketplace Intelligent Analytical System you can create using this tutorial is a complete end-to-end predictive analytical solution. The user scenario for this tool is a company that is expanding their on-premises system to AWS, adopting a BYOD initiative and implementing machine learning. This step-by-step guide describes how to deploy, configure, secure, and operate the system. It is completely built on the AWS Cloud with fast data processing capability, scalability, reliability, predictive analysis, and mobile device support. The system leverages AWS Services and third-party solutions that are all available in AWS Marketplace.

The process to build this Intelligent Analytical System consists of 3 projects, including a prerequisite setup. Be sure to follow the projects sequentially to setup, configure, and execute the end-to-end processes.



  • IT and Cloud Managers & DevOps (Deployment)
  • Big data Developers & Data Scientists (Data Pipeline)

What you'll accomplish:

  • Learn how to integrate multiple solutions in AWS marketplace.
  • Generate the required datasets and initiate the data pipeline.
  • Use a machine learning model for predictive analysis and create a predictive dashboard for visualization.
  • Use a mobile app to get mobile notifications based on the predictive analysis.