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AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that makes it easy for third-party sellers to offer software, data, and other products to AWS customers.

We are focused on building low-friction tools, and offering powerful business, technical, and marketing programs to help our sellers establish, manage, and grow a successful business on AWS.

Featured Benefits

Streamlined Software Delivery

Streamlined Software Delivery

Offer software as a managed Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and take advantage of our 1-Click purchasing feature. Customers can launch pre-configured software in minutes. if you offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, customers can subscribe to it in Marketplace, register and use your software on your site, and pay for it on their AWS bill.

Discover New Customers

Discover New Customers

Capitalize on the growth of cloud computing. By launching directly from AWS Marketplace, customers can run software instantly, decreasing the length of your sales cycle. Sellers can also offer free trials with no additional engineering effort.

Simplified Billing and Payments

Simplified Billing & Payments

Customers pay for AWS Marketplace software as part of the regular AWS billing cycle. AWS manages the complexity of metering, billing, payment collection and financial reporting so sellers can focus on building and selling core products.

Provide Seamless Product Support

Provide Seamless Product Support

AWS Marketplace Product Support Connection makes it easy to support your customers on AWS Marketplace. Using Product Support Connection, customers can choose to share contact data with vendors through the AWS Marketplace web site, simplifying and streamlining requests for product support.

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Seller Success

Discover how AWS Marketplace Sellers are growing their businesses.

  • Citrix


    Citrix introduced their flagship NetScaler and CloudBridge products on AWS Marketplace which simplified deployment and pricing while dramatically growing customer count and revenue month-over-month since their launch.

  • TIBCO Jaspersoft

    TIBCO Jaspersoft

    TIBCO Jaspersoft joined AWS Marketplace and established a highly-profitable, fast-growing channel for the company, reaching a broader range of developers.

  • Attunity


    Attunity offers free trials of CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift on AWS Marketplace, helping them reach new customers in need of scalable solutions for loading big data in the AWS Cloud.

How to Sell Your Software on AWS Marketplace

Register with AWS Marketplace

Review the registration prerequisites specified in the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide and Sign Up as an AWS Marketplace Seller. If you intend to list applications in AWS Marketplace for Desktop Apps (AMDA) for use with Amazon WorkSpaces, please review the AMDA Vendor Guide. If you intend to list data products, please review the AWS Data Exchange user guide.

Build Your Product

Review the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide and visit the Products page portal to create your first product. Contact us if you have questions. If you have a SaaS product, read the SaaS Subscriptions Integration Guide for more information. If you have a data product, you can publish it using the AWS Data Exchange console.

Start Selling

Customers can now immediately find, deploy, and buy your software products on AWS Marketplace. You can log in to the AWS Marketplace Management Portal to access channel management tools, track marketing performance, and implement best practices for your product.