Global Security & Compliance Acceleration on AWS Program

Accelerate your customers' security and compliance authorizations

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At AWS, our customers trust is a top priority. Our global customers include financial services providers, healthcare providers, and governmental agencies, who trust us with some of their most sensitive information.The AWS Global Security and Compliance Acceleration Program otherwise known as the GSCA Program helps navigate the robust controls customers inherit from AWS and meet customers’ authorization needs to maintain security, privacy, and compliance requirements. To help you meet your authorization needs, the GSCA Program has a group of vetted partners that can help accelerate as well as reduce the burden, time, and cost of achieving authorization.

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Global Security & Compliance Acceleration (ATO on AWS) Program

Direct engagement with AWS teams

Engage in one-on-one sessions with AWS Security Strategists and Solution Architects to receive guidance from planning to authorization stage.

Leverage trainings, pre-built templates, and repeatable tools to simplify and accelerate your development time.

Increase visibility with customers

Earn an AWS Partner badge with Global Security & Compliance Acceleration designation to promote your business. Gain listing in AWS Partner Solutions Finder, develop case studies with AWS, participate in go-to-market activities such as events, workshop, and more.

Global Security & Compliance Acceleration on AWS Program Success Stories

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