Bobcat Streamlines Service Systems by 90% and Enhance Customer Experience with AWS and TBSCG

Executive Summary

Doosan Bobcat (Bobcat) is a global compact equipment, innovation, and worksite solutions brand. As demand for its products increased, Bobcat realized its existing siloed IT solutions were a barrier to accessible customer and dealership interaction and service. To improve customer experiences (CX), the company launched a new Digital Experience Platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with support from AWS Partner The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group (TBSCG). Bobcat then launched new, enhanced experiences—Bobcat® Machine IQ, which gives dealers and customers a holistic view of their machines, and My Machine, an intuitive portal for service technicians.

Global Growth Underscores Need for Enhanced CX

Bobcat is an iconic brand and a global leader in construction equipment manufacturing. Meeting the demand for its expanded product lines while introducing new products put additional demands on its sales, aftermarket, parts, and service IT systems. Maintenance systems became cumbersome, and labor-intensive. Bobcat service technicians in North America had to use a collection of 10 different IT solutions to access troubleshooting and repair information.

“Every single function was on its own IT stack. The experience was not user-friendly,” said Dimitri De Wolf, director of digital innovation at Bobcat.


With AWS, the process is intuitive, and streamlined. We modernized our processes, which allows us to meet business goals and achieve digital transformation.”

Dimitri De Wolf
Director of Digital Innovation, Bobcat

From Legacy to a Modern Microservices Architecture on AWS

Together, Bobcat and TBSCG migrated their legacy systems to AWS and modernized them. The Bobcat delivery team built the API and microservices infrastructure for the modern solution using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. This infrastructure was backed by services like Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora.

Bobcat used APIs and a content management solution deployed on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to modernize Bobcat’s digital customer experience channels. To orchestrate backend processes, the team relied on services such as Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS).

“The experience working with the AWS and TBSCG team of experts enabled our organization to achieve a best-in-class digital customer experience platform,” added De Wolf. “They went above and beyond to accelerate our migration and leverage the capabilities and best practices of AWS.

From 10 Service and Troubleshooting Systems to 1

Today, Bobcat has a modernized cloud-based digital CX platform, or DXP, built on AWS. DXP laid the foundation for the Bobcat IoT integrated solution called Machine IQ. This integrated solution, which uses wireless communications, provides a single platform for monitoring Bobcat equipment to enhance maintenance, security and performance. It replaces the 10 systems that technicians had been using previously.

“With AWS, the process is intuitive and streamlined,” said De Wolf. “We were able to modernize our processes, which allows us to meet business goals and achieve digital transformation.”


Our dealers and customers will benefit from these new capabilities made possible by AWS, and in turn, we can better support current and future growth.”

Dimitri De Wolf
Director of Digital Innovation, Bobcat

Improving Visibility for Preventive Maintenance and Minimized Downtime

Key to Bobcat’s integrated system are IoT devices built into its machines. Using Machine IQ, customers and dealers can access data, such as engine hours and fault codes, and learn about potential issues and preventive maintenance. Dealers can reach out to owners and discuss the best option for scheduling maintenance in order to prevent major repairs, while minimizing unplanned downtime. Technicians can also access the same information in My Machine via desktop or mobile to determine maintenance or repair needs and to order the right parts.

The integrated system is also now organized by persona—dealer, service technician, or owner—so that everyone who logs into the portal sees only relevant information on their dashboards.

Continuing Growth and Innovation

Collaborating with AWS supports Bobcat’s commitment to innovation and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace, from supporting customer service excellence to attracting top talent in technology and business operations.

With the DXP program launched, Bobcat’s upcoming technology initiative includes a next generation sales quoting application. The company’s goal is to enable its dealers to provide their customers with custom, configured machine pricing solutions with the exact attachments they need within minutes.

“This partnership with AWS supports our mission at Bobcat to empower people to accomplish more,” said De Wolf. “Our dealers and customers will benefit from these new capabilities made possible by AWS, and in turn, we can better support current and future growth.”


About Doosan Bobcat

Doosan Bobcat (Bobcat) is a leading global manufacturer of construction, agriculture, landscaping, portable power, industrial vehicle and grounds maintenance equipment, as well as attachments and worksite solutions

AWS Services Used


  • Enhanced customer and dealer interactions through a digital experience platform developed with microservices on AWS
  • Delivered a single system for troubleshooting, replacing 10 on-premises systems by developing an integrated solution on AWS
  • Modernized processes with AWS services to meet business goals and transform customer, dealer, and technician experiences

About AWS Partner TBSCG

The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group (TBSCG) accelerates and simplifies migrations to the cloud. Since 2003, TBSCG has placed the cloud at the center of today’s new digital ecosystem. This modernized application and infrastructure landscape provides an agile platform that promotes innovation, delivers great customer experiences, and offers new business models based on new digital capabilities.

Published August 2023