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The Human Side of Innovation

January 2024

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About the Episode 

In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, discover how emotional intelligence (EQ) can unlock the path to innovation success.

Join host Sara in this special episode as she interviews David Lynch, Group Chief Technology Officer at bolttech, and Rich Hua, Worldwide Head of EPIC Leadership at AWS. Together, they explore the critical role of empathy, purpose, inspiration, and connection in driving innovation.

Hear about the remarkable journey of bolttech, a global insurtech shaping the future of insurance, and learn how transformative forces have propelled their success. Gain valuable insights into how leaders can cultivate a culture of psychological safety, leverage failure for learning and growth, and effectively balance short-term gains with long-term objectives.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion that could reshape your perspective on what it takes to thrive and succeed in the ongoing pursuit of tech-driven innovation.

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The Human Side of Innovation

Guest Speakers

Nobuo Asahi

David Lynch

Group Chief Technology Officer at bolttech

Dr. Shoji Tanaka

Rich Hua

Wordlwide Head of EPIC Leadership at AWS


00:00 - Episode Introduction
01:18 - Overview of bolttech
02:26 - Transformational Challenges at bolttech
05:25 - Working with the EPIC Program
10:15 - Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

12:30 - Lessons on Change and Transformation
18:44 - Creating Vision and Building Resilience
22:08 - Reframing Failure as Learning
27:43 - Future Plans for bolttech
29:39 - Advice for Undertaking a Transformation


Don't underestimate the impact of the small things you do as a leader. I know at different points in my journey, I've been astonished and very humbled by some of the things that people remember and the impact those things have on people that at the time may seem very, very small. And it's not always about the vision and the drive. It's about being human when the time calls for it.

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