Amazon RDS for MariaDB FAQs

Q: What are the differences between Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB?
MariaDB Server is a popular open source relational database created by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB has some functionality that differs from Amazon RDS for MySQL. See the Amazon RDS User Guide for more details.
Q: Which versions of MariaDB does Amazon RDS support?
Amazon RDS currently supports MariaDB major versions 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6.
Q: How does Amazon RDS distinguish between “major” and “minor” version releases?
In the context of MariaDB, version numbers are organized as follows:
MariaDB version = X.Y.Z
X = Major version, Y = Release level, Z = Version number within release series.
From the Amazon RDS standpoint, a version change would be considered major if either major version or release level is being changed. Example: going from 10.0.X -> 10.1.X.
A version change would be considered minor if the version number within the release is being changed. Example: going from 10.1.14 -> 10.1.17.
Q: Does Amazon RDS provide guidelines for upgrading engine versions or deprecation of engine versions that are currently supported?
Yes. Please refer to the Amazon RDS FAQs.
Q: What privileges are granted to the primary user for an RDS for MariaDB DB instance?
When you create a new DB instance, the default primary user that you use gets certain privileges. See Master User Account Privileges in the Amazon RDS User Guide for a list of the privileges.
Q. How long is each major version of Amazon RDS for MariaDB supported?
Amazon RDS for MariaDB release calendar and end of support dates can be found here.
Q: What versions does Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments support?
Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments are available in RDS for versions MariaDB 10.2 and higher. Learn more about available versions in the  RDS for MariaDB documentation.
Q: What Regions does Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments support?
Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments are available in all AWS Regions (excluding AWS China Regions) and the AWS GovCloud Regions.
Q: What kind of changes can I make with Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments?
Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments allow you to make safer, simpler, and faster database changes, such as major or minor version upgrades, schema changes, instance scaling, engine parameter changes, and maintenance updates.
Q: What is the cost of using Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments?
You will incur the same price for running your workloads on green instances as you do for blue instances. The cost of running on blue and green instances include our current standard pricing for db.instances, cost of storage, cost of read/write I/Os, and any enabled features, such as cost of backups and Amazon RDS Performance Insights. Effectively, you are paying approximately 2x the cost of running workloads on db.instance for the lifespan of the blue-green-deployment.
For example: You have an RDS for MySQL 5.7 database running on two r5.2xlarge db.instances, a primary database instance and a read replica, in us-east-1 AWS Region with a Multi-AZ (MAZ) configuration. Each of the r5.2xlarge db.instance is configured for 20 GiB General Purpose Amazon Elastic Block Storge (EBS). You create a clone of the blue instance topology using Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments, run it for 15 days (360 hours), and then delete the blue instances after a successful switchover. The blue instances cost $1,387 for 15 days at an on-demand rate of $1.926/hr (Instance + EBS cost). The total cost to you for using Blue/Green Deployments for those 15 days is $2,774, which is 2x the cost of running blue instances for that time period.
Q: What is the “blue environment” in Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments? What a “green environment”?
In Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments, the blue environment is your current production environment. The green environment is your staging environment that will become your new production environment after switchover.
Q: How do switchovers work with Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments?
When Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments initiate a switchover, it blocks writes to the current production system—or blue environment—until switchover is complete. During switchover, the staging environment—or green environment—catches up with the blue environment, ensuring data is consistent between the blue and green environments. Once the blue and green environment are in complete sync, Blue/Green Deployments promote the green environment as the new blue environment by redirecting traffic to the green environment. Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments are designed to enable writes on the green environment after switch-over is complete, ensuring zero data loss during the switchover process.
Q: After the Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments switches over, what happens to my old production environment?
Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments do not delete your old production environment. If needed, you can access it for additional validations and performance/regression testing. If you no longer need the old production environment, you can delete it. Standard billing charges apply on old production instances until you delete them.
Q: What do Amazon RDS Blue/Green deployments switchover guardrails check for?
Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments’ switchover guardrails block writes on your production—or blue environment—until your staging—or green environment—catches up before switching over. Blue/Green deployments also perform health checks of your primary and replicas in your blue and green environments. It also performs replication health checks, for example, to see if replication has stopped or if there are errors. It detects long running transactions between your blue and green environments. You can specify your maximum tolerable downtime, as low as 30 seconds, and if your ongoing transaction exceed this your switchover will time out.
Q: Does Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments support Amazon RDS Proxy, cross-Region read replicas, or cascaded read replicas?
No, Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments do not support Amazon RDS Proxy, cross-Region read replicas, or cascaded read replicas.
Q: Can I use Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments to rollback changes?
No, at this time you cannot use Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments to rollback changes.
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