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Tens of thousands of customers rely on Amazon Redshift to gain the insight they need from their most critical data.


Megellan RX reduced ETL time by over 70% and cut costs by 20% using Amazon Redshift

Magellan Rx Management, a division of Magellan Health Inc., needed to migrate from its on-premises data warehouse to a high-performing data hosting solution. Using AWS services, Magellan Rx reduced operational costs, shortened extract, transform, and load (ETL) times, and scaled operations.

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“Amazon Redshift enables us to provide scientists with near real-time analysis of millions of rows of manufacturing data generated by continuous manufacturing equipment, with 1,600 data points per row. Redshift enables us to query our high-volume data at 10 times the performance of our prior data warehousing solution. Because of the performance and scale Redshift provides, we have increased our manufacturing efficiency by optimizing future manufacturing runs. In addition, we have reduced the time needed to gather and prepare data for regulatory submissions by a factor of five and now avoid repeated experimentation, which would otherwise have taken an extra three weeks of scientists’ time.”

Jim Silva
Director Business Partner - Pfizer Inc.


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