Protecting the Planet: Sustainability Customer Stories

Learn how organizations use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build a more sustainable world.


Saving Louisiana’s Coastline with Cloud-Based Modeling

The United States Geological Survey calculates that the state of Louisiana loses the equivalent of one football field of land every 100 minutes. 

The Water Institute of the Gulf (Water Institute), a Louisiana-based nonprofit, runs hurricane storm surge and wave analysis models on AWS to understand how the coast is changing and to help inform planning.

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Reducing Simulation Time From Months to Days Using AWS

To model storm surges, the Water Institute team simulates potential hurricanes. What previously took months using traditional supercomputers now takes only days using AWS.



3.5 days

versus 3 months using on-premises supercomputer centers
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Zero-Waste Trucking With Convoy

Started in 2015, Convoy is a digital freight network. Using machine learning on AWS, Convoy connects shippers and carriers to freight to reduce empty miles and eliminate carbon waste. Building on Amazon Sagemaker, Convoy uses machine learning and automation to connect shippers and carriers to freight to reduce empty miles and eliminate carbon waste.

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Making Trucking More Efficient

Truckers drive billions of miles yearly—many with empty trucks, wasting time and fuel.

95 billion

highway miles driven yearly

3.7 million times

enough miles to go around the globe


of miles are driven without cargo
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Powering the World with Wind

GE Renewable Energy generates wind electricity using thousands of turbines. One Haliade-X turbine can light an entire city.

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turbines installed


number of homes one Haliade-X can light

Increasing Energy Production by 20%

GE Renewable Energy can gather, monitor, analyze, and take action on turbine data using AWS—increasing energy production by as much as 20 percent.

data lake icon

Created a data lake using AWS services where it collects and analyzes machine data captured at GE wind turbines around the world

s3 icon

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) stores wind turbine data

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Amazon Redshift analyzes collected data and provides new insights

AWS Sustainability

AWS provides knowledge and tools for organizations to innovate and build to meet their sustainability goals.

Sustainability Customer Stories

Discover how AWS customers build, expedite, and scale sustainability solutions in the cloud.