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Los Angeles: Plant a Tree, Grow a Community—Powered by AWS

The Climate Next series from Amazon Web Services (AWS) takes viewers on a worldwide journey to hear from AWS customers using cloud-based technology and scalable solutions to address climate change and empower communities to make a positive difference. Nature-based climate solutions like tree planting can help mitigate climate change through air pollution reduction and carbon sequestration, but tree cover is often unequally distributed in cities. Disadvantaged and low-income communities have 15.2 percent less tree cover and are 1.5 °C hotter than high-income areas. The Nature Conservancy is helping the City of Los Angeles achieve its goal by using data and AWS infrastructure to support Esri StoryMaps to increase tree cover in underserved communities.

Monitoring Shark Populations to Help Maintain Abundant Oceans Using AWS and Data

Sharks play a critical role in maintaining the delicate ecosystem in the ocean and on land. Discover the importance of these apex predators—from biomedical research impacting humans to ensuring the food chain remains in balance. OCEARCH, a global nonprofit organization, is on a mission to help scientists collect previously unattainable data in the ocean and educate the public with its Shark Tracker app. By using AWS and data, OCEARCH connects experts, fisheries, and academics from around the world. To learn more, the Fix This team chatted with Chris Fischer, founder and expedition leader, and Dr. Robert Hueter, chief scientist at OCEARCH. OCEARCH is part of the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative.

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DataProphet Cuts Manufacturing Defects to Zero Using AWS


Scrap rate for one customer using DataProphet’s PRESCRIBE software


Reduction in overall customer costs

"It’s fair to say that we would not be as successful without the variety, responsiveness, and reliability of the AWS technologies we use.”

Michael Grant
Chief Technology Officer, DataProphet

Most manufacturers identify faulty parts after production and write off the cost. Instead, DataProphet’s PRESCRIBE software uses AWS machine learning (ML) to help customers define the optimum production parameters that prevent faulty parts from ever being made in the first place. DataProphet builds on AWS to help manufacturers reduce scrap rates to as low as zero.

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Volkswagen Group’s MOIA Develops Connected Vehicle Solutions on AWS for Electric Ridesharing Fleet

Volkswagen Group’s MOIA Develops Connected Vehicle Solutions on AWS for Electric Ridesharing Fleet

MOIA, part of the Volkswagen Group, launched in December 2016. It offers ridesharing services with its fully electric fleet of vehicles, aiming to be one of the world's leading mobility service providers by 2025.  Internet of things (IoT) solutions on AWS and other platform solutions let MOIA vehicles collect data that the company can easily scale, while also maintaining the flexibility to apply collective data learnings back into MOIA’s platform for continuous optimization.

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Go Green, Save Green: Hexa Creates Immersive Retail Experiences at Scale on AWS

Try Before You Buy: Hexa Creates Immersive, Sustainable Retail Experiences at Scale on AWS

AWS Partner and 3D commerce and augmented reality (AR) expert, Hexa, offers retailers 3D asset pipelines and AR features that provide consumers with a virtual and immersive try-before-you-buy interaction designed to enhance the online shopping experience and reduce customer returns by up to 40 percent with 3D visualization. Hexa helps brands and retailers meet their sustainability goals by reducing returns and cutting out the environmental impact of physical product marketing.

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Predicting Global Biodiversity Patterns in Costa Rica with Ecosystem Modeling on AWS

Predicting Global Biodiversity Patterns in Costa Rica with Ecosystem Modeling on AWS

Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03 percent of the Earth’s surface, but about 6 percent of the world’s biodiversity. The National Center of GeoEnvironmental Information (CENIGA) at the Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) is part of the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative, which seeks to accelerate sustainability research and innovation by minimizing the cost and time required to acquire and analyze large sustainability datasets. Learn how CENIGA helps advance Costa Rican conservation and economic development.

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