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AWS re:Invent 2023

How AWS and BMW Group Team Up to Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation

BMW Group’s Cloud Data Hub is the engine behind next-generation automotive experiences. It processes terabytes of data from millions of vehicles a day, helping users across development, production, and sales gain insight and innovate. As the team from BMW says in this AWS re:Invent 2023 presentation, the collaboration between BMW and AWS has been integral to developing Cloud Data Hub. Working with AWS Professional Services and using machine learning service Amazon SageMaker, the premium automotive manufacturer is successfully implementing use cases at scale.

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AWS is a big partner for us […] We set up a partnership between BMW and AWS where we announced our collaboration to accelerate data-driven innovations.”

Alexander Angebrandt
Vice President, Data Transformation & Enterprise Platforms, BMW Group

AWS Services Used

AWS Sagemaker Model Training

Amazon SageMaker Model Training reduces the time and cost to train and tune machine learning (ML) models at scale without the need to manage infrastructure.

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AWS Sagemaker Studio

Amazon SageMaker Studio offers a wide choice of purpose-built tools to perform all ML development steps, from preparing data to building, training, deploying, and managing your ML models.

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