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Clarins Increases Product Transparency Using Blockchain-Powered Traceability Solution

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For one brand, it’s simple. Products from French cosmetics company Clarins now have a QR code directly on the package that customers can use to look up information on the contents. The QR code directs you to the Clarins website, and from there, you can connect to the new Clarins T.R.U.S.T. interface, the Clarins traceability solution. After you enter the product’s batch code, you discover all the information about the plants that the product contains and how the product was made.

The traceability solution is not only an internal tool for Clarins to track the provenance of ingredients and the performance of the supply chain but also an excellent way to increase transparency for its customers. In 2022, Clarins launched Clarins T.R.U.S.T.—which stands for traceability, responsibility, uniqueness, safety, and transparency—a solution where customers can look up the origins of the products that they’ve purchased. By the beginning of 2023, 38 products were fully traceable, and Clarins set the goal of having close to 100 products on the solution by the end of 2023.


traceable products

160,000 pages

of interface within 1 minute


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Clarins T.R.U.S.T. is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). By using AWS, Clarins can make its solution accessible globally, with high availability for customers wherever and whenever they are searching for information. Clarins also gains the scalability to support large numbers of customers at the same time by using AWS. The company can successfully open 160,000 pages of the interface within 1 minute without any degradation—no negative effects to response times or availability. Additionally, by using AWS to deploy globally, Clarins can optimize network consumption, which limits the carbon impact of the solution.

Clarins verifies the supply chain of its ingredients using blockchain technology from AWS Partner NeuroChain, a green blockchain, and the platform Communify, designed for traceability projects. When suppliers or producers enter ingredients into the tracking system, the blockchain proves the authenticity of the records so that items and ingredient authenticity can be tracked reliably. Clarins and NeuroChain worked together to build the Clarins T.R.U.S.T. solution. Now the solution presents both Clarins and Clarins’s customers with a clearer view of its product sources.


When a business comes across a challenge or a company sees a new opportunity; the first thing they will ask is, “how do we get this done?” The answer is simple: AWS.