Duolingo Case Study-DynamoDB Case Study


Duolingo uses Amazon DynamoDB to store 31 billion items in support of an online learning site that delivers lessons for 80 languages. The U.S. startup reaches more than 18 million monthly users around the world who perform more than six billion exercises using the free Duolingo lessons. The company relies heavily on Amazon DynamoDB not just for its highly scalable database, but also for high performance that reaches 24,000 read units per second and 3,300 write units per second. In addition, Duolingo uses a range of other AWS services such as Amazon EC2, based on the latest Intel Xeon Processor Family, for compute Amazon ElastiCache to increase performance; Amazon S3 for storing image-related data; and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for permanent data storage. Moving forward, Duolingo plans on leveraging AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Lambda for its microservices architecture, as well as Amazon Redshift for its data analytics.

Duolingo Stores 31 Billion Items on Amazon DynamoDB and Uses AWS to Deliver Language Lessons (6:03)

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