HappyFresh Personalizes Online Shopping at a Lower Cost with AWS


Driving Online Grocery Shopping in Asia

HappyFresh is an online grocery shopping service operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Launched in 2015, the company partners with 278 supermarkets and stores that use HappyFresh’s platform and delivery services to offer customers online grocery shopping. The company delivers over 100,000 products via its app, which has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

Easily Scales When Traffic Increases

The startup was born on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. “Our strategy in terms of infrastructure is to outsource to a cloud provider. We believe AWS is the right cloud provider for us due to its data center location, security, and services. Moreover, our team is already quite familiar with AWS technology, and it is well supported by the community,” says Co-founder Fajar Budiprasetyo. “We launch ad campaigns for customers daily. Activity on the platform doubles on average for the best campaigns, and AWS gives us the flexibility to scale to meet activity spikes.”

“Activity on the platform doubles on average for the best campaigns, and AWS gives us the flexibility to scale to meet activity spikes."

– Fajar Budiprasetyo, Co-founder, HappyFresh

  • About HappyFresh
  • Startup HappyFresh, an online grocery platform, partners with supermarkets and food stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, who leverage the company’s platform to offer customers online grocery shopping and deliveries.

  • Benefits
    • Rapid scaling when data traffic spikes
    • Efficient fraud detection processes
    • Off-the-shelf personalization services
    • Cost-effective ML capabilities
  • AWS Services Used

Helps Protect Against Fraud

With AWS, HappyFresh is able to protect its platform against shopper fraud. Every transaction on the HappyFresh platform generates a message, which is captured in Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), processed using AWS Lambda, and forwarded to a third-party fraud detection company. “AWS gives us protection against fraud without the need to maintain a dedicated infrastructure,” says Budiprasetyo.

Off-the-Shelf Personalization Services

HappyFresh has allocated a team to focus on personalization services through the use of off-the-shelf AWS services. Its goal is to ensure customers are not losing valuable time searching for products. The startup’s clickstream data is aggregated in an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) data lake. AWS Glue extracts the data and processes it for analysis of customer shopping patterns. This ensures customers see the products they most likely will purchase and relevant promotions when they log on to the app.

Machine Learning Speeds Development

The business is now anticipating customer demand using machine learning (ML) with Amazon SageMaker. “It’s early days, and we’re fine-tuning our ML models,” says Budiprasetyo. “Amazon SageMaker is helping us automate ML workflows and optimize our hyper-parameters. The great thing about AWS is that it allows us to increase our speed of development without the need for additional resources.”

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