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Leisure and tourism business TUI Group operates 1,600 travel agencies, 400 hotels, 16 cruise ships, and 5 airlines—helping millions of customers discover hundreds of destinations globally. One of the largest travel companies in the world, it migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2017 to build a modern infrastructure for cutting-edge travel services. The firm has boosted development speed and innovation, and delivered services at scale using AWS Lambda. With artificial intelligence (AI) playing an increasingly important role, TUI builds, trains, and deploys machine learning models on Amazon SageMaker to personalize recommendations and create amazing traveler experiences. AWS—TUI’s primary cloud provider—gives the business expert support to help shape its successful roadmap in the cloud.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 2024

    TUI delivers high quality content in under 10 seconds with Amazon Bedrock

    TUI, a leading travel company, saw an opportunity to leverage generative AI to create high-quality automated content. Marc Jennings and his team chose to build a prototype using Amazon Bedrock because it provided a secure environment, cost control, governance, and training resources. TUI used two models - Llama 2 for generating hotel descriptions and Claude 2 for formatting output - which reduced content generation time from 8 hours to under 10 seconds while maintaining quality standards.

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    Generative AI on AWS Helps TUI Better Support Millions of Customers a Year

    TUI is using Amazon Bedrock to bring the power of generative AI to TUI’s 60 million customers across the globe. Dr Lukas Schack, principal machine learning engineer, talks about the significant impact this will have on TUI’s operations and its delivery of world-class customer support.

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    AWS re:Invent 2023—How AI Is Reshaping the Travel Experience from Planning to Landing

    Marc Jennings, chief information officer of analytics, AI, and customer at TUI, talks about the travel leader’s modernization journey as it works with AWS to push boundaries in the sector. The company uses Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Personalize to make it easy for travelers to find their ideal getaway.

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    TUI Looks to AI for Happier Holidaymakers

    Having migrated to AWS to modernize its infrastructure, TUI is now looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to further transform its operations. The company’s chief digital officer Elke Reichart talks about personalizing customer interactions, making price forecasting more intelligent, and optimizing flight scheduling with AI on AWS.

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  • Networking & Content Delivery
  • 2023

    Creating an App for 12,000 Game Show Viewers Using Amazon CloudFront with TUI

    TUI Group created an interactive voting app supporting 12,000 audience members using Amazon CloudFront. Working in the AWS Cloud, the travel firm accelerated development time by 90 percent and reduced costs, while helping to deliver a great user experience.

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    Using Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront, we could build the app in hours, at a fraction of the cost of any on-premises solution.”

    Peter Timmermans
    Head of Technology, TUI

  • Sustainability
  • 2023

    Travel Group TUI Measures Sustainability, Lowers Resource Requirement 40% Using AWS

    TUI looks to the cloud, says principal machine learning engineer Dr Lukas Schack, to innovate with greater efficiency. In a recent project, he and his team built a tool using AWS to measure the impact of IT infrastructure. This is helping them lower product resource requirement by 40% and support TUI’s goal of delivering excellent customer service more sustainably.

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  • Migration
  • 2023

    TUI Group Migrates to Scalable Cloud Platform Using AWS

    Looking to modernize its infrastructure, speed development, and improve customer experiences, TUI Group migrated to AWS in 2017. Using services such as AWS Lambda serverless technology and benefitting from AWS support, the travel company can deliver updates to users faster and scale services globally.

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    Creating a secure cloud ecosystem at scale was key for us. Our teams are now able to introduce any new features and deploy new features quicker than before.”

    Pieter Jordaan
    Chief Information Officer, TUI Group

About TUI Group

A global travel company comprising tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and cruise liners, TUI Group is a leader in its field that’s served tens of millions of customers during its decades in the business.

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