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TUI Group Migrates to Scalable Cloud Platform Using AWS

TUI began building on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2017 to migrate its northern region selling platform from on premises to the cloud using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), AWS Lambda, AWS Config, and AWS KMS. AWS is the primary cloud provider for TUI, which chose AWS for its economy of scale, maturity of products, and the level of support that AWS offers. Migrating to the cloud helped TUI deliver updates to users faster while reducing the time to introduce new features to its platform, scale globally, and help the TUI teams experiment and speed innovation.  

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Creating a secure cloud ecosystem at scale was key for us. Our teams are now able to introduce any new features, deploy new features quicker than before, and meet business demands, all of which help our business meet the market demand even quicker.”

Pieter Jordaan
Chief Information Officer (CIO), TUI Group

About TUI

TUI is one of the world’s largest travel companies, comprising tour operators, travel agencies, online portals, five airlines, over 400 hotels, and 16 cruise liners. During peak booking season, TUI’s online operations handle nearly 60 billion searches, serve 400 million product combinations, and update 8 million prices per hour. TUI is currently transforming its entire business model. Moving away from asset ownership and fixed travel packages, TUI is re-platforming its core business booking processes and customer interactions toward a scalable cloud platform.

When a business comes across a challenge or a company sees a new opportunity; the first thing they will ask is, “how do we get this done?” The answer is simple: AWS.