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Storytelling With Data Visualization

Modern enterprises are awash with data, but despite using tools like dashboards and spreadsheets to organize and visualize it, they often have difficulty finding and communicating the meaning hidden within. Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform automates the critical steps from visualization, storytelling and distribution, enabling every user in an organization to become a data storyteller and make informed decisions.

Fave, a leading digital merchant platform and a user of both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nugit services, collects rich transactional and customer-level data to deliver services to their merchants across Southeast Asia. While this data was used primarily for accounting, billing and merchant management, they knew there were more opportunities to use their Amazon Redshift database to create value for their merchants.

The Challenge

Customized sales presentations to top-tier merchants using a data analyst yielded strong results for Fave, but they were difficult and time-consuming, and couldn’t be scaled for its 30,000 merchants. Dashboards and spreadsheets were effective for internal purposes, but couldn’t be shared or personalized.

Fave considered building a custom solution in-house to aggregate and visualize its data to deliver insights to merchant clients, but this approach could prove time-consuming and was risky as this was a new field. Instead, Fave chose Nugit to partner with to roll out a new value-added service.

"Using AWS gave us confidence in our ability to continuously build automated features and scalable solutions for business."

– Tang Chin Yong, Technical Director, Nugit


  • About Nugit
  • Nugit helps AWS customers find and communicate hidden meaning through automated data storytelling at scale. Nugit's technology sits inside the AWS cloud and connects directly to common databases such as Amazon Redshift to help companies analyze and share insights in easy to digest formats.

  • Benefits
    • Actionable insights for all users
    • Increased team efficiency
    • Engaging story format
    • Tailored to your audience
    • Non-static, shareable at scale
    • Combines all data in one place
    • Real-time results for fast action
  • AWS Services Used

The Solution

It was simple for Fave to integrate its Redshift database with Nugit's Data Storytelling Platform. The Nugit solutions team helped to profile the database and understand rate limits, maintenance windows and response times. Working with Fave's team, they created shared data dictionaries to understand the data’s structure, metrics and dimensions, and built and implemented an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) pipeline. Because Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform ran on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it could be integrated directly into Fave’s Redshift database via a private network, meeting the company’s security requirements and enabling on-demand data storytelling.

Nugit automatically created data sources for each merchant type, then created and added additional metadata of data sources and custom metrics to satisfy reporting needs not covered by the standard metrics and dimensions. Nugit then used its visualization services to map the data source, and tested and documented.

Since Fave’s data resided on Redshift, Nugit’s engineering team was able to appreciate both the cost and performance concerns. This understanding of a familiar technology allowed Nugit to significantly improve the time to value and maintain cost efficiencies.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With Fave operating across Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, its Redshift database was set up to consolidate data from various tables into a centralized store. This enabled it to manage changes internally without affecting its payment platform.

For Nugit, being able to process the high volumes of data from customers like Fave is a critical piece of its proposition to scale data storytelling. Fave also used Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), a technology Nugit was familiar with.

“With Fave’s merchant base growing by 300%, we needed an elastic solution,” says Nugit technical director, Tang Chin Yong. “Using AWS gave us confidence in our ability to continuously build automated features and scalable solutions for business, helping our customers grow with data insights.”

The Benefits

In September 2019, Fave experienced the highest engagement rate from its merchants to date, thanks to the automated email data stories. Generating up to 9,000 merchant reports for the month, it saw a 62% open rate and an average rating of 4.75/5, indicating the merchants found their personalized data story and insights helpful.

Powered by Nugit’s platform, Fave now offers a new service called Favebiz Insights, which provides bite-size, easy-to-consume data stories full of insights to help merchants understand and improve their business performance. Merchants are able to quickly and easily digest their customers’ habits and selling patterns, and find new opportunities to grow revenue.

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