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Terrascope Lowers Cloud Spending by 30% and Accelerates Innovation on AWS

By training its technical team on AWS and AI skills, Terrascope reduced deployment and migration time while co-developing deep learning projects with AWS experts.

30% reduction

in customer data plane cloud spending

50% of team members

trained in foundational, data, and AI skills

97% reduced time

to deploy customer data planes


Terrascope is a decarbonization software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that uses machine learning and AI to help enterprises achieve net-zero emissions. As the business experienced rapid growth, it chose to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for enterprise-grade scalability.

To achieve a seamless migration and empower its team with innovative cloud skills, Terrascope engaged AWS experts and leveraged AWS Skill Builder to build internal expertise. As a result, the company has reduced customer cloud expenditure and can onboard new customers and deploy new data planes within hours instead of days.

Opportunity | Migrating Decarbonization Platform to Enhance Platform Scalability

Terrascope is a global, end-to-end decarbonization SaaS that supports enterprises in their green transformation. By integrating AI and machine learning (ML) models with deep decarbonization expertise and climate science, Terrascope helps solve the data management, emissions measurement, and decarbonization planning challenges that enterprises face.

Launched in Singapore in 2021, Terrascope had attracted global customers such as Olam Agri, OFI, Greenfields, and Tetra Pak by 2023. Experiencing rapid growth, the company sought to find technology partners capable of enhancing platform scalability, security, reliability, and the overall customer experience. Considering the shared commitment of AWS to sustainable operations—and the AWS promise of compliance with evolving security standards and industry best practices—Terrascope decided to migrate to AWS and become a member of the AWS Partner Network.

Maya Hari, chief executive officer at Terrascope, says, “AWS brings enterprise-grade capabilities to our offering. As a partner, AWS provides the right type of technology infrastructure as we build more ML models and manage more AI data, while ensuring secure data handling for our customers.”  


“Our collaboration with AWS experts is helping us democratize knowledge of AI and cloud capabilities among our teams, enabling us to refine our ML models and deliver innovative solutions to customers.”

Mathavan Arugalaimuthu
Chief Technology Officer, Terrascope

Solution | Accelerating Migration and Upskilling

To ease the platform transition, Terrascope signed a 5-year agreement with AWS. Terrascope leaned into the expertise of AWS Professional Services to assist with migration. It also focused on upskilling more than half of its team members—including engineers, product managers, and sales teams—through AWS Training and Certification programs.

The training plan included instructor-led classes such as Cloud Practitioner and MLOps Engineering on AWS. Additionally, Terrascope team members participated in AWS Solutions-Focused Immersion Days, offering hands-on learning on AWS services to accelerate learning and develop the skills needed to operate infrastructure and applications in the cloud. These sessions, conducted by AWS Solutions Architects and subject matter experts, provide an immersive experience in the AWS console through practical labs.

While foundational training on AWS was important, delving into the intricacies of AI technology and ML offerings such as Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service that helps build, train, and deploy ML models, proved valuable for Terrascope. Terrascope is currently engaged in the co-development of two projects using Amazon SageMaker—one aimed at reducing customer onboarding time, and another focusing on auto-generating regulatory reports.

Mathavan Arugalaimuthu, chief technology officer (CTO) at Terrascope, adds, “Tackling the complexity of emission-driving systems within companies is a challenge we aim to address with AI on AWS. Through data analysis and advanced ML modelling, we can intuitively provide decarbonization suggestions for our customers.”

Terrascope has also enrolled its employees in AWS Skill Builder, an online learning platform that empowers the Terrascope team to learn at their own pace and practice skills using AWS Cloud Quest and other resources. “We aim to make learning an ongoing experience, and AWS Skill Builder has been incredibly useful for our teams to be able to invest in that continuous learning journey,” Hari says.

Arugalaimuthu adds, “Our collaboration with AWS experts is helping us democratize knowledge of AI and cloud capabilities among our teams, allowing us to refine our ML models and deliver innovative solutions to customers.”  

Outcome | Reducing Deployment Time by 97% and Customer Cloud Spending by 30%

Terrascope achieved its target of full migration to AWS in one year. Since migrating, Terrascope has actively enhanced the customer experience, boosted internal productivity, and strengthened its capacity to drive sustainability through technology. Customers can now utilize Terrascope's hybrid SaaS model on their own clouds, and the software is readily accessible on the AWS Marketplace.

Platform migration was a collaborative exercise, with the AWS Professional Services team guiding Terrascope through the AWS Well-Architected framework. Terrascope relied on the framework to ensure scalability and compliance with enterprise IT requirements, while reducing cloud spending by 30 percent.

Previously, onboarding new customers took 3‒4 days, but now it only takes 3‒4 hours. With a 97 percent faster deployment rate of customer data planes, Terrascope’s customers can quickly reach their sustainability goals. Terrascope is also able to grow its business more efficiently, promoting rapid innovation for both Terrascope and its customers.

“AWS delivered a state-of-the-art, custom solution to automate infrastructure, offering our customers one-click deployment for data planes,” Arugalaimuthu explains. One of Terrascope’s customers in the beverage industry, for example, has been able to measure its emissions five times faster than traditional measurement processes, allowing its sustainability teams more time to focus on carbon reduction initiatives.

Hari concludes, “AWS has been a strong partner across various fronts. Together, we've architected our platform to be scalable and enterprise-grade, and we continue to explore the application of new technologies that facilitate our growth.”

About Terrascope

A global, end-to-end decarbonization platform, Terrascope combines data science, machine learning, and deep climate expertise to deliver precise emissions measurement and empower effective emissions reductions for enterprises across the world.

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AWS Skill Builder Team Subscription

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AWS Well-Architected

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