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Thai Reinsurance Transforms HR Efficiency Across 5 Entities with PeopleStrong HR Tech 4.0 Platform on AWS

Thai Reinsurance transformed its HR operations by adopting PeopleStrong’s SaaS human capital management solution on AWS, gaining fast and reliable access to data, reducing manual tasks, and identifying high-performing talent to lead expansion.


less time spent on manual HR tasks


faster payroll turnaround time


payroll accuracy


of employees adopted a mobile HR solution within the first quarter of implementation.


Thai Reinsurance (ThaiRe) has a growing reinsurance business and is looking to expand across the Asia Pacific region. To quickly find the right talent to help launch new offices and streamline HR operations, the company adopted PeopleStrong's software-as-a-service human capital management solution (HCM) on AWS.

PeopleStrong runs its HCM solution on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to rapidly scale the application’s microservices architecture, with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) powering core Microsoft SQL Server databases. With a unified HR system, ThaiRe is identifying the right talent to lead its expansion efforts while boosting the efficiency of its overall HR operations.

ThaiRe Case Study

Opportunity | Identifying the Right Talent to Drive Expansion in New Regions

Thai Reinsurance (ThaiRe) is a Bangkok-based provider of reinsurance services for life and non-life insurance products. The company operates five business entities: ThaiRe, BlueVenture, BlueVenture Tech, BlueVenture TPA, and BlueVenture Actuarial. In recent years, ThaiRe has actively expanded its presence across Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and aims to further grow its footprint in the region.

To support this expansion, ThaiRe wanted to relocate most of its Bangkok-based employees to its new regional offices. The senior leadership team assigned the central HR department the task of identifying and processing top candidates for relocation. However, with employee data scattered across multiple systems, ThaiRe’s HR team faced obstacles in streamlining the allocation process.

This led to an assessment of ThaiRe’s HR systems, which uncovered additional challenges, including an aging and costly on-premises hardware stack that was difficult to scale. Employees were wasting time on manual tasks, such as filling out spreadsheets for performance reports, leave requests, and expense forms. The presence of multiple HR systems also led to duplicated and inconsistent data, hampering accurate reporting. "Our goal was to centralize our HR systems to gain a single view of employee records," says Ketyanin Pitiqunisadej, a senior member of ThaiRe's HR team.


By adopting PeopleStrong's HR Tech 4.0 solution on AWS, we're increasing staff productivity and engagement, setting agreed development goals and keeping track of progress to ensure staff skills stay relevant and we’re using their skills to the maximum.”

Ketyanin Pitiqunisadej
Senior Member, HR at ThaiRe

Solution | Cutting Manual Tasks by 50% to Increase HR Efficiency

ThaiRe turned to PeopleStrong, an AWS Partner for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) human capital management (HCM) solution running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This cloud-native application offers streamlined workflows for recruitment, performance reviews, payroll administration, leave and attendance, and other core HR services. Pitiqunisadej explains, "PeopleStrong’s HCM solution intuitive nature, coupled with proactive engagement from the PeopleStrong team, gave us the confidence to adopt its solution."

Built on a scalable microservices architecture, the platform utilizes Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to manage and scale Kubernetes control plane nodes. AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances are used to support the application's Microsoft SQL Server databases, while Amazon Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) optimizes performance by distributing incoming requests across various application services. Furthermore, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) serves as a reliable high-availability data store.

Since adopting PeopleStrong's HR Tech platform, ThaiRe has achieved significant workflow automation for common tasks such as leave requests and expense claims. Additionally, employees can access HR-related documents through a user-friendly web and mobile app, reducing reliance on HR for simple inquiries. For HR staff, this has meant 50 percent less time spent on routine tasks, 50 percent faster payroll processing, and a 100 percent accurate payroll.

The robustness of PeopleStrong’s HCM solution on AWS, along with its enhanced user experience, helped drive 90 percent of ThaiRe employees to adopt the HCM mobile interface in just three months. With the time they’ve saved, the HR team can analyze reports and dashboards within the HCM system, providing detailed insights into the effectiveness of ThaiRe's recruitment and retention policies. “By adopting PeopleStrong's HR Tech 4.0 solution on AWS, we're increasing staff productivity and engagement, setting agreed development goals and keeping track of progress to ensure staff skills stay relevant and we’re using their skills to the maximum,” says Pitiqunisadej.

Outcome | Ensuring a Future-Ready Business with a Robust SaaS HR Solution

With PeopleStrong’s HCM solution on AWS, ThaiRe can confidently expand its business across Asia, identifying personnel with the best skillsets to launch new offices. Utilizing the multi-goal framework within the performance module helps the company maintain agility and foster a culture of high performance. 

ThaiRe’s HR team can also access up-to-date and consistent employee data and pull accurate reports to develop and reinforce the organization's culture. Furthermore, because PeopleStrong's SaaS solution runs on AWS, ThaiRe benefits from pay-as-you-go pricing and has shifted away from costly on-premises refresh cycles involving large upfront capital payments. 

Says Pitiqunisadej, "PeopleStrong digitized our employee lifecycle, providing mobile convenience for seamless communication. The app's geotargeted attendance, user-friendly workflows, and intuitive interface are favored by users and administrators alike. HR Tech 4.0 facilitated process transformation and increased agility."

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About Thai Reinsurance

Thai Reinsurance Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company specializing in non-life reinsurance services. The company actively engages in the reinsurance business and collaborates with insurance company partners to develop innovative insurance products. Thai Reinsurance provides a range of services including risk management consulting, technical assistance, marketing support, and education and information services.

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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

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