AWS Solutions Constructs

Vetted, configurable infrastructure-as-code patterns

that can easily be assembled into production-ready applications

AWS Solutions Constructs are vetted architecture patterns, available as an open-source extension of the AWS Cloud Development Kit, that can be easily assembled to create a production-ready workload. AWS Solutions Constructs are built and maintained by AWS, using best practices established by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. By starting with Constructs, it’s easier for customers to ensure that their workload as a whole is well-architected. Additionally, customers can leverage features built into the CDK combined with AWS Solutions Constructs to accelerate their development process by using its pre-built patterns to quickly assemble an entire application, using familiar programming languages.


Speed up your development cycle

By using AWS Solutions Constructs, you reduce the time and effort required to deliver a production-grade application. Out of the box, customers have immediate access to a large and growing repository of dozens of multi-service architecture patterns, spanning the most commonly used  combinations on the AWS Platform. These patterns can then easily be assembled declaritively into production-ready architecture.

Consistently deliver Well-Architected apps

The use of AWS Solutions Constructs makes it easier for customers to consistently and repeatedly create their own well-architected applications. All AWS Solutions Constructs are vetted by AWS, using best practices established by the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This means that the default settings for the services used in any given Construct are configured with the Well-Architected Framework in mind, reducing the effort required to ensure best practices for the AWS Cloud are being followed.


AWS Solutions Constructs reduces friction for developers by leveraging all of the benefits of the AWS CDK. This means you can use familiar programming languages and logic to define your infrastructure, and build your entire application using Constructs without leaving your IDE.

How it works

AWS Solutions Constructs | How it works

5-Minute Tutorials

Introducing AWS Solutions Constructs
Setting up your deployment environment
Adding a Solutions Construct to your CDK project
Using AWS Solutions Constructs to build complex architectures
Deploying your architecture

Example Applications

Static Website

You can use AWS Solutions Constructs to create a simple static website, using Amazon S3, CloudFront, and AWS Lambda.

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Custom ETL Job with AWS Glue

Ingest, process, and store data from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams using AWS Solutions Constructs to create a custom ETL job defined in AWS Glue.

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Restaurant Management System

Explore how AWS Solutions Constructs can be used to build a complex, real-world architecture with a variety of business capabilities.

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View all sample use cases in the Developer Guide 
AWS DevOps Blog
Rapid and flexible Infrastructure as Code using the AWS CDK with AWS Solutions Constructs

As workloads move to the cloud and all infrastructure becomes virtual, infrastructure as code (IaC) becomes essential to leverage the agility of this new world.

To demonstrate how using Solutions Constructs can accelerate the development of IaC, in this post you will create an architecture that ingests and stores sensor readings using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB.

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Solving with AWS Solutions: AWS Solutions Constructs
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