Connected Mobility Solution on AWS

Accelerate development and deployment of connected vehicle assets with deployment-ready accelerators and an Automotive Cloud Developer Portal (ACDP)


The Connected Mobility Solution (CMS) on AWS helps you establish the foundational components of a well-architected connected vehicle program. Our dedicated Automotive Cloud Developer Portal (ACDP) facilitates and oversees this AWS Solution’s deployment, providing developers with a seamless experience. This portal is meticulously designed to expedite customer initiatives by centralizing and streamlining the visibility, collaboration, and implementation of connected vehicle assets.



Focus on the developer experience

Establish a centralized location for engineers and developers to collaborate, curate, deploy, and operate connected vehicle assets while using AWS Cloud infrastructure and services. Developers and engineers can focus on delivering value through cloud infrastructure, re-usable code assets, and easily accessible documentation and metrics.

Onboard vehicles easily and securely

Onboard vehicles into AWS IoT Core and ingest telemetry data emitted to topics. Use well-architected components to manage certificates, vehicle onboarding, and lifecycle events to stay connected and communicate with AWS IoT Core.  

Standardize and store data for analytics and other capabilities

Standardize, route, and store data coming from vehicles using AWS IoT Core, AWS Glue, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), then use Amazon Athena, Amazon Managed Grafana, and other AWS analytics tools to serve data to value-added services and applications.

Use event-based alerting

Set alerts and notifications for use case-driven thresholds and anomalies. Query and analyze alerts based on vehicle data ingested by the solution in near real-time.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide.

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