Chartio Automatic Cloud Data Stack on AWS

Analyze and visualize all of your business data in one place

Chartio has partnered with Stitch Data and Panoply to empower everyone within an organization to access, analyze and visualize their data. This partnership resulted in a bundle of self-service solutions to connect, store and visualize all of your disparate data in a few clicks. The stack includes a self-optimizing cloud data warehouse, a powerful Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL) service to extract data from cloud apps you use every day and Chartio’s modern, self-service business intelligence solution, all accessible in a single platform and run on AWS.

Chartio is an APN Advanced Technology Partner and AWS Big Data Competency holder.

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    Solution highlights: ­

    • End-to-end self-serve analytics for secure deployments in minutes
    • ­Accelerated insights with pre-built dashboards
    • ­No coding required
    • ­Straightforward data access, exploration, and visualization
    • ­14-day free trial of entire solution (unlimited data and users)

    Key features: ­

    • Centralized data platform: best-of-breed Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL), warehouse, and BI - deployed in a few clicks
    • Hassle-free data pipeline: ETL your cloud applications, SQL, and NoSQL databases into Amazon Redshift
    • Self-optimizing, petabyte-scale data warehouse for analytical efficiency
    • Visual, drag-and-drop interface to SQL for ad-hoc data exploration for non-data scientists
    • Governance and access permissions tools

    AWS Big Data Competency Partners can accelerate your big data projects by integrating relevant AWS services and APN Partner technologies, and accelerating the ramp-up of new users. This solution was developed in collaboration with Chartio, an APN Advanced Technology Partner and AWS Big Data Competency holder. 

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    You can get your own Automatic Cloud Data Stack up and running on AWS with just a few clicks. All you need to do is sign up, connect your data sources, and choose what tables to include.

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    Chartio offers a 14-day free trial for the Automatic Cloud Data Stack. Follow these links to request this free trial or to contact Chartio and AWS.

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