Run SAP Landscapes like Clockwork with Syslink Xandria

Simplify the automation and management of complex SAP landscapes

Syslink Xandria provides complete and real-time visibility, automation, monitoring, and management across SAP and non-SAP elements, whether in AWS or on-premises. Installed in just minutes, this solution automates SAP system AWS scaling based on in-depth understanding and analysis of SAP performance, business processes, and rules. Through the platform, issues can be detected early (automatically), escalated and using triggers even automate actions. Fast root-cause identification prevents SAP downtime. Using Xandria, improve your SAP service level, boost your team’s productivity, and offer new, innovative services to your customers.

Swiss engineered for almost 20 years, Syslink Xandria SAP solutions have developed a solid reputation for delivering precision, quality, and efficiency.

This solution is supported by Syslink, an APN Advanced Technology partner that integrates AWS services to optimize SAP on AWS system performance.

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    Solution Highlights:­

    Using Xandria allows you to deliver new differentiated services and innovation to our clients and business users, while automation increases the productivity and consistency of the SAP operations team.

    • Better Service - Reduce IT resources needed to manage SAP and increase visibility of the SAP landscape performance and issues' root causes.
    • Higher Productivity - Automate key SAP system management, monitoring & reporting activities. Automate AWS scaling based on SAP performance.
    • Full stack monitoring - Not just APM or EUM, but full visibility of what drives SAP system performance and health.
    • Better compliance - Proactively identify compliance issues and eliminate information gaps. Be audit-ready any time.
    • Real innovation – Offer your customers and users new services and solutions such as cloud automation, HANA monitoring, predictive resource planning, transparency, SLA reports automation and much more

    Key Features:

    • Actionable automated daily and real-time monitoring – save over 20% of your team’s time by automating technical and business process monitoring, reporting, and escalation-based notifications using over 150 out-of-the box best practice checks and monitor.
    • Performance based AWS automation – dynamically and automatically spin AWS resources up and down based on your SAP systems’ performance or business rules. Make AWS utilization manageable, predictable and easy to budget.
    • Landscape wide performance and health visibility - benefit from cross-landscape / real-time transparency into all your SAP and non-SAP elements’ health and performance on AWS and on-premises. Ensure your SAP landscape is in sync and that each system is locked for security and audit purposes.

    SAP on AWS technology partners deliver integrated SAP focused offerings and services, for SAP customers that help to migrate, transform, automate, and run SAP solutions on AWS. This solution was developed in collaboration with Syslink, an APN Advanced Tier Technology Partner.

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    Syslink Xandria 3x3x3: 3 SAP Servers for 3 Weeks, Installed in 3 Hours

    See for yourself how Xandria can improve productivity, automation, and compliance with SAP. Install Syslink Xandria and get your SAP health and performance report.

    The offer
    Install Syslink Xandria on any 3 servers running SAP (Dev/QA/Prod or maybe mix AWS with on-premises SAP servers) for 3 weeks installed in under 3 hours.

    What do you get?
    Syslink Xandria will automatically detect the customer's SAP and AWS systems and apply best practice monitors and thresholds including operating system, database and SAP specific processes, batch jobs, and more. Easily identify KPIs to trigger automated AWS scaling. The customer will also get a default SAP health and performance dashboard with access to create their own customized dashboards. The Xandria Master server will run in AWS so no hardware is required.

    Syslink Xandria will monitor, manage, and automate the system for 3 weeks resulting in a written health assessment that will include:

    • 3 insights they may have not known about their SAP system performance
    • Predictive cloud resources utilization analysis
    • System Hardening recommendation
    • Performance analysis
    • Potential recommendation for cost savings


    • Select 3 SAP servers of your selection Dev/QA/Prod or maybe mix AWS with on-premises
    • Identify SAP systems KPIs that will trigger automated AWS scaling
    • Open up a connection to the Xandria Master
    • Download the agent
    • Schedule your one hour on-boarding using this link

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